hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch this week’s a little grocery haul so I spent $108 yeah gross so if
you’d like to see what I got and why it came to so much then please keep on
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back and watch whenever you would like to oh man I forgot I didn’t wash my hair
last night and I was gonna wear my beanie in the video oh well anyway so
yeah I spent $108 a first restore kind of grossed out by it but let me go and
show you what I got so very first thing I got meat sticks for Sean this is just
something that I always get always always always so and they were not on
sale this week so yeah totally fucked stuff I didn’t eat cause you know that’s
how you roll sometimes anyway they have these uh Lynne lint lend or truffle
thingies they were um sell because it was after Valentine’s Day anyway so
these were on sell for 4 bucks these were originally $8.99 so I did pick up a
few these are nice because I could just pop them open and if I need a gift or
something I can just put them in another baggie or something so I did get those
so yeah those this was a lot of it we have needed light bulbs and we would buy
like the energy saver but they really look like regular light bulbs but we
went ahead and we splurged on the like the piggy tail ones these are supposed
to last for nine years and they were 10 bucks apiece
I did buy two packs because we have a light out in the
kitchen a light out in the living room a light out in both bedrooms so yeah there
you go so yeah these were twenty bucks I can’t
lift it up but I have a big 40 sorry 35 pound bucket of Purina tiny
cats clumping litter this is the 24/7 our 24/7 performance someone in the with
the read on it so I did get that and that was 15 I got a big 30 pack of TP
yeah this is $10 but it’s like you get 30 double rolls which supposedly equals
60 rolls so it’s a good deal I don’t know why they put our little spin bags
but got chocolate milk and I got white milk two golden bears these are amazing these
are strawberry light lemonade’s I really really love these and they’re really
hard to find but they’re delicious I picked up a small thing of yellow corn
mill reasons here I picked up two so does a piece so
to McAdoo’s for Sean I’m a Coke Zero for me the diets to conduct a pepper for
myself and see here bag of tea knees and our yogurt oh I needed a big another can of
vegetable broth but anyway they had all these maybelline vivid hot lacquers on
sale so I did pick up five but it was I actually got one for free
they were on sale for a dollar 79 so I got ya I ended up spending like 8 bucks
for 5 of them eight dollars for five so that was a
good deal and these are some of my favorite favorite lip glosses things are
amazing but that’s why I spent a hundred and eight dollars on so there was some
eight coupons like the yogurt it was like 40 cents off of one and then the
meat sticks it was like 50 cents off if you bought one let’s see what else oh I
got like a dollar fifty off the cheese like I said the dollars I got one lip
product for free and then if you spent ninety dollars then you got nine dollars
off of your total so I did save a little bit of money but still $108 that is a
ton of money but we got the light bulbs the cat litter big thing of 12 paper so
there we go yeah it feels like we go through a two tubs so basically we go
through seventy pounds of cat litter a month so yeah we spend like 30 bucks a
month on cat litter but execute every day and then I changed out you know
often so that’s understandable but yeah that’s what we got anyway I hope you
enjoyed this week’s little grocery haul let me know down below in the comments
if you’re comfortable let me know how much I guess the most you’ve ever spent
on groceries I’m curious because Andre any dollars that cut has kind of hurt my
soul right now so I am you know what you know I love the comments don’t forget
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