Welcome to the blogspot of parcopiano.com Breed and brokerage of Murgese horses and Martina Franca donkeys. Today we are visiting the Riding Academy “Il Moro di Puglia”, the black horse of Apulia. Here, it’s all about Murgese – breaking in, drìving and dressage. Here you find the hidden treasures of the Riding Academy: For example a blue-roan Murgese very much in demand these days. Michele Caroli not only is an excellent Murgese trainer, yet also an official expert of the breed on a regional level. Now I would like to know from Michele what exactly it is that makes the Murgese horse apt for dressage. Well, the Murgese is very muscular his limbs are strong and solid. The croup is ideal and his back is rather short. Eversince the time of the Emperor Frederic the II. the Murgese has been bred here in Apulia and refined through continous selection. Thank you and Ciao from Apulia! At the Riding Academy Il Moro di Puglia of Michele Caroli