Dear mums and dads, in this video Guglielmo will explain what a blog is, showing you his own and telling you how it is
possible to find interesting news on the internet, and how you can smartly use it. Let’s give him the floor. Hello everybody, today I’ll tell you what a blog
is, and how you can manage it; then, I’ll show you mine. Blogging is a very popular way to communicate: there are more than a billion blogs in the world, but only 30% are updated at least once a week. Each has, on average, less than 10 daily readers, because most of them have no readers at all. Mine too has an average of 10 readers a day. If you want to start a blog, you need to have
an email address and to go on a platform. Once you sign in, you can access with your password, so that you see the dashboard, that is the
place where you manage all your blogs from. The most important button is the “New post” one: clicking on it, you visualize the page. There are two ways to view what you
are writing: “Edit html” and “Write”, the latter being the most important and easy to use. Ready!
There is also the button…hehe…
you almost stuck it in my eye!
Sorry! There are many features available. The most important are three: “Add link”, “Check spelling” and “Add picture” – whops, sorry, “Add image”. Use a link when you want to quote a webpage that is related to
your article or that you want to take as an example. How? Highlight the words you want to turn
into a link, for example this, click on “Insert link”, and type the link in the window
that appears on top, click “Ok” and you’re done. The link is visible because the text is
underlined and in a different color. Clicking on the “Check spelling” button, you can spot
any possible misspellings in your language. With the “Add image” button you can upload an image: click “Browse” and choose one from your computer: decide the layout, that is where it will be positioned on the post on the left, on the right, in the center and the size, then click “Upload”. When you’re done, click on “Publish”, so that the
post will be shown on the blog. You should always remember to add title, labels and/or keywords of your article. When the post is published with a title, you
can edit it and create a new one. The discovery of the blog As Guglielmo just explained, a blog is a very versatile tool. He learned how to use it in part on his
own, in part with my help, of course. His curiosity was especially aroused after he participated to some events together with a few moms who write on the net, and finding interesting people with so different interests
surely stimulated his interest in blogs. I was very happy that Guglielmo was interested
in this tool on the web, because in my opinion it is one of the safest, and
when correctly used it is also very rewarding. I’ll try to explain why: in general, writing on the web may be challenging for kids and children, because they tend to be more careful about correctly using the
language, and they may also find new interests: for example, Guglielmo discovered to be interested in arts, when he thought that it could be useful
to write about 19th century’s masterpieces. Shall I do it again from the start?
Oh, dad, don’t
tell I’m keen on 19th
century’s art when I’m not! You did write about 19th century’s artists!
I did! But you say that I
still do!
Ok, so we may write a new post… no?! He bought a book and wrote…
What does this
So, tell me, should I do it again? A suggestion The suggestion I’d give you in the first place is to
find a subject that could stimulate your kids, but – more important – I’d tell you
not to put pressure on them. Nobody should be forced to write every day, and the possibility
to use the blog only when they feel like, or when they think they have useful news to share with friends
or classmates, makes it a tool that everybody can use. Follow us on the web, with Guglielmo!
the next video we will talk about Facebook.