Today we are here to test drive the Nissan 370Z Nismo, which shows Nismo’s european arrival after the Juke. This is the second Nismo model recentely available in France since a short time. It is a vehicle gifted with a 3.7 liter V6, naturally aspirated, and 344 hp only on the rear axle. The gearbox is a mechanical 6 and not automatic.
No paddles behind the steering wheel. Nothing… that’s some fun. The Z Nismo has only a few more horse power compared to the stock Z, but I think you can still feel the difference. First, about the braking, the difference is obvious ! The brakes are biting harder, the suspension is much more stiffer. It is in fact incredibely easy to play with that car, as it slides whenever you ask it to slide. To make a u torn, you torn… you torn ? You turn, brake… pfff well that’s easy ! The Z Nismo is not only a small amount of performance
in addition to a Z, it is essentially a real maw !
The pearly white that Guillaume surely badly washed… They added a big fin on the rear and 42 inches wheels…
At least ! It is car, wherever you drive,
on a street, on a street or… on a street. In fact, you only ride on a street. Anyway, there are two main aspects that differ from the standard Z. The front fin
(french joke from Victor – sorry he can’t stop that) means that you only have 11 cm from the ground so you have to be very careful on the donkeys when driving in town. … the donkeys, the squeezes, everything. Another detail is the rear part of the car with the gigantic fin which is gorgeous and make you see absolutely nothing from the inside ! Visibility… Almost inexisting ! Well… Who cares ? After that, well, why white ? Why this pearly white ?
In two minutes it’s a real piece of dirty crap. It is impossible to clean ! At the cleaning station, you’ll need a brush, hard hand and arms job, a cloth
and 3 friends helping or you won’t figure it out. Another detail which is important for me on that car
is the steering wheel. There is alcantara on it, just where you want it to be. Between 10.10 and 8.20 !
And between 8.23 and 10.13 ! … which prevents your hands from sliding,
not as so many other cars. This is realy enjoyable. And if you don’t like alcantara, you also may drive like this…
that’s great. Perfect. Braaaaa ! Another thing when driving a little more sporty,
it’s the automatic acceleration of the engine when downshifting. It’s a fake heel-toe in fact. Quite nice. It insures better shifts sometimes. Well, it also can be annoying but generaly speaking, it’s really nice. No, I think that’s really nice, not boring at all. Yes but…
Nope. Not boring… … it’s fun in fact. Sometimes boring. No…
Yes it is…
Yes. Compared to the regular Z,
there has a been a real work of the engine sound that makes it sing when high in the rpm. It really sings well. “I believeee I can fly” This is really a car that does not let you unconcerned,
inside or outside. You feel good with it and it’s quite good looking inside. The seats !
The real top detail is the seats with, at least, switches to set them up.
On the side. Not behind. Not 10 meters behind, it is really here.
Easy to access. In one clic you can set up your seat.
You set up in detph, in… Hey, you don’t how to say that, uh ?
Nope Like that. Like that.
And like that. Seats are good. Good seats. The killing detail. Well, there are some, unfortunately. The front fin, it really weakens your driving as you are permanently checking every detail on the road. I’d say as well the rear fin.
I’ll put two of them as the one is really butchering the visibility,
on highways, on in town by the way. That’s quite important to see what’s behind you and here,
50% of the information is missing. In fact, the Nismo distinctive visual signs can be more handicapping that anything else. The top detail is…
It’s good. It’s good indeed. That’s the litlle engine push, which you already had on the standard Z, to help you shifting your gears. That’s the S Mode. If I had to give a best quotation to that car, I think that would be the braking system which is really amazing, better than on the 350 et 370Z. You can feel they really work on it
and made some choices to transform them. I would create a new item, dedicated one. That would be the 11th. It would be for the wild behavior of the car. It is indeed beastly. Nissan understood it was necessary to transform the Z into something more radical, funnier. Crazier !