-Can we talk about “The Voice”?
-Yes, please. -I loved it.
I just like the whole cast. I love Blake, Kelly. -They’re alright. They’re fine.
[ Laughter ] -John Legend.
-We love him. -Yeah.
-But here’s the thing. I expected Blake to be
the real, you know, tough one. -The antagonizer.
-Yeah. He’s been there forever. He’s ancient.
[ Laughter ] No, he gets
a little cranky at times. But, actually
it was John that — by the midway point of
the first day after lunch, because everything was cool.
They were like, “Man, you’re gonna be fine.
We’re gonna break you in. It’s gonna be
a great experience.” And I was thinking,
“This is pretty simple.” I thought they were gonna be
hazing me kind of, you know, when I first got there.
-Yeah. -And then John was the one
that really surprised me. -Really? -He came out
and the gloves came off. [ Laughter ]
-Really? -But he’s got a reputation. He’s got the EGOT now.
-Of course. -And apparently he’s
the sexiest man alive. -He definitely is, yeah.
He’s the sexiest man alive. -He definitely is.
-He also has Chrissy Teigen, who’s one of the funniest,
sharpest people out there. You want to have her
in your corner. She writes good jokes. -So, safe to say, we have
a good chemistry together. It was a lot of fun.
-You could tell. -But it’s real.
-It is real. -I mean, you cannot
leave yourself open or they will pounce. -And your brothers came in
to be your mentors, right? -They did. Yes. -That’s gonna be great. -They were the cheapest
I could find. [ Laughter ] -I want to show a clip. Here’s Nick Jonas on
“The Voice.” Take a look at this. -You came out here
and blew the three of us away. Not John.
-[ Laughs ] I love Nick! -You don’t have to compete with
me for this singer, so — -But he’s still taking you down.
It’s good. -You’re the kind of singer that
I would die to write songs for. And I’m —
-Ooh! Spitting that game. [ Laughter ] -Am I the kind of artist
you can write songs for? -I think I’ve submitted songs
for you that you’ve turned down. -What?! Have you?
[ Audience ohs ] -That’s why I blocked you. [ Laughter ] -Okay, earned. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, come on. It’s gonna be great. Say hi to everybody.
-I will. -I love everybody.
Nick Jonas, everybody. “The Voice” airs Mondays
at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.