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movies that have the following feature that are movies in the
that trips to the moon have been recreated good from movies that have more than
100 years to others that are very very recent well let’s go see the
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videos well we start the first one is called trip
to the moon or in french language dans jazz la lune which is a french movie of
1902 in black and white and silent and directed by the famous director georges méliès
the script written by the director and by his older brother gastón méliès is
based on two earth novels the July moon verne and the first
men on the moon of hg wells the movie lasts 14 minutes with 12 seconds
Y if it looks at a speed of 16
frames per second and just over 8 projected at 25 frames per second
which is what the format of today
this movie if you want is how it is something and has considered almost as
world heritage site is in youtube and could see it
well this movie is very popular and the film critic recognizes her as the most
important from this creator and also we could consider it as the first
science fiction film history movie history movie
disappeared after the withdrawal of méliès of the film industry
but then it was discovered around 1930 and an original impression was made
hand colored in 1993 and turned to restore in 2011 well the argument has
been a bit summed up is that in a Massive and long conference of
astronomers the president of the meeting played by george méliès himself
propose to make a trip to the moon after of trying a certain silence by throwing a
role in a person who interrupts six brave astronomers design a plan
after having designed a capsule space are launched into space by a
giant cannon well the actors cast is not
that are very well known the most protects
as Professor Parveen Felix and Victor and the like an astronomer brunet like
another astronomer and so on and it was the longest movie at that time
because it cost about ten thousand francs from the time and lasted three months of three months of
filming in the film studio of méliès he had built in motril in the year
1897 well the second movie would be something like that
as the woman on the moon is a movie German directed by the famous
German director Fritz Lang in 1929 and It is also considered one of the
first science fiction movies would
well the argument is something like that professor george mitchell e
played by actor Klaus Paul is ridiculed by his colleagues when
sure ensures there is more gold in any mountain of the moon that in the
earth world news starring said played by
Wilfried takes the idea and tries build a rocket to go to the moon at
project join more people a company that controls the gold market
undertakes to finance in the plot development has the
breathable atmosphere of the hidden face from the moon of the theory of peter andre
hansen well as I said another movie that I
it seems quite interesting and that could being is not a continuation of the
previous but could go on that line all right we go to the next movie this
movie is from the 1950s station world or to the moon and the actors leave
Jon Archer Warner Anderson and Tom Power directed by erwin pichel is a
movie also from usa and the argument is the following the
archer businessman and retired general powers and also the researcher
aerospace anderson collaborate in the launching a propelled rocket into orbit
with atomic power take build the moon spaceship on a secret base
of the mojave desert but agents of a foreign power try saba
sabotage those when they see the danger mission decide to get ahead of their
enemies and take off bound for the good moon is a pretty movie
pleasant to see how good it is not that there aged very well but you could see
for a rainy afternoon well one of the best known 2001 a
Odyssey in space’ it is a cult film of the genre of
science fiction directed by stanley kubrick and premiered on April 3 of
1968 marks a milestone for his style of
visual communication and its revolutionary special effects
its plot is usually focused on a astronaut team tries to follow
the radio signals emitted by a strange monolith adds have found in the
moon and that seems to be the work of a extraterrestrial civilization
the cast is integrated because you accommodates
Goldman Gary Locke Wood as Frankfurt Douglas Rain as the voice of Hal 9000 and
william sylvester as doctor heywood floyd
the movie as such although it is from science fiction is like multi themed
because it addresses issues such as evolution human technology intelligence
artificial and life is extraterrestrial well the initial sequence of the film is
start with the image of the earth spreading over the moon while
the sun rises in turn over the earth all in alignment right now
the composition begins to be heard musical like this spoke richard’s Zarathustra
strauss the same that accompanies in his most
from the first part of the movie this initial sequence has been done very
very very famous and it is one of the things what makes this movie more than if not
they have seen I advise you to see it because besides being very
innovative for the time as it has aged very well and in the next one it would be root stuff
which was translated here in Spain as chosen for the glory drive stuff is
an adaptation of tom wolfe’s book of the same title implied by first
time in 1979 and the book is about test pilots involved in everything
kind of tests to overcome the speed of sound at the base of the
edwards air force as well as those were selected for the project
mercury the first project of the United States to send people to
space and the film as it is based also in these test pilots
after the second world war the actors are schieffer in the role
to arrive Scotland the alan sie farc and ed harris
as john glenn and dennis quaid as Gordon Cooper is a movie well
that is quite interesting because narrate let’s say the first steps before
that it was achieved let’s say go to the space or trips to the moon is a
quite long movie that does have more three hours but it’s interesting to see the next movie apollo 13 well this
it’s not as such a movie of a trip to the moon but
if you report the problems of the failed lunar mission of apollo 13
the film is a free adaptation of the novel to the world written by lowell
the apollo 13 mission commander the argument becomes something like that
as james lowell diaz suite gere and fred 6 have been selected by NASA
to go to the next lunar mission American Apollo 13 when a
unexpected explosion drives away the tiny space vehicle thousands of miles from the
earth the whole world will be pending of the three astronauts and their fight
to return to earth history is account from the point of view of jeans
to lowell recounting his efforts and of the other two astronauts lost in
space while hundreds of people in nasa and in government they move to
time trial to try to get the three astronauts get to land
the main actors tom hanks as jean loui
Ashton as friend Fred James Kevin bacon as jack swigert and already in the
own land gary sinise as ken Mattingly and Ed Harris as Gene Kranz
a pretty interesting movie that good I didn’t see her again, she hasn’t seen her again
since it was released but in its day I it seemed fine next 2009 movie and it’s called
moon translated into a British movie science fiction and well the plot
more or less it would be that sanz velez is at about to finish his three contract
years at the sharan del lunar mining base in the street limited in the hidden face
de la luna is a mining company that is in a new mineral found for
generate clean energy on earth and for three long years sand candle
remained with the only bert company and a robotic entity with intelligence
artificially programmed to help you and protect him he is isolated from the earth
as the company has other priorities more urgent than repairing the satellite that
I would communicate directly with him planet
the main actors are sam rockwell who plays sam bell and
actor Kevin Spacey gives his voice to green robot Apollo 18 would be the next movie that
is from 2011 is directed by gonzalo lopez-galician it is done in a format as if
it was a fake documentary the argument after nasa
officially terminated the Apollo program in 1974 would have
done one last mission towards the moon the movie tells based on
footage recovered from the Crew the moon landing in the in a
moon landing of Apollo 18 and the reasons for concealment of it
Captain Benjamin Anderson and the commander neil walker along with the
lieutenant jhon grain are the chosen ones to carry out the mission is over
secretly well then it’s a documentary movie
which is quite interesting to see it also locks up a bit in the genre
of horror etc all right next movie would be hayden figure
that here I think it translated as hidden figures
It is a biographical film 2016 American directed by itself
huge and written by mail the mail itself subsidiary and are schroeder the title plays
with the double meaning of figure figure and figure silhouette is based on the book
nonfiction of the same name margot Berlin’s list sorry the movie is starring
by taraji henson in the role of catherine johnson who was a math
African-American who calculated the project flight paths
mercury and the flight to the moon of apollo 11 and by octavia spencer already in the world
and Kevin Costner Kirsten Dunst and Jim parsons
as I told you in the movie it tells the history of mathematics
African American Catherine Johnson and her Two colleagues 22 Bogans and Mary Jackson
who while working in the segregated division of wing calculation
west of the research center langley helped nasa in the race
space using your jong calculations lines became the first
American astronaut in making a full orbit to the earth in this way
the three women get to become in the first African-American women
in reaching goals until then impossible in addition to the aforementioned achievement of
Catherine Johnson is worth highlighting dorothy bogan with it got to be the
first supervisor of the services of ibm at the agency while mary
jackson becomes the first woman in being a U.S. aerospace engineer
a very interesting movie which had in addition to three nominations 15
Oscar and Balloon nominations of gold well and as the last movie of 2018 to
the first man movie which is about preparing the
apollo 11 space mission to the moon in 1969 and is directed by damien che cel
is starring ryan gosling who plays neil armstrong together
to acquire corey stoll and kyle chandler and jason clark and the movie is a story
in first person about the mission to send a man to the moon
during the apollo program that organized by NASA between 1961
and 1969 and especially history is focuses on the ancestor in the astronaut
who became the first human being in stepping on the good this movie if so
recent is quite interesting because there really isn’t a movie that
focuses on the figure of the first man that was on the moon we said that in
Spain was translated as the first man as is the movie
well that’s what he told them that tells the preparation preparation and subsequent trip
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