(audience cheering) – Not that these people
need an introduction, but just to refresh our memories, the one and only Diana Gabaldon. (audience cheering) Richard Rankin.
(audience cheering) – The royal.
– Royal. – Sophie Skelton.
(audience cheering) Sam Heughan.
(audience cheering) And Caitriona Balfe.
(audience cheering) Richard, where’s your guitar? – Sorry?
– You going to play a song for us? – Did you say my guitar? – Yeah, you going to play a song for us. – I don’t believe I have
a guitar with me, no. I’m sorry. – He broke it.
– I broke it. – How beautiful were those new credits? (audience cheering) Sam and Caitriona, how does it feel to see
your name as producers? (audience cheering) – It’s pretty good, pretty good. – To be honest, just watching there. There are so many people there. It’s amazing. There’s the painter’s assistant and all these people and you’re just like, there’s so much, so many people that go into making this show. – I mean the community that Diana Gabaldon has spawned is (laughing)–
(audience cheering) It’s amazing.
(audience cheering) – Has it changed your approach to the show looking at it on a macro level? – Yeah, definitely. I think, well I think it’s an evolution because obviously we’ve been at this for six and a half years, and I think in any job or in any position you want to grow and you want to learn and expand your horizons. And I think it’s sort
of a natural progression of what we were already
sort of doing in many ways, was having more input and
ideas and thoughts (laughing). And so it sort of made it official, and I think we spent a lot of this year just learning and listening, and hopefully we can just continue to sort of advance in that way. – Yeah, we were given these parts, and we’re very aware and
respectful of our obligation to Diana and to the fans. And I think we are the consistent. We’re the consistency in the show. We’ve had a lot of people come and go, a lot of writers, a lot
of the creative people, but we are the people there. So we just thank Diana. She’s been doing it more
than six and a half years. (audience cheering) A little bit.
(audience cheering) – Speaking of Diana–
– A lot longer than that. – Speaking of Diana, what
did you think of the episode? Did you have any notes for it? – Oh god.
(audience laughing) – Diana have any notes for you? – (voice muffled) dangerous question. – How long do we have? – Well I always have notes, but often they are this is
really great, I loved it. I loved episode one. I thought that was really great. I enjoyed absolutely everything about it. It was, especially the heretic part. (audience laughing) – [Caitriona] So sweet. – A lot happens as well. You get time to sit with the family and you get time to enjoy the wedding and all these moments, but there’s so much set up. We get new information as well. Bonnet. (gasping) (laughing) – Plot. – I want to quickly ask what’s
everyone’s favorite note they’ve received from Diana? (laughing) – “Do better,” comes to mind. (audience laughing) Which I have really taken on board and tried to implement. I’ve yet to have feedback on that, but we’ll see. – I think I’ve seen Diana
say, “Well after all, “Claire’s not stupid.” (audience laughing) Which I love. – I have to say that I think Diana, when she has a note she doesn’t have a note
for us, she’s very quiet. So when she doesn’t say
something to you, you know, oh god.
– Yeah, what did I do? (audience laughing) – [Richard] It’s either really
great or there’s no hope. – There’s no hope.
– Well it depends. You know, if I think
there’s a chance in hell of them fixing something
I’ll say something. (audience laughing) – Do we want to play a little game? – Yes.
– Oh yeah. (audience applauding) – We have whisky. – Oh.
– Yes. – And these people are whiskey experts. – Oh god.
– Oh wow, look at this.
– I love that you just called it whiskey and not scotch. – Oh god. (audience laughing and cheering) – Thank you.
– Ah, here we go. (audience cheering) – Thank you to our lovely assistants for bringing that up. There’s one for everyone. (audience cheering) Wow. – Okay, here’s the game. – You obviously think we’re not that entertaining
unless we’re blind drunk. (audience laughing) – You obviously think we
haven’t already been drinking. – Pre-gamed.
(laughing) – What happens in the green
room stays in the green room. – I mean, or it doesn’t, Sam Heughan. (laughing) – So, one of these is an Irish whiskey. One of them is a Japanese whiskey. – Oh. – And one of them is a scotch. – Oh, okay. – And what do we do, just try them all? – So everybody’s gotta sip them all. – Okay, I’ll do it one at a time. No we should do them all or something. – [Julie] Are you cheating? (audience laughing) – Was I not supposed to drink it? – I think you can.
– Oh okay, great. (laughing) Oh these are good, actually. – All right, I think I know.
– Okay. – Do you have something with which I can cleanse my palate? – I know.
(audience laughing) (voice muffled) – Oh thank you.
(laughing) – They’re disgusting,
you wouldn’t like it. – Hold on one second. – I think I’ve got the Japanese. (whispering) (laughing) – You’re such a cheat. – No idea.
– I think I have it. – All right. – Let’s go down the line. Let’s start with Diana. – Which one’s the scotch?
– Which one’s the scotch. – I think it’s A myself. – Yeah, I think A is the scotch. – A is.
– Do you? – Yeah, and B’s–
– Why would you say that? (audience laughing) You finished yours already.
– She’s finished– – Sophie do you want mine?
(laughing) – I don’t have a very
sensitive tongue, okay, I have to have a lot. (audience laughing) – Wait, wait, let me try again. (audience laughing) – Yeah I’m gonna go that.
– Yeah. – Scotch, Irish, Japanese.
– Scotch, Irish, Japanese. (audience cheering) – Are we right? – I hope these were labeled properly because the scotch is B. (audience laughing) – Irish, scotch, Japanese. – No, we’ve been set up. I disagree–
– Japanese, scotch, Irish.
– Yes. – What?
– Japanese, scotch, Irish. – Really?
– No, these are wrong way around. – Oh Irish is so good.
– Maybe you guys should try them all again.
– No it is. – Actually.
– No. – Yeah. – [Julie] You all claim to be experts. – Well we don’t.
(audience laughing) – [Julie] Your social media would suggest–
– Expert alcoholics. (audience laughing) – Expert, yeah, drunks, yeah. (audience laughing) – None of them are the
Sassenach whisky of course. (audience cheering) – What did you–
– Shameless, shameless plug. – What’s that? What is that? – We haven’t heard of that. You haven’t mentioned it. What’s that?
(laughing) – Go on tell us. What is it?
– Do you want me to go and get it? I’ll go and get a bottle if you want. (laughing) – We have one more game. Caitriona, pick a letter. – S.
(laughing) – Sam pick a number between one and 10. – What, okay. One and 10. (laughing) – [Sophie] Or one and 100. – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, seven. (laughing) – [Julie] Sophie, pick a letter. – O. – What is this game? – Richard–
– What? – Pick a number between 100 and 200. – No idea.
– Oh– (laughing) – [Sam] 20. (laughing) – Do you want any help? – [Sam] Do you want another whisky? – Are you supposed to pick the letter– – I want to say either 106 or 109. But Tony’s confused me–
(laughing) – If you are S–
– 109 please. (laughing) – If you are S seven or O 109 you can come pick up an
“Outlander” swag bag after- – Whaaaaat?
– What, oh? (shouting) – What’s in it? – Oh, that I don’t know. They wouldn’t show me. – Who gets it? (audience murmuring) – Uh oh. – What was a? – Aw, they’re all going to leave now. (audience laughing) What a rubbish game. – Maybe we should play a
game of musical chairs. – They lied to us.
– They lied to us. – I think they lied to us. – Should we talk about the episode?
– I just think it’s a bad Japanese. – Do you want to talk about the episode? (audience cheering)
Awesome. All right, so I’m pretty
sure everybody’s in agreement that this was the most fun to shoot. Is that correct? – Which, the episode?
– Yeah, the one you just saw. – No.
(audience laughing) – It was a very long wedding. – It’s the longest wedding–
– I think we got– – No, like shooting wise. I think we shot for seven days, the same scene.
– There’s a lot– – Same words. – We wanted to make sure
we were really married. – [Caitriona] Richard was
Jeremiah at one point. (voice muffled) – We got married about 500 times, and we’d said our vows so many times that by the end of it he was
calling himself Jeremiah. – And Brianna. I called myself many names. (audience laughing) – It’s just, there’s so many people in it. It’s such an amazing event. Everyone’s there and the extended family. There’s so much people to cover– – There’s so much coverage, yeah.
– Yes. So much coverage. So and then the poor
children in that scene. They weren’t that happy about being at a wedding for seven days. So we had to go back and shoot them again. And they didn’t like that either. (audience laughing) – I hope you and Richard set a good example for the children on set. – Myself and Richard?
– Yeah, best behavior. – Oh yeah.
– What is it? – You set a example for the kids on set? – Oh yes of course, every day. All the time, yeah. – Never work with children or animals. – Good thing “Outlander” has neither of those.
– Unless you’re on “Outlander” and then you do it every day. (laughing) Children. And animals.
– And animals. (laughing) – Excuse me.
(laughing) – Diana, six and a half years of this and we still haven’t changed, have we? – No you haven’t.
– We talk rubbish. – Did they get worse?
– Maybe. – [Diana] Have you got worse? Oh my goodness, yeah.
– The behavior. – Well they’ve got better as
the scripts have developed Because it gives them much more room to develop the characters, which they’ve done a fabulous job with. I couldn’t be happier with the way you all did things this season. I mean, I’ve been happy with every season, but this is especially good.
(audience cheering) – We think this is, I think this is one of the strongest seasons we’ve had. I think–
(audience cheering) – Why do you say that? (laughing) – Three whiskyes in I feel (voice muffled) (laughing) I honestly just feel a lot happens. I think that the writing
was better this season than possibly last season. I think that we, the storyline is, there’s more of an arc. And there’s more of me. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) – I’m sold. (audience laughing) – Thanks, pal. – Caitriona, Diana, and Sam, did you feel either watching the episodes while you were on set any sort
of callbacks to season one? I felt a very strong gathering vibe. – No for sure, and I think actually one thing about this
season is that I think we’ve managed to get back that feeling of each episode having their own flavor and being slightly their
own little contained story and having their own arcs–
– Like a chapter, yeah. – Yeah, and we, some episodes almost feel like little genre episodes. And it’s kind of nice because
I think that’s something that was really special about our show, in season one in particular, that we always had the
through line of these stories and these characters, but we sort of took time to
make each one feel individual. And that was really interesting. So I think we’ve definitely
gotten back to that. – And I think this season as well we’ve established Fraser’s Ridge, we have an established cast. And so therefore people are allowed to do what they do well and they
have more time to do it, and I just think that we
explore these characters more, and I think that season one
we had a great ensemble, and I think we always
have had great ensembles, but it feels this season– – Well I think season
three and season four were very transitional. The families were moving
and finding their footing and finding their place, and now it feels almost like it was when we were in Scotland. We’re really settled and that allows a lot of things to
happen around this unit. (audience cheering) – Well they also used a lot more original material from the books. (audience laughing and cheering) – And to be honest–
– Big fans are you? (audience laughing)
– TO be honest, those are the scenes that work. Like we always feel when
we go back to the writing of the original books, it works. (audience cheering) – Well this is the thing about having Diana involved in the show. When you have one person’s
voice that is the through line, I mean everything that came,
everything that we’ve created came through Diana and it’s when you, when you negate her creation you miss out on the essence of the story. (audience cheering) – Diana, can we talk about 511 a little? – Yeah, if you want. – How was writing that
different from, was it 209? – 211 was the other one.
– 211. How was it different this time around? – Ah, well, I’d done it before, so I was a little less tentative about what I could and couldn’t do, and also everybody had
gotten used to my notes so I could be fairly uninhibited
in what I said about it. But also I wasn’t on set. So I was just seeing things, I saw takes as they were coming, but I was not standing out in
Muiravonside 10 hours a day freezing to death. That always helps. Yeah, no, I enjoyed it a lot. Writing a script is completely different than writing a book. For one thing, it’s so much
more collective experience because you are not the only
one writing that script. I wrote the original script and then they took it away and messed
with it and it came back, and I said–
(laughing) And I fixed it and they
kept some of my fixes. And then they took it away and said, well we think we really
need to explain this, and I’m going, why? I don’t even explain that in the book. (audience cheering) And they explained it, so
it was just this sort of, but that’s how it works. It’s always an iterative process. There’s a lot of other people involved. And it’s not just the production people, nor yet our valued producers, I never felt this pushback with you guys, but you get pushback
from the people at Sony and the people at Starz
who are likely to call up and having not even read the script say, oh well, I think we should do this and you’re saying why?
(audience laughing) But well that’s what they want. Okay, we’ll do that. And then we’ll take it out later. (audience laughing) So there’s kind of a residue
of all these suggestions floating through there so you know, there’s, I’d say about
80% of what you see in 511 will actually be stuff I wrote. – But I think also–
(audience cheering) I think, to be totally honest, and I think of all the
scripts we had this season, yours was the one that I think I felt like we had the least notes.
– We had the least notes. – Yeah, like we didn’t have notes because it was so beautifully
formed and it read well. – Oh thank you. – [Julie] We’re going
to show that now right? 511.
– So 511 everybody. – Hey. – Send your notes to anyone but us. – We’re going to ignore the possibility that they were just afraid of me. (audience laughing) – They are afraid of you. (laughing) – Honestly I think we
would have said something and we’d just blame it on someone else. (audience laughing) – I would have blamed Sam.
– And I’d blamed her. (laughing) – Caitriona, we know Claire wrestles with her abilities this season, her medical training and sort of the, what 200 years of knowledge,
how that weighs on a person, did you put yourself in Claire’s shows and asked yourself what
would you have done in the situation? – I mean of course, yeah. It’s a real dilemma that she’s in, knowing everything that she knows. Knowing that if she had
certain things in this time how she could affect change, how she could protect not
only her closest family but the community around her. But it is the danger of knowing too much and saying too much and
how that can be perceived. So Claire always threads
this really fine line of trying to affect change but without really getting noticed
or called out for it. And it’s, it ends up being quite
a big storyline this season as some of you may know from
reading the wonderful books. She’s not always successful
in keeping things– – Never successful.
– She’s never successful. But it’s, I feel her frustration or you
can understand her frustration that there’s such simple things that we now take so much for granted, cleanliness and antibiotics, and all of these little
things, penicillin, that have changed all of our,
they’ve changed the world, the medical knowledge around that, and she’s really frustrated
about not having those tools to her disposal in this time. But it’s great, I love
the fact that Claire has her surgery now and
that we’ve been able to incorporate more of
her medical knowledge and the fact that she’s
really content in her marriage and in her family unit, but also in her professional capacity. And that’s kind of, it just
felt really great this season to play her in a really balanced way, because she just feels
very content in many ways. I mean it doesn’t last, but there’s moments of equilibrium, so it was quite–
– She’s not on the edge whereas she has been past seasons. – She’s been frustrated in past seasons where one side of her life, and I think everybody can relate to that, where one part of your
life is doing really well but the other isn’t. It’s like, either, oh my career’s great
but my love life sucks or my love life’s amazing
but god I need that job, whatever, and we can all relate to that. And it’s just really nice at this moment that she seems to have
it all momentarily– – Not for long.
– Under control. – Sophie and Richard, do Brianna and Roger face any similar scenarios? Balancing the past.
– No, no it’s all– (laughing) It’s all basically roses
and sweet times ahead for Roger and Bri, right?
(audience laughing) Nothing bad happens to either of them. – Basically, just stop after
episode one, basically. No, it’s the same sort of thing. They are much more balanced
in their relationship now. Obviously they’re
raising a child together, and there’s a sort of certain security that comes with marriage and obviously Roger and Brianna are very good at arguing and it tears them apart a lot, but I think when you know
that you have that marriage and that unity behind you
you’re gonna stick together and you’re gonna work through it in a way that maybe they wouldn’t before. But yeah, it’s the Frasers, so naturally, as soon as things are balanced and happy they’re suddenly not. But it’s the same thing, like Caitriona was saying with Claire, Claire’s a very modern woman for the 40s and then she gets thrown back in time, and things that she would
use to identify herself in those times, i.e., being a surgeon, she can’t execute in the 1800s, and it’s the same with Brianna. She was very modern for the 60s. It would be very rare that
a young woman of that time was studying engineering at MIT and then all of a sudden
she can’t do that. It would be the same issues. She’d be executed if she
tried to, I don’t know, (voice muffled) some of those things.
– Build a machine thing. – Yes exactly. – It’s interesting that
both women are quite modern and both of the men in the relationship are quite kind of traditional. I mean Jamie’s–
– For their time. – No but he’s, of their time, let’s go with that, of their time. – Of their time. And really handsome.
– I don’t know that Jamie’s traditional–
– He’s of his time, I mean he’s forward thinking, of course, but I think, just in relation to Claire, he’s, she’s leading him and he’s
like learning a lot from her, and I think that there’s
a similar situation. – Yeah, but with career
women, there’s a reason, I’m just gonna…
(laughing) There’s a reason that Brianna and Claire always had somewhat of
a strained relationship, Claire was a working mother, and I’m sure many women here
can relate to the fact that if you are a working mother, seeing your child can
prove very difficult, and building that relationship together.
– But there were secrets. It was the secrets.
– There were secrets, too. – It wasn’t just the–
– So many secrets. (laughing) But now for Brianna there’s
almost the opposite side of it. She is now the woman left
at home with the child and actually that’s as frustrating, too, because she would love to
be going out and hunting with the men and being more masculine for those times and she can’t.
– And again, it’s the same situation for these two women. They’re, they’re the modern women that would seem, seem more than being like a
housewife, but they’re really– (laughing) – They’re restrained by their time.
Silence the man. – They’re restrained by their time. They’re ahead of it but they’re restrained by the time that they’re in. They can only do so much without it being suspicious or–
– Silenced. – Yeah, not that we are
attempting to silence them, but– – Of course not.
(laughing) Silence the stupid man.
– Diana, I’m really sorry about what’s happening here.
– Cheers. (laughing) – It’s okay, it’s okay. – We get bullied all the time. – I love you. (laughing) – Well that marriage
didn’t last long, did it? (laughing) – Season, ah, yeah, episode
one was great, while it lasted. (laughing) – One episode. – Sam, did you put Richard
through 18th century bootcamp? – Jamie does, Jamie obviously feels that Roger is not quite the man
that he would want to be for his daughter and yes, again, but he has his own qualities that maybe not suited to this time, but I think it’s a really
interesting relationship that we explore this season that Jamie and Roger are two very different men with different qualities, and I think there’s a really nice coming together of those men. But yes, he will never measure
up to be his daughter’s– – [Richard] He will never? – Well he might.
(audience laughing) – What can I say? – Well that was a hell of a
lot of trouble for nothing. (laughing) Last time I save your ass.
(laughing) – Wait, Brianna’s? – No, no, no, that’s a different. (laughing) – Did everyone do their own stunts? – (laughing) What? – I’m sorry just following, yeah, yeah. That was, yeah. – Does everyone do their own stunts? – No, because they don’t let us. There’s this thing called insurance. – Sam broke a nail once
and then we all had to… (laughing) – No I don’t, well I think, you know– (laughing) As I think we all like to do as much as they’ll let us, right? – Right.
– Yeah. – Yeah, insurance is
a very powerful thing. – We know Sam suggested
Jamie’s red coat this season. Caitriona, is there something you advocated for that you can tease? I mean, I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know if I want to claim ownership. (laughing) Because if it, if it–
– You should, I think you absolutely should. – Well no, I don’t know, I think, I don’t know, yeah, there’s a lot of things every
day you kind of fight for. And I think we feel very
protective of our characters and we feel very protective of this story and sometimes if you feel like it’s being pushed in a certain direction you want to protect that and
you want to sorta stop it. But it’s always a negotiation. And sometimes the negotiations get more heated than other times. (audience laughing) But I don’t know, yeah, I don’t know if there’s
anything particularly specific. – I think you’re influence
is going to be felt. I think certainly, we
were late in the process with the producer credit, and we’ve always kind of been
part of the process anyway in more or less of a degree, but I think this season,
as the season goes on we have more say. And I think by the end of
the season we really fought, well, not fought, but we
worked very collaborative with the directors and the writers, and we’re hoping that, we haven’t seen it, but we hope that it
comes across as we felt because there’s some really strong stuff. – I will say, I think
as an entire production we took some real risks this season. As Sam said, we haven’t seen them yet, but it feels like, just even the fact that in
season five you’re taking risks is a really great thing. That people aren’t
resting on their laurels, that people aren’t being complacent, and that you’re still
trying to push the envelope and do something that’s
interesting and creative and hopefully that gets rewarded in the sense that it works
and there’s a payoff. But I would rather do that and maybe fail than just churn out the same
thing every week or every day because nobody wants that right? (audience applauding) – Diana, how about you? Was there anything in
particular that you can tease that you’re either
really looking forward to or really wanted to see?
– Oooh, that I’m really looking forward to? Yeah, several things. I mean there are some
absolutely striking scenes in this, most of which are spoilers, so I can’t tell you anything about them. But yeah, uh-huh. You mentioned the red coat and so forth, and when I first heard
about that I was thinking, why, why would we do this exactly? And then Sam sent me this sort
of Instagram-ish photo of him wearing it with a kilt and
scribbled in orange hair and I was thinking, oh all right. (laughing) – Perfect.
– No, no, it, yeah. It works, but it works particularly, well perhaps only because Sam is the sort of actor that he is. And he’s got this face that says the fact that I can’t kill you right now is just eating me alive. (audience cheering) – I have to say, his work
in that particular episode is really amazing and I think everyone’s going to be really,
really chuffed to see it. – It’s a great story, great story. (audience cheering) (voice muffled) – Sam was it emotional
putting the kilt back on? – Oh, putting the kilt back on. Yeah, I mean I think it was
something we’ve all wanted. We, I mean–
(audience cheering) It’s in the books before, but I think the writers were
saving it for this big moment. And it was long overdue
but I think yes it was, and I don’t know, it was like putting, it was kind of weird putting it back on, to be honest, because
it’s something I was doing for a couple years and then
haven’t for a long time, so I mean, I maybe
wanted more of an impact. I now you’re always, as an actor, thinking I want more from a situation, but it really does show off the fact that he’s wearing the
kilt in the first episode and then later on he’s wearing a red coat, so it really shows the
two loyalties that he has and this sort of dichotomy that he’s in. – I think it’s also,
it’s really interesting because as immigrants in this place, Jamie is very torn
between two lands as well and he’s still got so
much Scottishness in him, but there’s this real sense
of also becoming American and fighting to make the land that he’s in a place that Brianna in the future, even though she’s now there, Diana, how did you make this happen? But
(audience laughing) it’s a really beautiful thing to see. It’s, it’s, I think it’s a really
interesting inner conflict to examine with it.
– It’s a land built on ideals, and it’s worthy and should
be celebrated, yeah. – And Sam, you’ve spoken so
much about the development that Jamie has had over five seasons. I mean, you’re taking this man who is leading his
family into a new world, but putting him back in
the clothes of a young man who ran into this woman
in the woods one day. – He’s still young. Don’t even try to say he’s not.
– You’re ancient. – Yeah, I mean–
– He’s still my toy boy. (laughing) – He has his 50th birthday this season. – Woo.
– Woo. (audience cheering) – I’m expecting a cake.
– Rager. – [Richard] Wait, what? I wasn’t invited to that. – You were singing. (laughing) – Too busy. Yeah, I mean, I think all the characters, we’ve aged. We’ve aged. We’ve aged. (laughing) No, we’ve taken these
characters on a great journey, and Diana is still writing so
we hope to take them further, but this feels like a
really momentous situation. (audience cheering) – I’d love to see what Claire and Jamie are going to look like at 80, Because,
– Tremendous. – If I look this good
on my 50th birthday– – 57.
– Exactly, you know? (laughing) – Time travel does wonders. (audience laughing) – Richard, that scene
with Jemmy is so touching. How does parenthood affect
Brianna and Roger this season? – What scene? (laughing) – Have you watched the episode? – Were you watching? – No, I was drinking. (laughing) (voice muffled) – [Julie] Who invited him? – Yeah, I mean, parenthood is
a big factor in this season and family, indeed, is a big factor, and I think that’s something that really brings Roger and Brianna really together this season is Jemmy. And the fact that Roger takes
Jemmy on unquestionably, I think that says a lot about him. I think that says a lot
about his love for Brianna. I think that says a lot
about his love for Jemmy. And that’s something that just really heightens the stakes I think, for them, but not only for them but
for everyone on the Ridge, the children and Jemmy
and Germain and all that. The stakes are quite high. So for Roger, particularly, who’s trying to find his
place in the 18th century, he doesn’t quite know how he’s
gonna provide for his family, how is he gonna keep his family safe? And I think that’s one
very important factor for both of them is Jemmy, really. – Can I just say, that maybe
the MVP of the entire season was Robby who plays Germain? – I love Robby. (laughing) – He is the greatest kid and– – The greatest actor. – He’s the greatest actor, he’s like five years old and he’s, the heretic line, I
mean he’s just amazing. So MVP to Robby. And actually seeing him and how he interacts with Cesar and Lauren– – They’re like a proper family.
– It’s amazing. – They’re like a family. (voices muffled) doing a take
and they’re off over there– – Messing up the take because they’re making so much noise.
– Rolling over in the grass and sleeping and just– – I did love that bit. So during the wedding
our director, Stephen, was saying to Robby, it was his shot, and he was like, Robby can
you just take your hand down Because you’re covering your face? And he was like, no, it’s sunny, no. (laughing) – Method.
– Fair play, dude. Fair play.
– This is what I would do. (laughing) – Who’s the bigger diva? Robby or Richard? – Are you joking?
– What? – Never mind, you just drink your drink. (laughing) – Actually the biggest diva is probably one of the other kids. What was his–
– Andrew or Matthew. – Andrew or Matthew or the others. – Awww, they’re so sweet. – I’m just doing one acting today, and then I’m going home. – But they also, they take
blueberries for acting power, which I think is great. I must try that. – But it’s also like
sometimes in between takes you’re trying to keep them entertained and we were playing x and o’s in the dirt. Because you’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s not much to do. And then they were like, all
right, we’re going to go back. And he’s like, “No, I’m very busy. “I’m not going back.” (laughing) (laughing) – Wait, so, what was in this? (laughing) – Talk to Starz, I didn’t even drink mine. – I obviously did. (laughing) – Pass ’em down, anybody want more? So obviously Claire and Jamie’s world has expanded enormously
over the past five seasons. We’re seeing new additions
in tonight’s episode, Josiah. Is there initiation process involved bringing new people onto “Outlander.” – Ooo, there should be. (laughing) – God we’ve really missed a trick. – [Sophie] I know. – Yeah we should have, shouldn’t we? – [Richard] Yeah. – We kind of had a bit of an initiation. I was telling this story before. You did steal our snacks a little bit. – That’s not enough. – Had to fed for ourselves. – Well, to be honest, there weren’t many snacks in the first place. – [Sophie] That’s true. – No, we’re very welcoming.
– No, we should. – I mean, I think people forget
that when you’re shooting it’s a really busy day. So you’re always, you kind of miss people.
– People are coming and going. – You’re being shepherded here and there, so the time for– – It’s always interesting
when we are having kind of fun and you look at the crew, and they’re all like mm-hmm ha ha ha. But can you go over there now?
– Shut up and get on with work. – So you’re always aware that we just have to make our days, and they are busy days. – Well you don’t even get
to say bye to some people Because people are just
on and off all the time and it’s so busy that sometimes people have gone back to the
other side of the world and you’re like oh, see you,
see you when we do press. See you soon, but yeah. – This is the first
episode the four of you appear in a scene together, is that right? – So we discovered today.
– I didn’t realize that, yeah. – (laughing) None of us
realized that until– – And I think that’ why the
wedding felt so magical, because we never do scenes
with all of us together. Jocasta’s there, you’ve got Lizzie, you’ve got Marsali and Fergus. There’s so many characters in one room. – John Grey.
– Yeah, it was kind of like a little party. – It was, and we said it earlier, we were kind of joking around, but we did spend about seven
days shooting all of that, and it was really, really nice. I mean, I think it was at the
very beginning of the season, and I think maybe that’s also why this season felt so good filming it because we all bonded
right at the beginning, which I think we haven’t had
that kind of everyone together since like a couple of seasons ago. And it was just really nice. It was, everyone sort of got
to know each other really well. And then that’s continued
through the rest of the season. – So we open with a
flashback scene tonight, which is interesting. We don’t see those too
often on “Outlander.” Can you talk through the process of choosing to tell the story
through scenes like that? – Are you talking about Jamie and Murtagh? – Young Jamie and young Murtagh– – That wasn’t Sam, you know that?
(laughing) – Getting into character was pretty tough. – That’s Jamie on his 60th birthday.
– He plays old really well. – That Irishman technology. – It’s just how he manages
to make himself so small. – I know.
(laughing) – With just his acting. And yet his hair stayed so big.
– Perfect. (laughing) It’s kind of perfect hair, isn’t it? – I feel like you straightened it a bit, too.
– Continuity there. – I’m amazed.
– I’m amazed. We hope there are more
flashbacks in there maybe. What do you think, Diana? Throwing that one out to you. – Oh well hey, I haven’t
stopped writing yet, so we’ll see what we can do.
– Good, okay. (audience laughing) – We’re going to throw it to
audience questions in a second, but Diana, any closing
thoughts on season five? Or any hints to look out for this season? – Oh goodness, well
there’s all kinds of things you could lookout for but I’m not allowed to tell you about any of them. But I don’t think you’ll
miss any of them either because they’re really well
done and they really stick out. It’s one of the things that I’ve noticed in this season particularly, aside from the splendid
acting of all individually is just how good the
inter-actor acting is. Just absolutely marvelous seasons between Rick and Sophie, for instance, and Sophie and Sam, particularly, in 511. There’s this one very tender scene, which is just fabulous. You both did it wonderfully. (audience cheering) All in all, all of you,
you work like moving parts. It all works. It’s a good machine. – Aww, thank you, Diana. That’s all we care about. – Our first–
– Caitriona, my husband loves you.
(audience laughing) – Is he here? (laughing) – He’s got good taste. (laughing) – Our first audience
question about “Cheer.” (audience cheering) – Jerry Jerry. – Wait, did that come in today or was that a pre-existing question? No just because, yeah. – In reference to “Cheer,” how would you mat talk your costars? (audience cheering) – Go Cait.
– Go Sam. – Go Cait, go Cait. Go (clapping). – Sophie, go Sophie, go Sophie. (laughing) (audience cheering) – I’m sorry, we couldn’t
see that from over here. Can you just stand up and do that again?
– No. (audience laughing) My mic’s sitting here.
– We should try it. They won’t allow us, will they? – See I still haven’t seen it, but all I’ve heard is Jerry is so amazing. – Now come on, who’s seen “Cheer.” (audience cheering) You wanna see what hard work and dedication and tenacity does. – It’s not like us.
– No. (audience laughing) – I’d say let’s put Jerry on “Outlander,” but let’s jut put the
two of you on “Cheer.” – Yes.
(audience cheering) Although I really would
suck at anything in “Cheer.” I’ll be like a mat cheer person. (laughing) – Oh you’re not going to make mat. – But you will always be
there for everyone else. (laughing) That’s all that matters.
– I really wish I understood this lingo. – Sorry, talk amongst yourselves. (audience laughing) – Okay, Rachel wants to know, if given the opportunity to film somewhere other than bonnie Scotland, where would be your dream location? – I have 12. – List them out.
(audience laughing) – Well, I’d say wherever there’s sunshine, but when we came into the show, not that we can really
complain because these guys had already done three years of hard work. – No we can complain.
– But all we heard was South Africa was so amazing.
(laughing) Do you remember when we just
sat having wine on the beach? And then just did a scene? – We have heard a lot about South Africa. – We could talk about Prague if you want. – Yeah, well yeah, go ahead. – While we’re literally shaking
in our boots in the mud. I’m like aw, the beach- – Let’s go back to South Africa. – Yeah, we should, shouldn’t we? – Please may we come with you.
– Little flashback to the Caribbean.
(audience laughing) On the beach.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
(laughing) you’re not there.
– I mean, you’re producers now, so.
– What? – You know. – Yeah, you make those decisions. – We do. – Let’s make a phone call. – Roger is least prepared
for life in the 18th century. – Least, least prepared?
(audience laughing) – Do you need hearing? – What?
– Can you hear me okay? – What? – Which of you would be best
and worst suited for the 1700s? – Diana probably best suited. – Right?
– I would yeah. – Yeah you would.
– Researched it the most. – Diana would have a small settlement established within about a week. (laughing) – I don’t know, I think we’d all fare pretty well.
– I’d be pretty crap, to be honest. – [Richard] I would do all right. – Actually he’d be terrible. There wouldn’t be any gyms. (audience laughing) (laughing) – You can make a gym out of some branches, some trees, some boulders–
– We’d walk out the front door and find him lifting pigs. (laughing) – A lot of pigs in that time? – We have a pig on set. – Right.
(laughing) Why pigs? – I don’t know, they’re heavy. – No logs? Less (voice muffled) – Rocks maybe?
– Move on, let’s… (laughing) – Was there a scene you could not complete due to a severe case of the giggles? If so, which scene. – Yes, the scene where
Brianna gets a certain letter and there’s someone at
the head of the table, a certain character that I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that they’re in it, but Brianna’s next to you and you’re on the other side of the table, and you two just giggled the whole time. And then there was one take– (audience laughing) We did about 20 takes of these guys–
– We did not. – You did.
(laughing) And then there was one tiny take where I giggled–
– We’re producers now, we don’t–
(Richard laughing) – We would never do a thing like that. – Sack her.
– There was one take– (laughing) Then there was one tiny
take where I giggled on my own coverage, it was fine, and Sam turned to me and
went, “Stop laughing.” And I was like dude. We’ve been here for 20 minutes. – I have to say, Sam
has the best ability– – Contagious.
– To set somebody else off– – Oh that’s not true. – But then keep himself controlled. (audience laughing) – Yeah, and then blame Caitriona for the whole thing.
– And then blame me. Because he’ll do something
that’ll set me right off, and then he’ll go hmm, and then just give a perfect take. – And then he’ll be
like, Caitriona stop it. (laughing)
– And you turn around and back to the camera… (laughing) – I’m terrible.
– Dirty tricks. – I corpse all the time.
– Actually do you know what the one, oh I can’t say that. – There’s a beach.
– We’re on a beach. And do you remember when
you had to (voice muffled) and you just got the giggles every take and we were meant to be hugging and you were just, you were like this? – I was just really cold. (laughing) – This is for Diana from
an ER nurse in Philly. It’s so awesome to see
intelligent women in the show. What made you want to
make Claire a doctor? – Basically she was a
doctor to start with. I had this Englishwoman. First I had the man in the kilt and then on the third day I said, well I must have a lot of men
because of the kilt factor, it would be nice if I had a
woman to play off these guys and we would have sexual
tension, that’s good. So having done three
days of research so far on the Jacobites I said,
well Scots versus English, if I make her an Englishwoman
we will have lots of tension. So third day of writing
I introduced this woman. I had no idea who she was
except she was an Englishwoman. And I loosed her into a
cottage full of Scotsmen wearing kilts to see what she would do. And that was Claire, anyway. She lasted one page before she started talking like a modern woman. And I said, you don’t sound at all like an 18th century person. Obviously you came from somewhere else. And mind you, this was
the third day of writing on my very first book which
I was writing for practice and never going to show to anyone. So I said, well you know,
it doesn’t really matter what bizarre thing I do, no
one’s ever going to see this. So go ahead and be modern, I’ll figure out how you got there later. So that’s why she’s a time traveler and that’s why there’s
time travel in the books. But, having decided that I had to– (audience cheering) So you know, it’s all her fault. But having decided that I had to decide where did she come from? Who is she? And so forth. And it was a long process of thinking. But I started with if
I were a time traveler and was (voice muffle)
suddenly into this place, what kind of skills would I want to have? And I said, well I
think I’d like something in the medical line so I’d have a better chance of staying alive. And so I was thinking,
well, maybe she’s a doctor. And I then I thought, no she
doesn’t sound modern enough for modern medicine and eventually
I came to the conclusion that she had come out of World War II and therefore she was a combat nurse. And so that’s where we began. But of course when she went back then it was reasonable for her
to resume her medical career and study more and become a doctor. So, it was all just,
well it’s all her fault. (audience laughing and applauding) – Sam, Caitriona, Sophie, and Richard. – What? (laughing) – Are there any lessons you
learned from your characters that you applied to your own life? – Infinite patience. Charisma.
(audience laughing) Intelligence, determination, passion. Good looks. (laughing) – Sophie, don’t you just wear
your character’s costumes? (laughing) – All right, all right,
can we all please just note he’s been waiting an
hour to tell that joke. (laughing) – And he practiced five times.
– I’ve been waiting all night. – I would stand up but there’s a mic here. But Sam has decided that
I’m wearing part of, is it mine or Jamie’s? ‘Cause I can’t decide. – Well never mind, I thought I was funny. – He’s just jealous. (laughing) – So mean. – You know what, maybe you could learn fashion from Jamie, all right? – No, no. (laughing) – Last question is for Richard. Can you give us an encore of L-O-V-E? (audience cheering) – Fuck off.
(laughing) No. – Come on.
(clearing throat) I don’t have a guitar. – Wait, well–
– I don’t know the words. (laughing) L-O-V-E. – It spells it for you.
– She told you them. (laughing) ♪ L is for the way you look at me ♪ ♪ O is for the only one I see ♪ ♪ V is very very extraordinary ♪ ♪ E is even more than anything
that you can something ♪ ♪ Love ♪ (audience cheering) – Thanks for that.
– Anytime. Thank you all so much
for coming out tonight. “Outlander” returns on Sunday on Starz. (audience cheering)