We celebrate because it is the anniversary of when my sister Rachel, many of you guys have met her in the videos, she is two years older than me. She received a double lung transplant on February 26th of 2011. ♬ We’re in the road! ♬ Don’t forget to laugh every day! ♬ (both) Good morning! Um, I just finished 12 minutes on the elliptical and now my head hurts so I’m gonna take some ibuprofen and (Peter) Getting your flowers ready for your Spring Wreath. (Mary) Happy Spring! I think we’re gonna go out! Oh! We’re going out! I think. That sounds good. We’ll see if my head gets better. Cutting these flowers… reminds me of one of my favorite memories before the wedding. It was the day that, um my sister planned a surprise bridal shower for me and my mom was occupying me after church while everybody was going to my friend’s house to surprise me, and my mom and I were using my silk roses for the wedding and we were clipping them all and making bouquets and stuff like that. So, doing this reminds me of that fun day. (Mary) Well, until I get the wreath made I’ve got the flowers cut and ready and in this milk jug thing. (Mary laughing) We are getting ready to go out. (Peter) Yeah! So I was doing the “get ready to go out” dance. (Mary) Yeah! You ready to go out? (Mary) I take that as a yes. (Peter) Alright, let’s do it. Pound it. (Mary) You guys, the snow is, like, totally gone! What in the world? Oh wait, no, it’s not totally gone. Hold on, we still have some snow. Right there. There’s still some snow on the ground! Wow, it’s warm out! This is crazy! (Mary coughing) (Mary) We’ve been loving this CD. ♬ (Mary) I’m also loving this song. ♬ (Mary) At Savers! Yay! All right guys, Mary went to the thrift store and found… I found a new pair of jeans. (Peter) They’re really cute. They’re dark jeans. Thanks. (Peter) Good job! And we decided to come to Chick-fil-A! And I looked up the, like I did last time when I found jeans there. These are worth $198 and I got them for $3.50, so, just saying. Boom! Check out that savings! Anyways, we’re about to get our Chick-Fil-A, right up there. (Mary) We have a gift card and we are going to eat. This was funny We were, I was in the um, I was in the thrift store And Peter texted and said “how’s it going?” I was like “good” and then I said “I might, I think I want Chick-fil-A” and he, at the same time that I sent that, I got a text from him that said “I’m thinking about getting Chick-fil-A.” So… (Peter) Great minds think alike. Yeah. And we both knew we had a gift card, so it was kind of like, on our minds anyway. (Peter) Yeah. And I’m feeling a little exhausted, but my head is better. My voice is like really hoarse and weak right now, so I was just telling Peter, like, ugh, talking is stressing me out so I’m gonna stop talking and eat. (Peter) Mary got the grilled nuggets. Check that out. (Mary) Oh, did they give me a fork? Oh, good. Um, last time I got the regular nuggets cuz I wanted some extra calories, but really all along I wanted the grilled nuggets and the grilled nuggets are actually a little more expensive, so that was another reason, but this time I went all out and spent the extra twenty cents or whatever it is. (Peter) Good job. Alright, we’re gonna eat now. Bye! (Peter) We’re in Target. Guys, check it out. They have this deal where you get a $5 gift card when you spend $20, so we’re just gonna stock up on our Sensodyne toothpaste so we’re just getting two of those and then I think we need to spend like one dollar more. (Mary) Oh, look! This one is cheaper per pound, or ounce, whatever. (Peter) How is that possible? You would think that the value pack that comes with two things is cheaper, but (Mary) The better value, (Peter) it turns out.. (Mary) Oh, wait. So, maybe… Woah. We’re not sure what’s going on here, guys. (Mary) We gotta, we gotta figure this out. (Mary) I think these are cheaper. (Peter) Update on the value pack versus, like the twin value pack and the regular one, and the regular one is cheaper so we’re going to get that. And here’s like a CF shopping tip/everyone shopping tip. Most stores now have these wipes whenever you come in, to wipe your cart, and I accidentally pulled out five, so that’s the tip. To get as many as possible. I’m just kidding, but to wipe down the cart because, number one, it’s greasy. Number two, It’s dirty! (Mary) We enjoyed you for the season and now it is time for you to go away. (Peter) Let’s spring time come! (Mary) Yeah. (Peter) Hi, Ollie Boy. Did you have a good day? Go Mary! Go Mary! The breathing of the not happening much. (Peter) Yeah, oxygen was just down low, but… Yeah, easier this, well harder to breathe, but easier cuz I don’t have a headache. but, yeah. (Peter) Than when earlier. (Peter) Good job, hun. So, February 26th in our family is a day of celebration and we celebrate because it is the anniversary of when my sister Rachel, many of you guys have met her in the videos. She is two years older than me. She received a double lung transplant on February 26th of 2011. So, this is five years and in the moment, well it feels like yesterday, but then again it feels like forever ago. It does feel like forever ago. But we realized I don’t think we’ve ever told you guys the story of that day. Yeah, so we were just a couple months into marriage, living in Boston, and we were babysitting the boys of the family that we were… We rented the bottom half of the house. Yeah, so the boys upstairs we were babysitting while their parents were out and I was wearing my yellow penguin onesie, you know that zip up one I have? And so it didn’t have pockets. Now, when you’re on the transplant list you I’m sure different centers do it different ways, but in the center Rachel was transplanted at, um, you keep your cell phone on you at all times, and if they can’t reach that cell phone they’ll call the next cell phone in line, which in our case was like her husband and then our parents and anyway so we all had our cell phones on at all times, at all times with us on, ringer on, ready for the call, whenever that was. And I had my bag packed, ready to fly at any moment, and, um, I don’t know why we thought I was only going Well, because I was in school. Oh yeah! I was working. Like, I had, like I had full-time responsibilities. that we just figured whenever Rachel got the call, Mary would fly back to Maryland and be with her family and Yeah. You would join. And I would join at some point, but I was, I had obligations I had to attend to. Anyways, it was a Friday night and Mary’s wearing her pajamas, and she doesn’t have a pocket for her phone, and I remember distinctly her saying “grab my phone” because we were going upstairs to put the boys to bed Yep. So, I grabbed her phone and we took the boys up to bed, and we were actually kneeling beside their bed praying with the boys before they went to bed when The phone call. The phone rang, and I had it in my pocket so I ran out and answered the phone. And I felt like, I knew it immediately. And, and it was Rachel to tell us that she had gotten the call and so I gave the phone to Mary and… That was like 9 p.m. Yeah. Wow, I can’t believe it was…yeah. And then we called the parents immediately and said “Come home. We are leaving.” Obviously, we wouldn’t have left the boys until the parents got home But they came home and actually the dad took us to the airport that night. But I had gone downstairs to… Yes, Peter went down immediately. I finished putting the boys to bed. To get on, I got online and immediately I called Southwest Airlines and I saw, I saw the flights online, and I wasn’t sure if we were gonna make a flight and I called and, and I got someone really helpful on the phone and she was like “Okay, well let me see.” I was like “Is there any way you can like, look across all the airlines and see if we can get, like, the latest flight out tonight to Baltimore?” and She’s like looking at it. And there, there was like a 9:30 flight, and there was no way we could make that flight. Yeah. But she goes “You know what? The 9:30 flight has been delayed for an hour.” And we were like, “Great, put us on that flight.” And it turns out it got delayed another hour. The flight didn’t leave till like 1:00 in the morning So, we got to the airport um Well first off, it was the weekend, so Peter was able to come and we were like “Oh, yay! You can come.” So, we got to the airport, got through security and everything, got to our gate, and there was like a, um, flight attendant or no, like, an airline worker there. He was so sweet. I think my blood sugar had dropped or something, and I needed soda and he went back into the, like, the staff area and got us a coke, and I just remember like certain things like, sitting in the airport there were mice running around. Since it was one in the morning. It’s funny how in, like, moments like those when like, big moments in your life, the details you remember. Like we distinctly remember those mice running around. I mean that was a little weird. That was weird (Peter laughing) That was weird, and we were like, uh… And they were like “Oh, it’s normal. They’re here every night.” “They’re our friends.” It was like, okay… So, we got there and we had a friend’s brother pick us up at the airport at 3:00 in the morning Completely random, but… And dropped us off at the hospital. We got upstairs to where Rachel was and she was waiting. She was, was it like pre-op, basically? She was in a single room, waiting. Until 6 a.m. So, we saw her at like 4:00 in the morning and then at 6:00 they took her back for surgery. So we were, we got there in time to see her before she went back And…(voice breaking) I’m going to start crying, but (sniffs) Yeah, you can take it. The thing that I remember so vividly was Just the calm, the peace that Rachel and Jonathan, her husband, had. They were so peaceful and I was just like this is God’s perfect timing and we just prayed and waited and, um, after they took her back like probably two hours into the surgery, um, we saw a cardboard box on a wheelchair, come down the hall. And it said “Live Organs” on it So… And you know at this time of year every year, our family goes through both a celebration of Rachel’s lungs, but also grieving for the family whose loved one is not here anymore. and I think it’s important to grieve and celebrate. It’s kind of all wrapped in one. But, um… It was a crazy special day and Yeah. um, like, like we said there’s all those little details that we remember and a lot we forget and But we really are thankful and we celebrate the lungs that Rachel has and, And Jonathan wrote, I believe he wrote, like, an in-depth blog post at the time and also, you guys, if you are interested in reading it my sister was blogging before the transplant and I think they have some blog posts from after the transplant. We’ll have these linked down here if you want to read it. She posted a blog the day of the transplant, but before she got the call, so it would have been the day before the transplant the, like, hours before she received the call and if you are somebody who are, who’s waiting for a transplant, you would probably um, resonate with a lot of the things that she was saying in there, and I just remember it’s a powerful blog post. Yeah, especially when you look back at the timing of it. Yeah And the journey that she had been on. Yeah. So, we’ll have links down in the description, and we thank you guys for celebrating with us and Yeah. Absolutely. And so, one thing you could do if you aren’t an organ donor, and would consider becoming one, we would urge you to and we will leave a link down below for how to do that in the US. And I’m sure you can look up in your country how you can register to be an organ donor. And thank you. It saves lives. Yeah. So. And I see all the time questions of “are you going to receive a transplant like Rachel did?” and we actually talked about that in our CF Q&A. There will be a link down below to answer that question for you. There’s a lot of links today, A lotta links! So, you guys got some homework and as always, as always, (both) We will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ I looked up in the mirror and I had a booger… (laughter) ♬ I had a booger on my forehead!