-Thank you
for coming back to see us. I love hanging out with you. And last time I saw you,
we went to the Olive Garden. -Yes, sir.
[ Laughter ] -And we did our bit.
It was really fun. I enjoyed it. I really did love
the Olive Garden. I’ve never been there.
And I loved the breadsticks. -I can show you
the ways of the truth. -Yeah, thank you.
-The ways of justice. -The ways of the justice.
Thank you, yeah. Exactly what
the Olive Garden was. And then — then, you’re like,
“What are we doing now?” And it was like probably
10:30 or 11:00, and I go, “Oh, I’m gonna go to bed.
I’m tired.” And you go, “No, come on.
That’s not the way we do it.” And I go, “Yeah, yeah,
I got to do it, man. Grandpa’s got to go home.” And you go, “No, come on,
Jimothy, let’s do it.” -Jimothy?
-And then we went out… -Yes sir.
-…to a place called Paddy Reilly’s.
-Yeah. -Yeah, and, dude, it was great. We didn’t tell them
we were coming or anything. -No, it was incredible.
It was a good time. -Dude, we shut the place down.
-We shut it down. We sang some Irish folk songs.
-We really did. Dude, you know a lot
of Irish folk songs. It was fantastic.
-Thank you very much. -You’re a talented individual.
-I learned that from drinking — [ Automated voice ]
-Bud light. -No, that’s not — As you’re sipping
on a Bud Light right now. -Mnh-mnh.
-No, no, no, water. -No, it’s not.
-No, it’s not. -It’s water.
-It’s water. [ Laughter ] Dude, last night, you did
the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour? -Yes, sir.
-Now, what’s the deal with that? -You know, I’m just… As everyone probably knows
who knows me, I’m the biggest Bud Light
advocate in the whole universe. -You really are.
Besides my dad. [ Both laugh ] My dad who just lived
on Bud Light for years. -And, you know,
we did one last year, and we came out this year,
with Sublime as the band, and Fat Joe came out.
-I can’t believe that. -Yeah, it was a lot of fun.
-How fun. So, you’re doing, like,
different dive bars around the country?
-Yeah, so, I guess, you know, hopefully, we’ll get to do a
third one if they still like me, and then —
[ Light laughter ] -Yeah, they do.
-You know, we can just run around and do shows,
and I get to sing songs for people
who want to hear them, and I think that’s
pretty, pretty cool. -That is cool.
The third album, it’s rumored that it’s coming out.
We don’t know when. Is it close?
Is it anywhere — -It’s completed.
-It’s done. -Third album is done,
if anybody cares. [ Cheers and applause ] Done. Finished.
Over, done. -You have the concept,
you have everything, it’s done. Could you maybe talk about
maybe when it might come out? -It’ll be September.
-Really? -Early September.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s a great month.
-It’s exciting. You know, it’s exciting,
because I really — You know, there’s —
It’s a long process that goes into it, but,
you know, finally, towards the end, we kind of
rallied and just made it work, which is exciting for me. -When you write an album —
forgive me — but how many songs do you write,
and do you whittle it down to 12 of your favorites
or something? -Man, I mean, there’s —
Usually, I just go in and have an abnormal amount
of Bud Light and go into the booth and just
kind of sing over beats and wait until
I find a good melody and then sit down and write it.
So — And we’ve done that probably
a hundred times and then just shift through them and then see which ones
are smoosh hits. -Smoosh —
-Smoosh hits. -You got to have smoosh hits. -Yeah, it’s all about
smoosh hits, dude. -Last time you were here,
we gave a little taste of “Sunflower,” and it became
the song of the century. -Sure.
-And I have a new song. Would you guys like to hear it?
[ Cheers and applause ] I love you, man.
You’re the best, dude. So, this — it’s a new song,
called “Circles.” -Yes, sir.
-And this is Post Malone. Here we go. Let’s just get
a little taste of it. -♪ Run away
while we’re running in circles ♪ ♪ Run away, run away ♪ ♪ I dare you to do something ♪ ♪ I’m waiting on you again ♪ ♪ So I don’t take the blame ♪ ♪ Run away
while we’re running in circle ♪ ♪ Run away ♪
-Oh, my gosh. Come on, dude!
[ Cheers and applause ] How does that feel?
That’s cool, right? -It feels good.
You know, on this next album, we’re doing a lot of cool,
very fresh type stuff. I’ve probably used the adjective
“fresh” for every single album or song that I’ve ever put out. -Well, it’s working,
so keep using it, man, yeah. Triple platinum. Does your ma —
I got to meet your mom. Does your mom —
-Yeah. -She’s awesome.
She’s beautiful. Hi, Mom.
Does she get to — Is she proud of you,
and like hang that stuff up? -I hope so.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, she is.
But I mean, does she get to, like, hang the stuff
on the walls and stuff? -You know what?
I’m probably gonna end up, you know, giving her some
goodies for — You know, we’re figuring out
what she wants to do now, so… I hope she doesn’t come
and move to Utah with me, because I love her
but not that much. [ Laughter ] -You don’t want to live —
Yeah. It’s like, “Yeah, hey, Mom,
get your own place,” yeah. -Hey, Mom.
-No, but my mom would always, like, cut out articles
or anything — anything, any mention of me,
like, my mom would call me and be like,
“You were great on ‘Ellen.'” You know whenever I go,
she’d give me reviews. But that’s what moms are for,
right? -Oh, yeah. -Does she give you reviews
and say it’s good or bad. -She usually
never tells me it’s bad. She just says, “Oh, my God.
You did such a great job.” -See?
That’s what you need. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s what we want. Oh, Posty Fest.
-Sure. -Now, this is a giant hit,
and you’re gonna do it again. -Yes, sir.
-You’re doing this in November? And where are you doing this? -We’re doing it at AT&T Stadium, where God’s favorite
football team plays. -Oh, my gosh.
-The Dallas Cowboys. -Dude, that’s giant.
November 2nd. You’re doing —
-No, not Giants. -No, I said, “No, it is giant.”
-Oh, yeah. -“That is giant.”
[ Laughter ] Cowboys, yeah, I got you. I mean, that’s big, dude. -Yeah, hell yeah.
I’m excited. -It’s a hit.
-You know, this is — It’s kind of like —
kind of like dreams come true because, like,
my dad worked there for — That’s why I moved to Texas
from Upstate so, I mean — [ Cheers ] It feels good to be able to kind
of like play at AT&T Stadium. -Oh, yeah, I mean,
it’s not like a dive bar, but I love that you do both —
you do dive bars and stadiums. Good for you, man.
-Thank you so much.