Hello everyone! Today I’m filming My Day I slept a bit longer than usual so there is already nice sunshine outside I’ve been travelling a lot in late summer and also I started studying at the University of Applied Sciences So my room is looking like this First thing I have to do is to clean my room Well, I haven’t made my bed yet I just lifted most of the stuff from the floor and chair to the bed when I woke up Oh, and sorry if I sound a little tired still… I received one good question on my last video One of you asked that will I make a giveaway when I hit 20K subscribers and what’s the prize in that Yes, I’ll make a giveaway then The prize is at least a free commission horse and maybe something more I haven’t thought about it a lot because it is not topical yet Probably I’ll also do a giveaway when I hit 15K but I won’t tell you the prize yet I’ll get back to it when it’s time for that (I have more subscribers) Here I have two commissions for August Both of these requires more work than usually The other got some dapples and the other one will have special curly mane I’ll need to finish the mane so the mane is my first task today I’m using normal thick wool yarn for this mane Around 1 p.m. I decluttered all the papers I’ve gotten from school Then I put all the ones I needed to save into the folder After that, I did my maths homework When I finished my homework I had a coffee break I ate some sliced bun with self-made rowan jam on it and drank cocoa After the coffee break, it’s good time to go outside and play with kittens This year we have two kittens The other one is called Lumikki (eng. Snow-white) and the other Stiinu After I played with the kittens I came back inside I gathered needed materials for commission bridle I made bits and cut faux leather straps Basically, I searched and cut all the materials I needed for the bridle After I had all the materials ready I started to gather together the bridle Soaker was a good model because he is the same size as my commission horses Last thing with the bridle was sewing the violet decoration on I went for about 20 minutes bike ride Then I walked around the yard and now I’m petting Lissu Half-past four I had a social media break I also checked and answered my e-mails, Instagram comments, etc. Then I also answered a couple of messages from friends and so on During that break, I also watched some YouTube videos Until about half-past six I started to make nostrils and eyes to the commission horses First I cut the nostril and eyepieces Of course, after cutting I pinned them on the horses and sewed them As an evening work I finished this horse Also the other horse has now eyes but the nostrils are still not sewed on Now I’m taking photos of this horsie Last bigger task for that day was beginning to make spotted commission horse The clock was around 19.15 I also cut the mouth at the end The last thing I filmed was reading the book After that, I did all the evening activities and watched some more videos This kind of a calmer My Day this time, hope you liked it Please like, comment, subscribe, you know