[Simon Wood] Originally, I was a mechanical engineer. I used to design safety systems for oil rigs, and designed drinking water plants and things like that. I just followed a whim, for some reason, I wanted to pursue writing. And it kind of took off slowly, but…for the last 8 years it has been a full time position. My name is Simon Wood, and I’m a professional thriller writer. I look at things in maybe a three-D shape. Even though you feel like storytelling is very much a point of view thing, from various characters obviously you don’t see to the left or to the right. You know, the mission of the story will be the chicken has to cross the road. But, I will be thinking about how many vehicles on the road. Is that road flat? Is there a median? That chicken is just worrying about getting from A to B. But I have to construct a much larger world around that, to make it exciting, rather than just a simple road crossing. Daily life follows a very nice, linear path, and people think that will carry on forever and ever, but it’s very easy to get knocked off. Most people don’t think in third and fourth levels of failure, but I do, all the time, even crossing the road. I think if I was going to talk to a parent about Dyslexia, it seems like school is a big deal, at that juncture. But when you get out of it…the moment you walk out the school door, the world is a much bigger, a much wider, much different place. I had a lot more scope to adapt to the world, and make it mine, opposed to in the constriction of a school. And I think it’s that ability of encouraging that in the kids. Because I am Dyslexic, I write dangerous and complicated stories about how life can go off the rails. I am Simon Wood, and I am Dyslexic. Subtitles by the Amara.org community