-Let’s take a look at this first
example. WEE and CBS. They both wrote… WWE posted a photo
of “Monday Night Raw.” CBS posted a photo of last
night’s Democratic debate. [ Cheers and applause ] Next up is one from DJ Khaled
and Pete Buttigieg. -Oh.
They both wrote… DJ Khaled posted a photo
of a private jet. Pete Buttigieg posted a photo of one of those tiny hats
with the propeller on it. -Oh. ‘Cause he’s small.
You don’t know why. -Here’s the caption
from Nicoderm and Carl’s Jr. They both wrote… Nicoderm posted a photo
of a nicotine patch. Carl’s Jr. Posted a photo of their new
Big Fried Cheese Thickburger. [ Applause ] Cut it.
You got to cut that one. Everyone was — That was — Everyone was so ahead
of that joke. -Yeah.
-Right? -Right.
-Yeah. Yeah. What was it again? Yeah. -Yeah.
-Come on. [ Laughter ] Come on.
-Hey, they can’t all be winners. -Come on.
-You know, come on. -Swab. -Oh. That time, I heard swab.
-I heard swab. Me too. -I heard swab that time.
-I heard squab. -Yeah. Squab.
-You heard squab? -I heard swab.
-This one is from Elon Musk and Eric Trump.
-Oh, my goodness. -They both wrote… Elon Musk posted a photo
of a Tesla Cybertruck. Eric posted a photo
of bubble wrap. [ Laughter ] -[ Lips popping ] -Here’s one from Harrison Ford
and Bernie Sanders. They both wrote… Harrison Ford posted a photo
of his new movie. Bernie Sanders posted a photo of his fourth pee break
during last night’s… [ Laughter ] Ooh! Gotcha, man! And finally, here’s a caption
from Crest and TV Guide. They both wrote… Crest posted a photo
of their Crest Whitestrips. TV Guide posted a photo of HGTV. That’s all the time we have
for “Picture This.”