Hey Guys! I am at the Pokemon Center! Shine’s here! We are in Ikebukuro at the Pokemon Center I haven’t been to this one yet so I’m really excited to see it I think it’s the biggest one they have in Japan Someone buy this for my birthday please Hey Mom are you watching this? This is what I want April 23rd Look at these adorable pikachu pumpkins that they have for Halloween These are so cute! I wanna put those on my windowsill They’re everywhere! Aww are these hair ties? They’re badges Look at this adorable phone case! Looks like I gotta get an iPhone 6 guys Some super cute earrings This is a calendar I think? This is the cutest calendar everrrr This is cute I do need a schedule book for 2016 Whoa these look cool! Those are nice I really wanted the hoodie, the gengar hoodie Ok that is so cute I need an iPhone 6 Oh look it’s the pikachu that we saw! Aw there’s so many cases, are none of them for 5? This one’s awesome Look at this one! All the sound effects Pikachu nail stickers This bracelet is really cute What’s this? Is it just a box? It’s cookies? Oh! Look at the fat pikachu It’s like the original one, combined with the new one This looks good! What is it? This is Umaibo? Pokemon Umaibo That’s so cute That looks good… Milk tea cookies~ They look good too Yeah this one’s the best eh? That’s what it looks like, the sound effects of Pokemon Plushies everywhere! 13000 yen Is it worth it? Yes. Really? Is that a question, really? Of course it’s worth it. It’s not worth it IT’S WORTH IT Is it worth it guys? Is it worth it? They’re coming out with monthly Pikachus There’s a different one every month My friend Toph is collecting them! So go check out his channel, I’ll link it below I should totally get this hat for my doll! I wonder if it would fit That would be amazing, why is it so expensive How much is it? 18 bucks If it was cheaper I would totally get it Pokemon kigurumi This is for your Pasmo train card Look at this guys, around the corner from the Pokemon Center They have walls with all the pokemon on them They have every single pokemon! Starting from the first generation And over here, they have all the other generations And there’s more over here! I’m so behind on my pokemon I do not know any of these Oh Fennekin, I know Fennekin yaaaay So that’s the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro It’s in Sunshine City! What floor is this? On the 3rd floor I think So if you wanna check it out, it’s always here Basically just lots of Pokemon stuff to buy And they have special seasonal stuff for Halloween, Christmas etc. Thanks for watching! Bye!