Hello there since the beginning of my career a Bunch of people have been begging me to do an episode on periods so today the good news is you’re getting what you want today’s episode is all about periods So for those of you that don’t already know Periods is that time where women bleed? Vaginally as a result of their monthly fertility cycle Now obviously there’s much more to periods than meets the eye especially on an eSoteric level But let’s just begin at the mechanics for those either. Don’t really know the average cycle for women lasts between 23 and 35 days there’s a lot of variability in periods amongst women but for the sake of basic understanding periods Usually start between ages of 11 and 14 and continue until menopause which is around age 50 the average period Lasted 3 to 5 days and the severity of bleeding during that time varies from woman to woman a lot a Woman’s Monthly fertility Cycle begins with a period During a period the lining of the uterus which includes nutrients and blood is shed as if it’s being renewed Then the follicles of the ovaries develop and usually one egg dominates Meanwhile the body builds up the lining of the uterus again with blood and nutrients it Prepares the body for fertilization and pregnancy the mature egg is then released which is called ovulation This usually happens somewhere around the middle of a woman’s cycle Once it is released from the ovary the egg travels down a woman’s Fallopian Tubes and is either fertilized by sperm or not if It is it will implant the lining of the woman’s uterus and turn into a baby If it isn’t the egg will die within two days and without the hormone levels that are triggered by implantation The decrease in hormones causes the lining of the uterus to break down and a woman starts shedding this lining This is another period And it is considered the beginning of a new cycle Before we get into all the awesome esoteric information about periods I have to go on a tiny little tangent so just bear with me the Tyranny of patriarchal religions over the last thousand something years has made it so that women have been demonized as the original sinners and Thus everything associated with womanhood has been linked in with that original sinning and so women’s periods are viewed by society because of that religious influence as Dirty as unclean and as sinful So we unless we get rid of this idea and change our idea back to let’s say more of what it was before Patriarchal religions took over. We’re not going to be able to embrace periods for what they really are It’s that very attitude that there’s something wrong with them or sinful about them are shameful about them which prevents us from actually understanding periods and utilizing them in the way that we could And before I get into the rest of this video. I’m going to go on a tiny little other tangent As a woman, I’m just going to be completely honest with you. There is nothing. That’s more of a turn-off Than a guy who’s squeamish about periods and who also has an attitude towards that like it’s dirty or shameful When a guy has that type of attitude towards you it feels like He’s not man enough to hold the totality of you To the flipside when a guy is not turned off by it when I guy is not Squeamish about it when he sees it as a part of the beauty of a woman it Feels like he can hold the totality of you and as a woman what you’re thinking is now. That’s a man If you are resistant to your own period Or your own bleeding if you find it shameful Or like there’s something wrong with it or like you have to hide it That’s also a big issue it means that you’re not holding the totality of yourself What I would suggest for both men and women after you finish this episode Is that you go watch two of my youtube videos? one titled Divine feminine and the other titled Divine masculine it is critical for us as genders the Genders that we are to begin to embrace the essence of those genders the essence of our energy is either male or female in this life if We are going to or the own our authentic self if we’re going to step into our highest So take a look at those videos today Some of you may approve the force cycles in a woman’s life Maiden mother Magga and Crone each one of these phases Corresponds to a season Spring Summer fall Winter now a little known fact is that a period or even more than a fertility cycle? for a female that happens every month is Actually just a mini cycle within that larger cycle of a woman’s life So for example in the fertility cycle the woman goes through every month you Have a spring phase you have a summer phase you have a fall phase, and you have a winter phase So it’s helpful to think about a woman’s monthly cycle as A smaller seasonal cycle within the larger seasonal cycle of the Woman’s life If a woman was in tune with her natural innate energy she would be compelled during each phase of her cycle Assuming that each phase lasts about a week to behave differently just like the seasons to be honest I feel like your own body tells you which season you’re in and women all over the world argue about what season corresponds to what? aspect of the fertility cycle So for example some women say that when you are bleeding every month that’s fall time other women say no It’s spring time other women say no is winter so I Feel like we can just wipe this clean as women and tune in to our Individual bodies to feel for when these seasonal shifts occur because it may be different for some women for example with myself What I feel like is that springtime is that phase that begins on the day that I stop bleeding and That phase lasts up until about the time of ovulation When I’m in the spring phase if I’m tapped into my body, that’s when I start to get all kinds of new concepts I may not even be really ready to act on the mint, but they start to percolate in my being I’m ready for a freshness if you watch my behavior I’ll start cleaning the house and organizing those types of things that I naturally feel like doing during my spring phase for my body I feel like my summer phase starts around the time that I’m ovulating now if I’m watching my behavior and feeling my body in my innate energy movements within that cycle when I’m in the summer phase I’m Super Sexual I feel really right I feel like I have the energy to put into all of the things that I conceptualized of in my spring phase I’m very outgoing during that phase much more social After ovulation that little time period Which actually for me laughs pretty long in the fall phase if I watched the way that I feel it’s kind of like a Everything’s coming to fruition. I feel like things are settling down a bit. I kind of feel like tying up loose ends everything gets more quiet, and I Don’t really feel compelled to put a ton of energy into my projects during that phase Now when I begin bleeding in my own body that feels like wintertime to me. I am intensely Withdrawn I don’t really want to interact as much I get Into a space where I’m not thinking as much as I am feeling it Feels like my body really wants me to just be completely present with it It’s a time for introspection. Which is natural for most women we’re going to get into that later, but I like it’s nothing that’s created new it’s almost like the oldest cleansing because I’m preparing for a new cycle and For me my cycle feels like it begins after I stop bleeding as opposed to what science says which is that that your cycle? Begins with your period it feels like an ending to me So I suggest that rather than letting somebody else tell you what phase of your cycle corresponds to what energies? You let your body tell you you’ve got to be tuned in to the way you feel Enough to really ride the current of what’s going on within you on a given day And that’s what women are actually supposed to do Now between you and me I don’t know if you’ve noticed but women in the Modern day are a little nuts Now the reason for that is because our modern society is not set up for any kind of cycles Now innately a woman is the one who’s completely Led by the cycles of the Earth why the cycles of her own body? We’re at the Mercy of them literally and we’re supposed to be it’s us that keeps Society in Tune With the rest of the things in the universe and the rest of the movements within the planets and the way the earth is going And everything else so it’s really important that we be tapped in in that way But what society expects of women is that we be in performance mode where we achieve? Stasis meaning that what’s valued in our modern society is that you can wake up and perform the same way every single day and do The same thing every single day, and if you can do that Then you’re a strong person and a valued person Now to do that as women what we have to do is cut our awareness off of their own bodies in our own natural energy Flow in the way it fluctuates so by virtue of doing that we lose touch with Ourselves and so our bodies. Go completely out of whack and a lot of reasons why women have such difficult symptomology? Around periods is because they have tuned out completely to those inner Messages those inner callings and those energetic shifts that occur within their body we’re ignoring them and deliberately Bulldozing them as opposed to adhering to and following them and so the body starts to act out and absolutely we see negative symptoms The attitude we need to adopt relative to our own symptoms during periods is if this were expressing an inner need That I wasn’t listening to by trying to get me to do something What would it be telling me to do and to meet what need for example? I’m having cramps the cramps are forcing me to retreat from the world and stop moving and just be present with myself and nurture myself To really feel and hear and deal with what’s going on with me Maybe that’s what I actually need but I’ve been so externally focused on achieving or pleasing other people that I’ve been ignoring that need No matter whether we’re male or female. We need to really understand that our body is constantly sending us messages But as women oh my gosh are we meant to be at the mercy of those messages? we are So affected by not tuning into the natural rhythms taking places in our body and those more subtle energetic shifts that are occurring All this being said I have one word for you when it comes to women’s menstrual cycles and that is Magic Periods are highly Esoteric in fact before we fell out of touch with the cycles of nature by creating a life that did not revolve around them Such as creating electricity so our lives did not revolve around the cycle of the sun women’s cycles used to be in sync with a cycle of the moon Women who were healthy of you lated when the moon is full and bled on the new moon when the moon was dark Women will also synchronize with one another they would bleed at the same time in Ancient cultures this time was sacred and women would retreat to be together and to nourish themselves and each other as well as to respect the process of menstruation To put it mildly our modern society has destroyed women it has destroyed men too, but this episode about women Society has developed in such a way that women have no idea about their monthly cycles and about what their own cycle is even telling them Perhaps the worst manifestation. We see of this is the way that contraception has gone, nowadays now. I’m all for The idea that you can control having babies or not I mean, it sucks as a woman it sucked for years for us to just be like well. I guess I’m having one It doesn’t matter whether I want one doesn’t matter whether I can support one It’s just happening so that side of contraception is awesome, but I have to be honest with you contraception has destroyed Women it has destroyed our natural cycles now Looking at the physical body. I mean there are plenty of things it does to the physical body that’s harmful as well But that’s only a tip of the iceberg of the damage of contraceptive pills We now have the capacity to suppress a woman’s cycle for months if not suppress it entirely This means a woman’s body is no longer Within the context of a cycle it means that a woman is completely out of tune With the seasons completely out of tune with what’s going on in the plan that completely out of tune with her own Energy within her body. I mean completely tuned out I Cannot tell you how much damage that these contraceptive pills do on an emotional level on a mental level and on a physical level for women and Not only that it’s harming pretty much everybody because if you don’t know When women take these contraceptive pills and then they urinate that urine is going into the water systems Now who do you think is drinking that water? women and men So we got a major issue when women much less women men are drinking Female hormones that are designed to trick the body into thinking that it’s pregnant so in fertility rates Skyrocketing right now and a lot of it is because of that We have to understand that a woman’s cycle is not just affecting her womb it is affecting her entire body Her mind her emotions and everyone around her Now when the moon is full at at a time of expansion and as a time of creation That’s why in ancient societies so many rituals that involved the full moon were about that They were about how do we bring things into our light? How do we create things? You can think of the full moon as an outgrowth Right now in the time of the new moon. It’s the exact opposite of that it’s a time for Contraction it’s a time for looking inward. You can think of it like the in-breath So it was very very important even if women didn’t adhere to the the more subtle Seasonal cycles within their fertility cycle if they were at least adhering to the energetic flows that were happening between full Moon which is ovulation Numan which was periods During our periods women are absolutely Supposed to be on the in-breath We are supposed to be introspective. We are supposed to be in a space of quiet We are supposed to be reflecting. We’re supposed to be getting in touch with the inner wisdom within us and bringing that out afterwards to the world On an energetic level and even a physical level period Blood is designed to nourish and give life itself It is not only sacred in there for powerful when used in ceremonies. It is also vital it Has the capacity to heal? now ancient cultures understood this Metaphysical property and even physical property of blood they used to do all kinds of rites and rituals where people would ingest the blood They had selves that were made for wounds out of this blood they would use it to revive things that were in state of decline Now what’s interesting is that scientists aren’t too far behind in fact in the future? There are actually going to be mainstream Medical Advancements that involved period One Because specifically of what’s in period blood so many of the components that make it up are Incredibly healing for example, it’s full of stem cells The room renews itself every month the energetic properties of this blood are also that of renewal and rebirth and creation and life to me, it’s sad that we have fallen so deeply into the Indoctrination that has been a holdover frankly from thousands of years ago very outdated information used mostly to suppress women It’s sad that we’ve fallen into the space of seeing our own bodies as dirty or unclean or shameful This is really not the way that we need to be looking at menstruation and it periods now our modern society does not exactly support the nurturing of the Menstrual cycle I mean You know what it’s like you have to go your job if you bleed out on your pants you better Hurry up to the bathroom and clean yourself up. You better hide your tampons. You know the type of attitude It’s not like you can just stop your life like really is supposed to happen you Can’t just stop your life as a woman when you’re bleeding but Those of us who are let’s say more pioneers of returning to the natural? magic of a female body kind of have to be the pioneers that push the envelope of Inviting back some of this magic and mystery into our lives and and fighting back the natural cycles and impulses that our menstrual cycle is Telling us that we need in our lives for example This is sacred fluid like I’m not kidding you if you could see vibrational what menstrual fluid looks like is it blow your mind this stuff does not deserve to be going in the trash or Down a toilet that is so sad it is like. It’s waste. It’s just as bad as like dumping out breast milk It’s like Solid gold Menstrual blood should be returned to the Earth doing this Actually helps women be more in touch with the Earth and thus their femininity now We talk a lot in these ancient cultures about the Earth representing divine feminine If we offer blood to the earth that is our connection as women to the Earth also We can heal the earth in this way and support new life in this way There are many products available Even in the mainstream now that allow women to collect their period blood instead of to dispose of it than they can do with it what they like Such as they can pour it on the plants that aren’t doing well or restore areas that are drained of energy or polluted they can Use it in vegetable gardens or they can use it symbolically to release things in ceremonies, or Offer it to the Earth with a prayer or something that she wishes to manifest It’s important that we change our attitude towards period Blood doing so greatly impacts the health and vitality and quality of the blood itself We need to resurrect period Blood from the state of shame One of the things that I would suggest to get you back in touch With your own period and the magic of that phase of your fertility cycle is to do some creative project specifically using your period blood Now some women who are trying to embrace their periods again what they do is called a yoni painting these are super super fun I highly suggest you do one because it’s super healing so what you do is. You collect your blood in some way and then What you do is you invite the energy of your womb? To take over your body. It’s kind of like letting your womb energy or your divine feminine including your hands Then you paint with your period blood on a canvas or on a piece of paper But you’re letting your divine feminine move the blood around the canvas in a way where the picture that creates is this expression of your divine feminine energy it’s Amazing the kind of things that you’ll see as Of doing that for example. Here’s one that I did When we bleed we can consciously? set the intention or decide to let go of a release things that are no longer serving us it is a Perfect time to do that if you want to involve ceremonies in this feel free to do that as well We can Detox and cleanse on an emotional physical and Mental level also if you practice tomlin or other compassion processes as a Woman this is important to know During your menstrual cycle because the energy is so favorable for release and so powerful within you towards that energy You can release things not only for you but for other people and even for the world on A Metaphysical level period Blood is imbued with all of your genetic information That includes all of your ancestral information for this reason Period Blood can be an awesome way to get in touch with your truth the truth of yourself that you’re not seeing Information about you this was held from your conscious mind It’s also awesome To use period Blood to access ancestral information and to even heal it and release things ancestrally in Fact ancient cultures used to use period Blood and place it on the third eye in Order to activate and open your capacity to access information that was held by Ancestors Because the time when a woman bleeds is such an intense time of introspection It’s that in breath. It’s that calmness. It’s that turning inside yourself You can capitalize on this to amplify your meditations or your shadow work immensely use the time that you’re bleeding to retreat more to get in touch with that deep inner wisdom within you a Bit like a person would if they went on a meditative retreat? So you can both share that with other people and use that wisdom for your creations in your next cycle During the bleeding phase of your cycle if you can now I know you live in a modern society so this is easier said than done, but if you can see if you can reduce you usage of electronics See if when the sun goes down you can use candlelight instead and if at all possible Get out into the light of the moon for a certain amount of time every night It doesn’t even have to be very long Doing this helps to actually reset your hormones and put you back in touch with the natural cycles that are occurring and if you’re in sync with the cycles instead Of out of sync you will find a dramatic improvement in your energy levels and your overall well-being throughout the next month Now what do I know about the moon the moon is a reflector the moon reflects the light of the sun Now the period which is of the moon is also a reflector The symptomology that you get during your period the quality of blood the amount of clots all of those types of things They are a direct reflection of the influences that were in your life leading up to that phase of your cycle What you went through hormonal II what you went through? Emotionally the kind of thoughts that you were thinking the kind of food that you ate So you can use your own periods as a way of understanding the reality about what is going on in your life and Even the things that you need to eliminate or reduce in order to be in a greater state of well-being if you want to make a change to your period you need to make a change to these aspects of your life if You feel called to do so set aside a night during your monthly cycle to Gather women This is what we naturally did with our menstruation before modern times It’s a time. That’s really conducive to sharing wisdom to connecting deeply to being in quiet presence with other women So that can be a good idea as well Maybe you’ll do a collective ceremony geared toward something like releasing or a celebration of menstruation or femininity? one of the very easiest ways that you can honor your menstruation cycle or even Make it more of a celebration for yourself is to buy certain jewelry And then wear is only that jewelry during your cycle But every month so it’s almost like the day you start bleeding you put on the jewelry. It doesn’t come off until you stop bleeding You may choose things that are the color red for the sake of symbolism? but for your sake I’m going to give you a list of this stones that I think personally this is my opinion have the vibration which supports ministration the very most In my opinion these are garnet Bloodstone ruby Red Jasper red agate Rose quartz Red Coral malachite Moonstone Carnelian amethyst and Turquoise So what you want to do is you want to let your own divine feminine energy in the same way that I described doing these? yoni paintings let your own divine some energy or even your room itself be the one that picks out the type of stone and even The the very piece of jewelry that you want to have as an emblem of your menstruation Now keep in mind that this list I gave you It’s just my suggestion of the ones that most closely vibrate with support of the menstruation Within women as opposed to other things like prophetic dreams and things like that But let your own divine feminine energy choose which stone is right for you You may even choose to do this with more than just jewelry I know some people who celebrate their menstruation with wearing a certain scarf every single day of their menstruation And some people go all the way where they go full garb meaning their entire dress and their jewelry is in Honor and reverence to their menstruation It’s an awesome way also of them alerting everybody to the fact that they’re on their Moon The more that you embrace and become an embodiment of your own unique expression of divine feminine and the more you adhere to the natural Cycles taking place within your body along with some messages they speak to you from within the more pleasant your periods will be we as women will be bleeding for an average of ten straight years of our lifetime that means an average of 3,500 days of our life will be spent on our periods Given that lovely figure, I know that some of your living would Yeah, so given that figure. It’s understandable. Why especially in a modern world that is not set up for it Periods suck for most of us. It’s not fun to bleed. It’s not fun to be bloating It’s not fun to have any kind of symptoms It’s not fun to have to function in the state of performance when everything in your body is saying sit down but The reality is if we were bleeding for ten straight years of our life and our attitude towards our periods is that it’s shameful that Is not okay in that we hate it Look at the kind of suffering that’s going to create. So my suggestion is make it a celebration instead And have a good week