– Hey everyone, I’m Colleen Ballinger, and I had a baby a month ago- That’s crazy! This video is a one month
update on my cute little boy. The reason I wanted to
make this video is because I’ve always thought it
was really cool that I kind of have a video diary
of the last decade of my life. I have every Christmas, every
holiday, every special event, the good the bad and
the ugly, all documented and on the Internet, so
I can look back in time and see all the cool stuff I’ve
been able to do in my life. I wish that I had that for
when I was a young child. Now obviously I have a lot of home videos, everyone has home videos,
but Flynn will do something and I’ll ask my mom, “Oh, did
I do that when I was a baby? Did Rachel do that when she was a baby? I want to know if Erik did
this stuff when he was a baby?” So, today, I want to document everything that little Flynn has been
through in the last month so that later, I can look
back on this and remember how cute and tiny and perfect he is! And also, so that Flynn can
look back on it when gets older and see what he’s like when he was a baby and see what his parents
were going through during the first month of his life. So, hi Flynn in the future, I don’t know if you’re watching this
when you’re five years old, or 10 years old, or 20, or 30, or maybe you never watch this. Maybe the Internet doesn’t
exist in the future, maybe YouTube doesn’t exist
in the future, I have no idea. But hello, I love you, you’re perfect, thanks for making my life way better than I could ever imagine. The thought of him watching
a YouTube video of me is so weird, and also really
embarrassing, I’m so sorry. (laughing) I am so sorry that this is the world that you were born into, Flynn. I love you, I hope I
haven’t embarrassed you too much so far. So if you’re not into
babies and their development and newborns, or what
it’s like to be a new mom, or any of that, this will
not interest you at all, then you can just click
on to something else. But if that does interest
you, then I’m about to talk about all the fun things that
I’ve learned about Flynn, and about being a new mom in this video in the first month of his life. Okay, let’s get started. So, Flynn was born on December 10th, 2018, and he was seven pounds
12 ounces, 29 inches- (record scratch) 19 inches? I don’t know inches. Flynn, if you’re watching
this in the future, I’m really sorry, I’m
really dumb, so hopefully you didn’t get my brains. I think he was 19 and
three-quarter inches, I think, so I think he was like almost 20 inches, I’m pretty positive. Now Flynn is one month old,
it is January 10th, 2019, Flynn is nine pounds 12 ounces,
so he’s gained two pounds since he was born. He is perfect, and I’m obsessed with him, and I cannot imagine my life without him, so let’s get into some of
the things about Flynn! I wrote them down, ’cause I
didn’t want to forget things. And you might think that
since he’s a new baby, all he does is poop and cry and sleep, and if you think that, you’re correct. (laughs) That’s pretty much what most
of his life consists of, but there’s a few other fun things too. So, obviously, all Flynn
really does right now is sleep, eat, poop, and cry. The first couple weeks, Flynn never cried. Like, he just like, every
once in a while would fuss, but he never cried and he just
slept and cuddled and ate, and that was it. I think that’s pretty
common with newborn babies, but especially with
babies who are born early, which my baby was born three weeks early, so that’s pretty common
for a brand new baby. But then, he learned how to cry. (Flynn crying) – Flynn is a very good crier. He cries a lot. He doesn’t cry more than a
normal baby I don’t think, he just cries when he’s
hungry, when he’s poopy, when he’s tired, when he’s
just grumpy, when he’s gassy, I mean, same, so, I feel you, Flynn. We have a list of things
that we go through whenever Flynn is fussy, we try
rocking him, obviously, whether it is in the rocking
chair, or just walking around the house, he loves
music, so we sing a lot to him, we try swaddling him up, he loves being in a really really tight swaddle. We have two different baby
swings, we tried those, obviously we tried feeding him, usually that’s what he wants. And my favorite thing,
we roll out his farts- this is my favorite thing
to do in the whole world; so you take his little
legs, and you squish them up to his chest, and it pushes out his farts, and it’s literally my favorite
thing in the world to do. This morning, he was
fussy and he wouldn’t eat, but I knew he was hungry. Babies’ tummies are really
tiny, so if they’re gassy and they have gas in their
tummy, they feel like there’s no room for
food so they won’t eat, so I was rolling his little legs and he farted literally like thirty times, and I was living my best life,
like cackling at his farts. It woke Erik up, like his farts, he was like, “Is that you or Flynn?” I was like, “It’s Flynn!” So that’s the list of things
we go through when he’s fussy, and it’s usually one of those things. Sometimes he’s just
crying ’cause he’s a baby, and babies, they just cry. So the things that Flynn likes. Flynn loves white noise. He sleeps really well if
there’s white noise happening, so we put him to sleep
really well with white noise. And we put it at high
volume, I’m gonna show you what we hear every night. (loud white noise) Literally, this is how loud it is. That’s how Flynn likes to
sleep, with it this loud. Flynn loves music, which
makes me so, so happy, he loves music. If he’s fussy, we can usually
get him to stop crying by playing the ukulele and singing to him, or playing the piano, or putting
on music, classical music, he loves classical music. It really does calm him
down, especially if we sing, he stops crying. There have been so many
times where he’s fussy and I’m holding him,
and nothing has worked, he will not stop, and
I just start singing, and he will instantly just
fall asleep and cuddle into me, and it is the best thing
in the whole world, it is the best feeling
ever, I remember being like 16 years old and babysitting a little kid, and this kid wouldn’t stop
crying, and I remember holding the baby, and
rocking the baby, and I sang to the baby, and the baby
fell asleep on my chest. And I remember being 16
and sobbing, being like, this is the best feeling in the world, I cannot wait to be a mom. And now, I am doing that,
and it blows my mind, I can’t tell you how many
times I have just sobbed, like singing and holding
him and rocking him, ’cause I can’t believe I have a baby, and I just love him so much. And, I’m very impressed
with myself right now that I just got through talking about that without crying, so, way to go. I’ve already filmed this video,
and I cried the whole time, so I decided to refilm it, like
that’s how much I was crying the last time I tried to film this. – That just made me so sad,
the thought that one day he’s not going to do that anymore. (exhales) Okay. Oh god, I really need sleep. – So, very proud of myself
for not crying right now. Flynn loves to escape a swaddle. Flynn loves having his hands by his face, he loves touching his
face, he loves poking out his eyeballs, he loves poking in his ears, he’s just always this, all the time. So when you swaddle a baby, you wrap them really really really really tight, because that’s how they were in the womb, and it comforts them to
be swaddled really tight. Well no matter how tightly
we swaddle this kid, we always joke about how
like, a little hand will just creep up out of the swaddle and be like… He’s a good little escape artist. He loves black and white
contrasting things. (record scratch) Wait, contrasting? Contrasting… It’s contrast, but it’s contrasting… Now it just sounds weird. What is it? Is it contrasting or contrasting? (gasps) Oh my god, I don’t know what it is. Wait, am I thinking of contraction? Contrasting… contrasting…
contra- oh my god. I’m a mom now, welcome to motherhood, where you can’t speak English, apparently. Well, I don’t know,
tell me in the comments how stupid I am, and what the
correct way to say that is. Anyway, he likes colors that contrast, specifically black and
white, so we have lots of black and white books, and
lots of black and white playthings that he just stares
at, I mean he is mesmerized by black and white things. And the other thing
that he loves is baths. In fact, last night, he was
screaming bloody murder, and we put him in the bath
and he was like, “I’m chill.” It actually calmed him
down and relaxed him. Things he hates: Flynn hates having his diaper changed. He hates having his clothes changed. Basically, if you disrupt anything that is on his body,
like, you’re going to get the loudest screams you ever heard. Every time we change his diaper,
which is about 3,000 times a day, because that kid poops
more than any living being in the universe, he hates it. But the second you get
his clothes on, he’s done. Like literally, immediately shuts up, like he will be screaming bloody murder and the second we zip up his outfit
he’s like, “Okay, I’m cool.” He hates tummy time. So babies have to do this
thing called tummy time, where they lay on their
tummy and try to lift up their heads to strengthen
their neck muscles, he’s very strong, he’s really good at it, he lifts his head all the time, and he can pretty much stabilize
his head at this point. But he hates it, he cries the entire time, he fusses the whole time. When baby is crying, Mommy is not happy, so Daddy is in charge of tummy time, and I usually need to leave the room. So one thing that I would say
is advanced about my child… he rolled over! Babies are not supposed to
roll over until they’re like four months old or something like that, and he literally rolled over. He was on tummy time, and
he hates tummy time so much that he was like, “Bitch, I’m done!” And he rolled himself onto his back, which I thought was really
impressive and really advanced, but I’m his mom, so… Something unique about Flynn
that I don’t think is common with most babies is the way he talks. So he’s a very talkative baby,
but he’s not talking like (babbling noises) like coo coo sounds. If he is awake, and even
sometimes when he is asleep, he grunts, like a pig. Like straight up, my kid is always like, (grunting noises) We love it, we’re always laughing at him ’cause it’s so weird, but
he’s just constantly like snorting and grunting like… (grunting noises) Like, it sounds like
he’s forever frustrated, he’s just trying to talk,
but like he constantly sounds extremely frustrated. He smiles a lot, and it’s the
cutest thing in the world. They say that right now, his
smiles don’t mean anything, its just his face figuring
out how to be a face. He’s chuckled a couple
of times in his sleep, but he’s not at the point
where he can laugh yet. One thing I’m really fortunate about is he’s a really good burper. I’m not kidding, I’ll feed
him and then I’ll lift him up, and then the second I
lift him up he burps, like I barely have to
pat his back or anything. I feel very fortunate because some babies aren’t good burpers, and
he’s a very good burper, he’s an okay sleeper, knock on wood. (taps on wooden floor) I know a lot of babies who
can sleep through the night. Our baby does not do
that, and there’s no way he’s gonna do that anytime soon. The longest he’s ever slept is four hours, and that was a stretch. Typically he sleeps for two,
three if we’re lucky, hours. It think sleep is just
gone for me, that’s fine. Luckily, my incredible mother has been helping me out so much. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I have my mom, I have Kory, I have my amazing husband,
I have my sister comes over all the time, my dad, so
there’s tons of people here helping us, so we feel
really, really fortunate. My mom has been a saint. There have been a lot of
nights where she’ll feed him in the middle of the night with a bottle, because I am a pumping queen. These boobies are full. Ew, I hate myself. Ew, I just remembered how I said that like my son might watch this in the future, and I just said, “my boobies
are full,” and rubbed them. (gasps) I’m so sorry, Flynn. Some of my favorite memories with Flynn have been singing to him,
which I already talked about, but also how he sleeps. The best way he sleeps is on
my chest like a little froggy, and, I mean, he will instantly fall asleep just listening to my heartbeat,
or listening to me sing in that position, and he’s
comfortable like that forever. And it makes me so happy. He’s just precious, I
love that he does that, and I hope he never stops. Well I mean I hope when
he’s older he stops, but you know what I mean, like
I’ll be sad when that stops. Our house is covered
in glitter, so one time Erik was changing him and
found glitter in his butt. I don’t know how that happened,
but, it made us laugh, so thanks Flynn for that laughter. He has peed into his mouth
on numerous occasions. So, baby boys just will, pee. They’ll wait ’til the diaper’s
off to pee, and you can try to shield it with a diaper, with a rag, we have pee pee teepees that you put on, you try everything to get this pee to not go on you, it still does. There have been many times
where he’s crying while we’re changing him because he
doesn’t like being changed, and he’ll start to pee, and
the pee will go straight up and into his crying mouth. One of my other favorite
moments with Flynn is just when he’s finished feeding. So I breastfeed him, he only
breastfeeds, or has a bottle at night that is my breast milk, and when he’s done breastfeeding,
it’s the cutest thing in the whole world, ’cause
he will pull away to be like, “I’m done,” and he arches
his back to do a stretch, but he puts his hands
under his chin like this, and he does a kissy face. He does this every single time he’s done breastfeeding, he’ll go… (twinkle sound effect) Except it’ll be way cuter
than that because he’s a baby and I’m a mom… that’s
embarrassing and not cute, so, imagine a cute baby doing that, not me. But, just, it’s so cute, he’s just like, and he lifts his eyebrows up he’s like… I don’t know why he does that,
but it’s my favorite thing, so that’s one of my
favorite memories with him is getting to experience
that multiple times a day, ’cause it’s just the cutest thing ever. So those are all the things
I can think of to tell you about the first month of Flynn’s life, he’s a really good baby, he’s
super super sweet and cuddly, he loves to be held by
anyone and everyone, we haven’t run into any
problems, he’s perfectly healthy, he’s growing really well,
he’s eating really well. Now as far a being a new parent,
Erik and I are doing great. I feel like since Flynn came, Erik and I are even closer than we ever
have been in our whole lives, and we laugh constantly. Like, literally today, Flynn
pooped so much that Erik was like, “Coleen, come
here you have to see this,” and we just laughed at how much he pooped. Like, I’ll be feeding
him and I’ll be like, “Erik, come here and look at his face,” and he’ll make a silly
face and we’ll just laugh. He’s just brought a lot
of joy to our lives. And we’re tired, and exhausted,
and stressed all the time, but we’re both really, really
happy, and Erik’s the best dad in the whole world, he never complains, in the middle of the night we’ll wake up while I’m feeding the baby and be like, “Do you need me to change him,
do you need me to take him, do you need me to burp him,”
like, he does everything he can to be helpful. He’ll bring me food while I’m
nursing him, bring me water, he’s like, just amazing, running
errands, he goes to every doctor’s appointment with
us, like he’s just been such a wonderful partner,
and a wonderful dad, I feel just like the
luckiest girl in the world. The only issue I have with
Flynn is that he’s too cute. I can’t get anything done
because I just stare at him. I will have so much work to
do, or so many things to do, errands to run, emails to
answer, and just, you name it, anything – eating, like eating
lunch, I will skip anything and everything just to
look at him and cuddle him. If you’re watching this
in the future, Flynn, that’s my only complaint with you, is that you’re too perfect,
so maybe work on that, because if you weren’t so perfect, I could focus on other
things, but right now all I can focus on is you because you’re so freaking cute
and perfect and adorable and I just want to
snuggle you all the time. In fact, I’ve been sitting
here filming this video way too long, and I miss
him, so I’m going to go cuddle him and kiss him, I
also need to go pump milk out of my boobs, so I’m gonna go do that. But I have a lot of fun
videos coming up for you, I might be slow getting videos up because I am staring at my
son, but in the meantime, make sure to subscribe, like this video, leave a comment below, and
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