Okay so let’s start building your Weebly
site. So if it’s at all possible to watch this video on a different device than
the computer you’ll be working on I highly recommend it. Weebly does
this weird thing sometimes when the window isn’t full screen so to kind of
prevent that problem it might be good to pull this up on either your phone or a
different computer. I would also recommend working on a computer rather
than a tablet because the functionality is a lot different. Alright so we have
that set up well let’s dive in. So the first step that I’ll ask you all to do
is go to www.Weebly.com so when you do that you’ll be taken to this site right here
that says “do what you love” and what you’ll do is to go to the signup button
in the top right corner if you already have an account you’ll just go to the
button next to it that says login but for now let’s assume none of us have an
account so we’ll click on sign up. When you click on that this little pop-up
will occur so you have two options here you can either sign up via your Facebook
or Google+ and what that will do is it will just link that information you have
there and make that a part of your Weebly account it’s not going to have it
so Weebly is posting on your Facebook or your Google+ anything like that
sometimes it’s just easier but if you prefer you can also just set up a new
account through your email providing your first and last name email and
password. So once you have that and you click sign up it’ll bring you to this
screen which will basically ask you if you’re going to use your website to sell
something or for professional personal purposes so we’re not planning on
selling anything so what we’re going to do is just click on the Not Now button
and once you do that you’re going to be taking to this little page and this page
gives you the opportunity to choose a template and so a template is a premade
outline basically of your website and it will give you some sample content on
there to see how maybe a website could be formatted or design but essentially
you’ll end up deleting all the pre-existing content on there. For
example if you wanted to use something like the “hey let’s play fetch” you
probably wouldn’t want to keep that for your nursing portfolio so it allow you
to delete this text and instead maybe put your name here in a picture of
yourself here see what I mean so it just gives you an example
have a look. But for our purposes we’re gonna click on the portfolio button up
here and this will give you some options of portfolios templates so you can click
through any of these that you’d like right now I’m gonna click on this top
one here and when I click on it it’ll preview it for me to just kind of show
me what each page is gonna look like, what options I have that are already
here and I decided I like it so I’m gonna click on the start editing
button in the top right corner. So when I click that I’ve committed to this theme
and so it will ask me then how I’m going to label this website and what I mean by
that is it’s what your domain is going to be so like when you go to Google
www.Google.com and then you get to Google. For this though you’re gonna want
to make it your name so people can kind of search who you are. So for Paige she’s
just gonna make her website domain Paige Normand and then it’s gonna be .weebly.com you’re gonna want to do this first option right here because these two
options here cost money and we don’t want to do that we’re just gonna use
this top one so you’ll click the first option and put your first and last name
if that’s already taken you can always add something to the end like you know
nurse or portfolio something professional along those terms and once
you have that you’ll click continue. So now we’re kind of on the inside of the
site we’re in the editor mode and you’ll see that up here at the top this is what
every kind of template is going to say it’s gonna say my site at the top and
that’s gonna be the first thing that a viewer views. So it might be better
instead of my site to have something like your name instead so for here if I
click on it it’ll give me this option to say off text or a logo so if you’ve made
a logo in like canva or you have a logo that you made maybe in Word you can
always save that as a PNG and upload it that way or the easiest thing to do is
just click on this text button and write your name. Alright so I like how my name
looks up here but I don’t think I actually have that many images so I
don’t think I want this gallery so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna delete this so
if I click just above the image here you’ll see that all these if you click
on them well if could you want to change them
but if I click just above the image where this arrow is pointing it’ll have
the whole gray box around it and what this means is that it’s clicking on the
entire element itself meaning clicking on the gallery so if I click there it’ll
give me three options edit the background maybe move it around or just delete it
and I just want to get rid of this gallery so I’m gonna click delete and
it’s gonna ask are you sure and I’m pretty sure so I’m gonna click on delete
so once I do that you’ll see that I no longer have anything here but I still
have my header up here with my name in my navigation bar. So all this means is
that I no longer have anything here and I have the opportunity to drag and drop
any element from over here that I want. All right so I have the bare bones of a
template I want to use and now I can start heading into the dashboard.