Hi guys! This is the new episode of my Non-Blogue. And right now I’m at South Kensington tube station. So today I’m filming in London about the club called Wealdstone. And I’m filming alone because my friend Nastya is ill. I’m here for about 15 minutes already. Still waiting for the right train. It’s because this is Piccadilly line and it has two directions. So Heathrow one is more important, that’s why the trains to Heathrow run more often. And my train to the North is once in 15 minutes. I need to go to Ruislip. Wealdstone FC plays there, even though actually, Wealdstone is the different London area. This is Ruislip here. And this is Wealdstone there. But the club was forced to move from Wealdstone. And now they are in Ruislip. I need to say it’s pretty far. It seems my train is approaching. I’ve got a chance to be on time! The train is here! We stopped at Rayners Lane so we need to wait for another train. And while I’m waiting, I have some time to tell you about Wealdstone. A long time ago Wealdstone used to play their home games in Harrow, it’s a big London borough. Harrow is very funny, because… Vivien Westwood used to live there, Lord Byron used to hang out there in his time. Billy Idol had been there, some people from Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. So it seems Harrow is a very cool borough. And by the way, the club is very cool too. Stuart Pearce used to play there. The Great and Powerful Vinnie Jones started his career in Wealdstone as well. Now Wealdstone is doing well. They are currently the first in their league. So I think this team is pretty good. Let’s see. Today Wealdstone plays against Billericay Town. I place my bet on Wealdstone. Nastya believes there will be a draw. So if Billericay Town wins, you will have a chance to win the Wealdstone badge. I need to be on time. There must be a minute of silence (or applause) before the game. Two Wealdstone supporters died this week. They were long time supporters and everyone used to know them. It’s a very nice area, I need to say, not a hole. Very beautiful place. The stadium is really close to the station. Just in 5 minutes. I definitely will be on time. So many people here! What if there’s sold out? Oh my God. This is really a queue! There is an Instagram page about dogs who attend the football games called Non-League Dogs. A lot of people! I didn’t expect it. I need to take a look around and find the club shop. A minute of silence supposed to be right now. At the moment Billericay is more active, from what I can tell, hanging around in the crowd. Someone on YouTube asked me about the food, so there are burgers for example. But I need to find a scarf! It says that Megastore is somewhere here. I think it’s here. And I think it’s closed at the moment. I hope they’ll open it after the first half. Wealdstone is way better than Billericay in the last minutes! This is Wealdstone’s manager Dean Brennan. He used to be the manager of Billericay not so long ago. I’m wondering… Maybe they have some historical t-shirts in the store. So the shop is open! Same story – the supporters are switching places behind the goalie. I’m heading to Billericay’s goals. I hope to win today with Wealdstone and grab their badge. There is 1:0 at the moment. Are you serious? I’ve never heard Panic! At the disco at the stadium before. There are 1300 people at the stadium. Just wow. They are cheering the Billericay’s goalkeeper. This is really funny. They say to the goalkeeper: We give you more support than your own fans. But I’m not surprised especially after that terrible mistake before the second goal. 3:0. And I also won today. If you recall, I bet on Wealdstone. It’s very fun here. So Wealdstone’s episode is over actually. But all of a sudden we end up at Barnet’s stadium. I’m not sure what is going on and what I’m doing here. Not sure if I have a right to film here. But as I understand there is some charity event involving mister Paul Gascoigne. Interestingly, one of the first football games which were shown on TV was the game between Barnet and Wealdstone. A long time ago football people didn’t like the idea of broadcasting. They were afraid that supporters stop to attend the games due to the TV broadcast. But Barnet and Wealdstone gave their permission to be shown on TV. Now relationships between Wealdstone and Barnet fans are not so good. Also, I’d like to say that this charity event was amazing. Paul Gascoigne has told some funny stories. Actually, I didn’t understand half of them because of his specific accent. But anyway it was fun. He told the story about Vinnie Jones etc. I couldn’t film there a lot, only some fragments. So to summarize: Paul Gascoigne is doing fine, Wealdstone FC is amazing. Nastya has lost for the first time in our friendly battle. And definitely, Wealdstone FC is one of the most hospitable and nice clubs in Non-League. Maybe I should film about Barnet next time as a follow-up. Not sure yet. Bye-bye!