Over the last 2 years I spent almost half of my time away from home During that time I learned to explore the world And learn about new places But also feel like home everywhere I go I’ll tell you how Enter your hotel or apartment Unpack your stuff Use the wardrobe Feel at home It’s good if you have something unnecessary with you Something you can joke about Joke how pointless it was to carry it Bring your mascot, it’ll make you feel homey Respect your habits Start the day like you usually do Look out of the window for a few minutes This is your world now I hope you have a power splitter with you Something to back up your data if you’re taking pictures or shooting video Use an external drive even if you’re using cloud storage Try to have as few items as possible The more items you have, the more they own you Buy a local data SIM, best buy it at an airport for convenience A SIM is usually more convenient than a mobile router bc battery life Remember about insurance, never travel without insurance My insurance of choice is PZU Wojazer You can even buy it en route to the airport Use Google Maps to move around And for public transportation Use Google Translate on restaurant menus Install some apps that are popular locally Try using Line in Japan In Korea – Kakaotalk, in China – WeChat, in Hong Kong – WhatsApp Etc. Change your hotel every few days, to make different neighbourhoods your home Eat healthy But don’t think twice about trying new things Research what the locals really eat on a daily basis and focus on that Traditional Beduin pastry, Pita Try everything, even things you’re uncomfortable with Worst case you won’t like them, so what Try to wake up for sunrise Use the extra time to do something great before 9AM You’ll own the world It’s mind-boggling how beautiful this is Remember that you can take best pictures during sunrise and sunset Even if you’re not taking pictures, the world just looks its best then. Use it Run, cycle, walk, don’t plan too much It’s about going out, looking around and taking a walk At your own pace, don’t rush it Learn what’s between the metro stations, what connects one landmark with another These places in-between, they are what really matters There you’ll find spots you’ve never heard of It’s a flower shop street! Visit a supermarket Buy products you don’t know You can learn a lot about a country through it’s convenience stores Tastes great Buy a book, doesn’t have to be *about* this place, a souvenir can be anything After a few years you’ll have a collection of books purchased in all sorts of places Meet someone who lives there Ask for advice, make a friend Appreciate their time, do all you can so that they enjoy the time they spend with you I’m gonna say the name in Korean ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ Learn about a person, and not a place you visit with them If you make a friend, you’ll have someone to come back to U speak Polish? Find your secret mana fountain Meditate, turn off your phone, don’t take pictures Look Listen Remember the moment