– [Taeyong] Five, six, seven eight. – (group intro in Korean) (group speaks over each other) – Whoa, I thought we were
dancing for a second. (Taeyong counts) – (group intro in Korean) Hi, we are NCT 127. – Here are the top 9 things
you guys don’t know about us. One thing you guys don’t know about me is that in high school, I could eat a whole large pizza by myself. (group reacts)
– How surprising! – Ohh!
– Woo! – Nobody knew that one! – I could see you eat one. – My favorite pizza was pepperoni pizza, but one of my favorite things to do would get barbecue sauce
instead of the tomato sauce. Was that too in-detail? But anyways, that’s the
best way to eat pizza – [Mark] Wow, that’s good.
– Not gonna lie, yeah. I used to be in a school
band for playing the flute. – You lie.
– Why? – When I was in elementary,
middle school, yeah. – I’ve never seen you play the flute. – Yeah, exactly. I haven’t touched a flute in a while. – I wish there was a flute
so we could test you. – Yeah.
(group laughs) Alright. (flute noise) Alright, hold up, hold up. I think I’m pressing something wrong. (flute noise) (flute noise)
(laughs) (laughs)
00:01:23,166 –>00:01:22,415
– Wait, hold up, hold up, wait. (flute noise) Wait hold on–
(laughs) Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.
00:01:31,174 –>00:01:28,254
(flute noise) (laughter) – Wait, hold up, I thought this was a D. I was in a band, so we played a lot and we went on tour and stuff. – You went on tour? – To other schools, not like a tour tour, but like– He’s making everything big,
(Johnny laughs) but it’s just a school band, you know. The average– – The average band that goes on tour. – [Group] Oh.
– [Johnny] No, I’ve never actually seen him scared of bugs, though. – [Mark] Yeah.
– [Johnny] Yeah. (group laughs) – Every day
– We knew that. We knew that. – Oh my baby! Come on, I’m gonna eat you so good!
00:02:33,153 –>00:02:08,663
(Jungwoo yells) (group laughs)
00:02:37,532 –>00:02:23,791
One day, six meals. – Six meals (laughs)
– I’m– – Yeah, one day six–
– I’m food fighter. (group laughs) Come on, food! (Jungwoo yells)
00:02:49,836 –>00:02:39,326
– When I shoot photo, I usually use my right face. – Ah, always.
– His right side. – Left face, not bad. Right face, good. – Our Japanese album came
out recently as well, and we were going through it, and literally, we could only
see the right side of his face. (group laughs) (group laughs) – He has the right amount,
well, according to him, yeah. – Everywhere, everywhere.
(group laughs) – Oh! – Very smooth, very smooth. – We don’t see his bare body a lot,
00:03:33,630 –>00:03:13,223
but once in a while when we do– (laughing)
– His arm is smooth. – It’s very clean, if you
guys know what I mean. I don’t know, I don’t know
how am I supposed to say this.
00:03:42,222 –>00:03:24,704
– Shining.
(group laughs) Whoo! – Shining, shining.
– Yeah, shining. – Shiny body.
– The right amount. – Shiny body!
– Shiny body. – Yeah, just calm down my mind. Thank you. (group laughs) – For me, I hit the highest
notes of our members. – [Group] Ohhh. – True facts. – You guys didn’t know that. – I can make the sound of a dolphin. – Show us, show us! – Um–
– Show it! – Okay, okay. (squeaks) Okay, okay! Thank you!
(group laughs) – I think he’s the same as
Ariana Grande, you know?
00:04:34,065 –>00:04:11,626
(group laughs) – Ariana Grande, same note– – Oh yeah.
– Same note, same note. – I hope to do a note battle with her. – Thank you, next time. – Okay, it’s a very dangerous secret. – Okay.
– You ready? – [Group] We’re ready, we’re ready. – You guys ready? (Taeyong laughs) (sighs) Okay. My New York roommate is Johnny. – [Group] Oh my god. – Wow.
– Really? – Really?
– Wow! – Oh my god.
– We didn’t know that! – That is shocking.
– Thank you. – I told you, it’s a dangerous secret. (laughing) – Well, in the morning when we got ready, we got ready in our room, so everyone went in and
out so it is very dirty. – But we are… Clean boys. (group laughs) We’re nice and clean. (flute trills offkey) (flute trills offkey)
(laughing) (flute trills offkey) – Oh dude, I really forgot,
I’m so sorry though.