Oh, that first novel had to be rewritten so
many times and finally it took about a good eight years, but finally I sold it. And when I did, I thought I have arrived,
that’s it, but I had to then do the real work of real writers. When I wrote that first novel and finally
sold it, that was when I learned the work of real writers. That’s when I learned about thoughtful,
deep thoughtful revision and but also how to take care of my craft and to start looking
at some of the habits that can really detract a reader from following the story. So there were so many different levels of
just becoming a writer that I had to learn, and that’s what that first novel did for
me. That first novel is Blue Tights. The original title was Blue Tights, Big Butt. I can’t believe we had to take off the big
butt, but there it is. It has been around for almost like 25 years
and now it is out of print, but it was a good way for me to start and to learn how to be
a writer.