-Since the last time
you’ve been on, you’ve had probably one of
the craziest years of all time. -It was insane.
-I mean, the record was awesome. You’re now a coach
on “The Voice.” There’s a Vegas residency
happening? -There’s a Vegas residency
that starts in April. -How fun is that?
-For, basically, four weeks. Yeah, should be fun. -What hotel are you going to? -We’re at the Park MGM. -That’s fantastic.
-It’s pretty amazing. You know, Gaga’s there.
Bruno’s there, Bruno Mars. Pretty special company to be in,
and we’re real excited. But we did just come off basically nine months
on the road together. -How did you feel
being on the road for that long? -Well, it’s the longest tour
we’ve done. It was 90-something shows. And as close as we are —
And we spoke about it last time, how we kind of fixed our issues
in the family to be able
to work together again. After 90 shows — [ Laughter ]
-Little — -You get a little crunchy
at times. -Little crispy, there, yeah. -We just had
a little bit of time off, and we jumped right back in.
But it’s great. You know, we’ve had
quite the journey, and it’s really all thanks
to our amazing fans. So thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -Do you hang out —
When you’re on tour, do you hang out with each other
when you’re not onstage? Like, it’s all day, like,
“Hey, what are you guys doing? I’ll meet you there.”
-Yeah, definitely. Like for instance, we were just
in the U.K. on tour, and Joe and his father-in-law
organized a pub crawl, which I’d never done before. So basically we start,
you know, going to bars at like 11:30 A.M.
on a Saturday. And we just jumped around. By like the seventh bar,
we ended up at some Irish pub where there was a rugby match
on. Ireland was playing. And it got so claustrophobic
that I basically had to escape and just get out of there. And I wound up at
an Indian restaurant by myself. It was a beautiful day. And then a few others felt bad
and came and joined me. But in that case, for instance, the Irish pub,
no one knew who we were. And that was a beautiful thing. -So Irish rugby fans
and Jonas brothers fans — -Not the same.
-Not the same. -There’s no crossover.
-Good to know that. But with all this stuff
happening, I got to ask — New album? Is there gonna be — -Yeah, a new album is coming. -Really? Really?
[ Cheers and applause ] -We figured — We figured, why slow down? So, after the last album came
out, literally two
or three weeks later, we were with a bunch
of our songwriting friends. We went somewhere to record,
to write, and came out with, you know,
a record pretty much done. So we’ve put the finishing
touches on it now with our friend
Ryan Tedder once again, who worked with us on “Sucker”
and the last record. -Love Ryan Tedder.
-We do, too. And we’re ready to go.
We’ve had the — The first single’s out now,
“What a Man.” But then — -“What a Man Gotta Do.”
It’s unbelievable. It’s crushing it.
You know me, I’m a big fan. You crushed at the Grammys.
I loved you at the Grammys. I go, “Dude, these guys
know how to do it. They know how to put on a show.”
You crushed it. And then —
-There was a slight hiccup. -I didn’t notice it.
I was watching — -Slight hiccup.
-I didn’t notice. -You didn’t notice?
-No, I didn’t notice. So, I’m going
to show the world this. Apparently, you had food
stuck in your teeth. [ Laughter ] I didn’t see that.
I didn’t know that at all. Who — Who — It was all over Twitter —
[ Laughter ] It was all over Twitter. How did you find out
that you had food stuck — Did no one check? Your brother? -No one checked my teeth.
-Kevin? Joe? -So, here’s the thing that’s really frustrating
about this, okay? Is that, first of all,
there was spinach in my teeth from my breakfast,
which I ate hours before. -Oh, my God.
[ Laughter ] -So the entire day,
no one thought to be like, “Hey, man, there’s something
back there.” And then the second thing is, we’re doing an interview
like two or three weeks ago, and the guys are
talking casually about how, like, “Ah, you know,
the bummer for Nick is that we checked each other’s
teeth before we went onstage.” And I sat there going,
“Excuse me?” -“You guys do that,
and you leave me out of it?” -They left me out of it. And,
you know, my manager was there sitting when I came back
offstage, and we were really excited ’cause the performance
went pretty well. And it was like our Grammy
moment, our return. And I was so amped,
and I was like, “What’d you think?”
And he’s like — [ Laughter ] “Well, just don’t check –” And I went to my phone,
and he’s like, “You had a little something
in your teeth.” And the first message on
my phone was from Adam Levine. He’s like, “Nice performance. You had a little schmutz
in your teeth.” -Oh, no. Oh, my God.
[ Laughter ] And you’re like, “I’m so happy!
I had a great gig! I just played my heart out.” -But, you know,
it just goes to show you that you can be performing
on the Grammys and be nominated and still have spinach
in your teeth. -There you go.
That’s exactly right.