This is not the first time
I’m getting a bad name. For everything I’ve done and not done,
I’ve taken a lot of blame for others. Nice sunglasses, by the way! Thanks.
– I have one with me. Shall I send it? Do you know why many love stories
in the world do not end happily? Since love is not
confessed directly. Hariyettan is quite something. Whichever scandal happens
in this village, he will be leading all
of them from the front. You should be around! What is this?
– These are the sunglasses. This is a cash award.
50,000. Get up. Not a single soul has a
good opinion about you. Take these bottles and leave. This foul play which adversely
affects the village and villagers, shall not be allowed to continue. Thomas, we have to
lock this Hari. Since it’s me, the moral police
will be even more fierce. Today a decision should be made. Don’t say the name.
‘Victim’. That’s how you must say it. So President, everything as we said! Happy now?
Chechi, Namaste. ‘A Kuttanad Blog’