Inside the sixth episode of Outsourcing Live,
Iíll be talking about how to outsource an internet business part two. Iíll be continuing
on from last episode and explore how to outsource content creation and traffic generation to
the niche site using the case study we have been talking about. Also in the quick tip,
thereís a fast way allowing you to communicate your tasks to your virtual assistants by easily
recording your screen and speaking to the microphone. So letís get straight to it. VO: Welcome to the Outsourcing Live podcast
where you will learn to build a virtual team to run your business. And now, your host,
Tyrone Shum. Hi everyone, and thanks very much for listening
to this next podcast in this series on the Outsourcing Live. In part two of today, Iíll
be talking a little bit more in detail on how to outsource your internet business which
I pretty much will be leading on from last sessionís podcast which I talked about last
time where to find the VA, or virtual assistant, how to be able to get them hired and also
what kind of things to give to them as they need to do to focus on the niche site. And
I went through the initial stages which is to show them or show you how I went about
with the engagement gift ideas niche website where we looked at basically doing market
research for the niches then we jumped into talking about how to purchase and going about
getting the domain name and then lastly I showed you last time exactly how we went about
setting up the websites as well, too. So in this session, Iím going to be talking
about creating content, how to outsource all that and Iím going to be talking about how
to be able to generate traffic to your site by using the virtual assistant to do that
all for you and then lastly, weíll talk a little bit more about how to go about monetization
and that will be something you want to take your hands on because thatís an important
aspect to manage as the site continues to grow. All right so todayís topic is really, really
exciting because these are the things that I also got outsourced quite pretty much the
whole time and I can be – Iím going to be honest with you, Iím not a strong writer,
Iím usually a better presenter when Iím on video and Iím better at audio so thatís
why Iíve done video and podcasting. All my videos and everything have been all transcribed
which is all been written in text but when it comes down to me sitting down and actually
writing an article, I canít do it so thatís the reason why Iím very fortunate to have
an extremely, extremely well-skilled, extremely successfully-skilled virtual assistant who
has very strong article writing skills and she loves writing and thatís the reason why
sheís great for this. So what Iíve done – is the first thing with
engagement gift ideas after she had gone through to setup the whole site, she already knew
exactly what to do because Iíve provided her with all the training. But essentially
the whole training that was in between for all this to get her to create content for
the site was just the simple guidelines that I went through and it comes back down to copywriting
101 which is to write an article with roughly at least 400-600 words, these are really articles
that are targeted towards that niche, and also too write at least 3 articles daily.
And essentially, all it had was the introduction, a body and then also a conclusion. And within
all that body and introduction or the heading I should say we had our targeted keywords
in there. With those targeted keywords inside the – introduction, and also for the body,
it allowed us to be able to write some really, really good content and use that content to
create some backlinks. So Iíll explain to you what backlinks are
shortly in the moment but what we did when I trained her to do was I got Jo which I mentioned
in the last episode, to write articles for me on a daily basis and she had to write a
minimum of 3 articles and what weíd do is we aim to write at least 30 articles within
say a week or two. And, once thatís all written, these articles can actually be turned into
multiple different articles. So you have a set of articles ready to be posted out and
they can be scheduled to be posted out on a daily basis. Up until theyíve all been
finished – finished posting which is for the first month so youíve pretty much had everything
already done for the first month to get your content on your blog. Now, to do content writing, she has to go
out to do the research for me which is exactly what she – she was hired to do. Go out and
find out all about the niche then come back and start writing the articles and that does
takes a bit of time. You know you need to allow and to give them at least an hour or
so for each topic to be able to do some research. And what Iím saying – Iím not saying you
need to allow an hour for each post, but an hour or so for them to go out and research
as much as they can about the topic and then start writing about the different topics.
And what we did was we did like 3-part series just exactly how Iím showing right now the
two-part podcast series, we split it all up. So the first topic might be on something like
how to be able to setup and engagement party and one of the topics that we just wrote about
was a two-part topic on how to setup an engagement part – what gifts to buy, what etiquettes
you need to be aware of, how to write the cards, etc and so forth and you can obviously
see that on engagement gift ideas on how those articles are written but the thing is is that
if youíre scared to learn to be smart about it, she can write say 10 articles from basically
a 2,000-word articles or something like that so she might write 3,000words or 2,000words
of one post and split up into separate parts. And thatís what Iíve taught her to do with
having between 400-600 words per articles. So thatís how we get content created quickly
and fast. And I canít really quite say much more than
that because when I got it all outsourced, I didnít even have to be involved. The only
time that I got involved was when she said to me can you please have a look at it and
tell me what you think. And I said all right, Iíll have a look at it and I did and I just
didnít have to make any changes because her writing was absolutely perfect so she gets
doing what she did and just have it all scheduled for 30 posts to be scheduled out to go daily,
so one post everyday and that was perfect for that blog. Once thatís been done, thatís the first
part of creating content. The next part is to look at getting content syndicated out
into – pretty much the web. And this is how weíre going to be – this is how we did and
generated traffic back to our site and to be able to get it to rank on Google as well.
There are few things that need to be done in order for that to happen and Iíll run
through with you some of the steps that was going through and this is what youíll need
to do as well to get your virtual assistant to setup for you and to have running in the
background. These things are quite simple to do and it does take time and thatís why
I got my virtual assistant or outsourced it to my virtual assistant to do. Now Iíll give you some examples. We have
to setup numerous accounts on different sites so that way we can post our different articles
to them and that way we can get some traffic from them. And the reason behind that is because
if you want to be ranked on the first page of Google, and to even be ranked on Google,
Google looks at one of the criteria of your site and one of the criteria is that if you
have any links going back to your site then thereís obviously a ranking or a positive
thing for your site and Google looks at that positively and obvious – and if you can have
more links back to your site then the better it is for your niche site. And this is what weíre doing. Weíre creating
separate accounts on say sites like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squidoo, numerous article
directories and Youtube as well. And by doing all that and embedding our content to it in
different version of the original content and left a link in there, it allowed us to
create more backlinks to our site. And by having these backlinks, weíve got something
like over 1,200 back to our site because weíve actually syndicated these out to different
areas. Makes a huge difference because obvously itís helped us rank on the first page of
Google and currently sitting at position 8. And not before long I think weíll probably
be reaching the first few spots as well and when we get that spots we can obviously get
all that traffic organically from Google in itself. Now, talking about setting up accounts, these
things are necessarily to be done and it doesnít necessarily need to be done yourself and thatís
why Iíve been talking quite strongly about outsourcing all this. Setting up and creating
a new account is a simple repetitive process so get her to login to WordPress, Blogger,
Tumblr and so forth and thatís what Jo did for me. Also too, we had a separate email
that was setup as well so that way we receive these activation accounts as per se. Most
of these accounts when you need to set them up you need to confirm them, so we had it
like a separate email, not the main email from our niche siteís setup so that way we
can receive it because most likely theyíll send us out newsletters and information that
we donít want to read anyway. All right, that was really important because
once those things are setup, youíre done. And I asked Jo previously how long does it
usually take to setup these sites. Initially when she first started, she said it took her
about 15-20 minutes to setup each one individually which was not too bad because I thought thatís
how long it usually takes me to sign up but she said she got that down to about 3 minutes
or so per site because there are going to be a lot of sites for her to setup and in
total, just the article directories alone thereís about 20 article directories and
then numerous different video channels as well that we setup and also too, we went across
the different forums as well to setup, different links as well. So what Iíll do is if youíre interested
in getting a list or the details of all these directories and also where to get your virtual
assistant to do, Iíll put a list of all these things on this podcast shownotes which you
can find basically at which is episode six here and youíll be able
to just get access to that and you can literally just take that list and just copy it and give
it to your virtual assistant and get her to set it up all for you. Once thatís all been setup, weíre all pretty
much ready to go because you only need to setup this once for your niche site and then
start to send out articles and posts onto there. And thatís the beauty of doing this
is that when you get it outsourced to your virtual assistant, theyíll know exactly how
to go about doing that because theyíve firstly written all the daily posts and also know
exactly whatís been written to go to those directories. And all I did was I provided
her with some additional training material specifically on how to be able to get some
links or put these links inside these individual posts. But before we did post them out, what
we need to do is to get these 30 articles which we wrote initially as original content
and spun them, spun them so that they – theyíre not – theyíre rewritten and theyíre not
the original articles because you donít want to be sending anything the exact same content
that youíve written for you post out to these directories. And the reason behind that is
because – at the end of the day, Google looks for original content and if you have numerous
versions of exactly the same content, it will say that all youíre doing is spamming the
internet with the same content. So itís wise – to actually get your articles
rewritten and – or spun. Now, there are two ways you can go about doing it. You can either
get your virtual assistant to spend time to rewrite each individual of the 30 articles
and basically sit there and just do it, which will take a lot longer. Or, use a spinning
software which allows you to be able to spin those articles very quickly and have them
rewritten uniquely for you with the software. And the tool that Iíve given to my virtual
assistant Jo to use to spin all these articles we did for engagement gift ideas was a software
called Trythebestspinner. Now this is also an affiliate link as well so if you do decide
to click on this and take a look at it which is a fantastic software and you do decide
to purchase that, I do get an affilate link from that and I just want to initially just
say thank you if you do do that and I guess in order just to mention that this particular
software is very, very powerful because it will save you a lot of time. Not just you
but also your virtual assistant because you can leverage and get a lot more than. And,
basically what I usually get Jo to do for us is with these 30 original articles, we
get them spun into 40 invidual different articles on top of that. So itís basically 30 multiplied
by 40, you can have up to 1,200 individual spun content available to be submitted. And
it comes in handy because not only where you will be submitting just to those article directories,
thereís blog directories, thereís web 2.0 directories that Iíve just mentioned, sheíll
be submitting also through different networks which thereíll be also too Iím going to
share with you shortly how she goes about doing that. But thatís what you need to really consider
doing is to leverage their time and also leverage using the tools to be able to do that. And
something like is an excellent piece that allows you to spin multiple
initial versions. Therefore youíve got as I said at least 1,200 different articles that
you can send out. Now you might be wondering okay, weíve got
all these articles, how the heck does she have time to be able to submit these? Okay
well one, I usually donít get her to submit the 1,200 straightaway because one if you
submit that many all in one go to all directories you wouldnít have time to do it thatís one
thing because she wonít be able to submit 1,200 in one day. And two, youíll get marked
on Google and theyíll notice that all youíre doing is just creating basically a spam site
and you donít want that. What we want to do is to submit these articles out onto these
sites so that it creates basically backlinks, thatís the first initial reason but also
too to provide content in different areas and different forms. If youíve seen as an example, thereís a
software called Tubemogul. And what Tubemogul does is that it submits one video to I think
15 different video networks available in the market. Thereís like Youtube, thatís one
of them, thereís Yahoo Videos, Google Videos, Viddler, It submits one video out
to multiple networks and therefore allowing for different audiences and different networks
to view your video. Now what weíre doing right here is doing
exactly the same thing. The only difference is that weíre spinning the version, essentially
the same content but spinning into a rewritten versions so that itíll be seen in different
networks in order for other people to see. And when itís seen on different networks
such as WordPress, article directories, Squidoo, etc, thereís a great chance that your audiece
or your readers will come to your site because of that fact and thatís what we want to do. All right, Iíve explained to you how these
things are being setup and by now you can see that sheís taken over a lot of these.
Iíll explain to you actually what she does and this is what I overlook essentially. I
donít get involved in doing this. I donít sit there and – use the software to spin these
things, I donít sit there and submit those articles. I let Jo to do that all for me and
thatís what weíve done for Engagementgiftideashq. Now to even spin or to get things out faster,
weíve used additional software to be able to submit these content really, really quickly
and to out to numerous, numerous place very, very fast and the beauty of this is that itís
actually automatically driven by a tool and it automatically submits these on a consistent
basis rather than all at once. And the software that does that for us is a software called Thatís a software that weíve been using that allows us to be
able to write – or submit multiple articles to different blog networks and that allows
us to be able to have hundreds and hundreds of links submitted all in one go. But the
beautiful thing about that particular network is that it doesnít allow you to submit thousands
at one go. You just basically just submit like 50 one day, 50 another day, 60 another
day and it spreads it all out and that way thereís a less chance that you get too many
links all at once and thatís exactly what we want. We want to show Google weíre organically
creating these content. And thatís the reason why I said to you to host out every single
post once a day rather than post 30 posts on the first day. It makes a huge difference
to your – your submissions and also too makes a huge difference to your blog making it seem
more natural. Also another software that weíve been using
is called and this one also too allows us to submit numerous and
thousands of – articles out to so many different directories and these guys have done tremendous
job to setup a system like this which allows us to do that. So I recommend checking these
two out if you want to get lots and lots of backlinks. And for your particular virtual
assistant to do a lot of the leverage work because to set these things up is easy but
also to do them and follow them through takes a bit of time and this is where the virtual
assistant can follow up doing this on a day to day basis rather than you yourself doing
it. So this is something that I highly recommend
to try out and to also use as part of your strategy to get traffic. There are also many
other ways. We also submit videos out to different – different networks and – what weíve done
is instead of actually sitting there in front of the camera and do it in usual way, what
we do is create a slideshow using like Keynote in Mac or Powerpoint presentation in Windows
and then upload that presentation slide into a software called Animoto which is spelled and Animoto will take that clip and mix it up with some music and turn
it into a video clip for you. And it only takes a few minutes to do once you download
that, you can upload it to the various different video networks as I mentioned and once again,
that will create additional backlinks back to your site as well. So thatís a really,
really powerful way to go about doing that. By now, you can see where this is headed because
thereís so many things that you need to do or I should say so many things that need to
be done for a niche website in order to build it up so that it can be ranked on Google and
get onto the first page of Google to be able to rank for that term or that keyword that
youíre targeting for and obviously you canít do this all yourself, if you chose to go down
that path and thatís why Iíve always recommended outsourcing to a virtual assistant or outsourcing
to somebody who can do these things. And if you provide the right training which you can
follow through, you know on my shownotes, if you go back to the shownotes, youíll see
a whole step of training videos which Iíve used to give to my virtual assistant and you
can take those as well and give it to them as well and use it anytime. And all-free you
know, thereís no charge for that but what I want to just share with you is a step by
step process because this is essentially what we do to outsource and create the niche site
that we did. All right, by now if youíve done this successfully
and youíve been getting all the traffic from all these different sources and also too to
create all these content, and gotten out there and your site is getting lots of backlinks
and starting to rank on the first page of Google then you could just start to monetize
this and monetizing takes a bit of time. Itís something that Iím still taking over the
process so once Jo has finished doing all this process and sheís informed me great,
weíre up on the first page of Google, weíre moving, weíre still nearly getting there
and weíre getting some traffic coming through then Iíll take over to start to implement
some monetization strategies which Iíll probably cover in a separate topic or separate podcast
because itís a very detailed topic but essentially what I usually do to start off with is just
to put some basic Google Adsense on just to generate some other clicks and when those
clicks start to obviously get a lot better and income increasing through the site, weíll
try different strategies as well. And the reason why I donít outsource this
part is because I want to be in control of what kind of income and also be in the strategy
side and yes, a lot of people say that it can be outsourced and yes it can be but at
this point in time, I personally still handle it and eventually I probably will outsource
it to get my virtual assistant to manage it but I think sheís already enough on her plate
to do all these things. I thought also too to give you a rough estimate of time frames
because all of these doesnít happen overnight. Obviously this episode has expanded over a
few days and if in my time you listen to this second episode itís probably two weeks or
so or week from the last one. And you can understand it takes time to set these things
up. I mean like your virtual assistant who will working for you for full time or part
time will be able to work on this on a day to day basis. Setting up the websites, getting
the domain name found, doing the market research, that probably take you at most from there
to find out on three to four days or so. So on the first week once they start working,
it usually takes four days but to write content, to submit it to article directories, to sites
and so forth, that is a process that takes months. And just from experience, weíve taken
at least 2-3 months to be able to build up that kind of traffic and that kind of backlinks
to engagement gift ideas and weíre still building it. You know, we havenít reached the first place
of Google but if we do, we know that we can back off a little bit more and continue to
let her to do maybe once a week or twice – twice every month or something like that on submission
of articles to directories but you need to do spend this consistently and it does take
time. So donít expect this to be all happening all overnight. And expect that your virtual
assistant will do it all for you right now. You know, thatís not going to happen. Give
her time and allow for these things to be implemented. And I said two to three months
is at least a minimum to expect and donít expect that itíll happen within first month
or so. I think Iíve gone through quite a bit in
detail on how this niche site has gone through and as I said you can check out Engagement
Gift Ideas HQ to see what itís like and you can ask me any question that you may have
but I always get this common question that I thought Iíd answer and also address is
how can you trust theyíll complete all this? I know Iíve talked about how successful my
assistant Jo has been, Iím very blessed to have her but a lot of stories I do hear is
that the virtual assistant will not be able to do any work, you know they come back and
they say yeah Iíve done this little bit but I canít do that. And I think the thing with trust is to – you
have to give them trust in order to receive it. Because initially when someone start on,
you donít know, youíre really putting a leap of faith into their skills and into what
theyíre going to show and help you do. And really at the end of the day, you have to
give them the trust that you would give to someone who is going to run the business and
if you can entrust into them and encourage them and to motivate them at the same time
that theyíre going to do a great job and to support them, theyíre going to do a great
job. So give them at least a month to trial it out and within the first month, make sure
that youíve set the expectations as Iíve mentioned back in the first episode and also
too, to put in the boundaries. Boundaries in place. So if you set these deadlines and
say in the first week youíll have this, this, this setup and if they donít make that deadline
whether it be they donít know what to do because sometimes they just donít, or that
theyíve just not done anything because they donít want it then thereís boundaries in
place and also there to ensure that they meet those boundaries. So if they donít meet those
boundaries. If they donít meet those boundaries then theyíve got those consequences. And if you were listening to my previous episode,
I talked about boundaries and also setting expectations so you can jump back over there
and listen to that again. The other thing as well is to ensure that they send to you
a daily accountability. The daily accountability is so so important because one, it helps them
keep track of what theyíre doing and two, informs you of whatís going on because a
lot of people find oh men, I donít know whatís going on. Theyíve just been setting the – nothing.
And I can understand why because youíre sitting there scratching your head going what have
they done, what have they done. So if they send you like a daily accountability of what
they completed, what things theyíre struggling with and what they can help you with or what
you can help them with, then at least it keeps you in the loop whatís going on. And thatís how the process works for me.
My virtual assistant Jo is very, very stringent on that, sheís very disciplined. And at the
end of everyday I receive a report of what sheís done and whatís been completed and
whatís not and I always say thank you. So ensure thatís correct as well. And then last thing I just want to also recommend
as well is once you get to the stage of creating backlinks and you are at that stage ready
to be able to generate more traffic from backlinks then what you want to do is to ensure that
you have a report to track these things. So maybe use Google Docs for example and get
your virtual assistant to list out all the backlinks that sheís submitted to, all the
different directories, all the blogs that sheís submitted to, and have them listed
in there because it will come in handy for them on to be able to use and track whatís
going on because sometimes Google doesnít pick up these things initially and if youíve
got no idea where they are then you obviously canít track them back. So make sure you have
a report created on how many backlinks are being submitted, how many articles are being
created, and so forth like that. And then when we get to the next stage which is to
track your monetization, track how much income you bring in then you want to write the report
thatís created to be able to track all your income, all your traffic, and also too to
just track what kind of ranking youíre getting through Google and also Bing and Yahoo. Okay, I think thatís pretty much it on how
to go about outsourcing to – niche site. And if you are interested in following me more
on whatís been happening in these niche sites that Iíve been doing, Iíll be continuing
to talk about that through a little self-challenge that Iím also doing and in correlation with
Virtual Business Lifestyleís niche site challenge as well or niche site accountability kind
of thing thatís going to be running, a community challenge that Chris Duckerís running on
there, Iíll be also participating in there as well and yeah, Iím more than happy to
answer any of your questions if you have anything in regards to outsourcing an internet business
or outsourcing creating more niche sites as well. Itís time for Outsourcing Live quick tip.
Until now Iíve been using with my virtual staff for quite some time to communicate with
them and to show them step by step on what things they need to be done and changed in
tasks and so forth is a tool called JingProject. In short itís just called Jing and itís
a free tool which allows you to be able to capture your screen up to five minutes and
then automatically upload it to their service and send that link off to your virtual team.
Now itís one of the quickest and fastest way I found in the past to be able to communicate
with my virtual team. Instead of typing up a long email, copying and pasting images,
putting arrows on it and sending all in email, all I have to do is hop onto my screen, draw
in simply using a little tool called Jing as Iíve mentioned and itíll automatically
capture your screen whichever size you want and all you have to do is talk to your microphone
and just point to them exactly what things need to be done and itís one of the most
easiest and the very fastest way – or one of the quickest way that I found in the past
to be able to communicate with them. Now if you want to be able to get access to
this as a free tool, you can go simply to my website at spelled
J-I-N-G-tutorial and inside the jing-tutorial, youíll see the specific details on how to
use this tool to outsource and also communicate with my virtual team and also too youíll
be able to get access to that link to download it directly from Jing themselves. Which is
owned by the company Techsmith and if youíve heard Camtasia, is also one of their other
very famous and popular tools that theyíve made so theyíve realized that Jing for example
is a perfect tool for all the people out there who doesnít – who canít afford to purchase
Camtasia. So yeah, definitely check it out. JingProject is an awesome tool and as I mentioned
you can get it from my website and Iíll show you the step by step tutorial on how to use
it and setup on your computer.