-Let’s get to the news. In a new interview, President Trump’s former
White House doctor said he would put cauliflower
in Trump’s mashed potatoes in an effort to improve
his diet. [ Laughter ] Of course, the hard part was
getting the mashed potatoes into his bacon cheeseburger.
[ Laughter ] That’s right. Trump’s doctor
would put cauliflower into Trump’s mashed potatoes
to improve his diet. I mean, it’s interesting.
If that works, can we try it out
with other stuff? [ Laughter and applause ] “I only signed it because it was
in my mashed potatoes.” In a new interview,
Senator Elizabeth Warren discussed the experience
of running for President and said it can be, quote, “Thrilling but also
very lonely.” Said Tom Steyer, “Same,
but without the thrilling part.” [ Laughter ] In the same interview,
Warren said that running for President is like
living in a movie, specifically the movie
“Grumpy Old Men.” [ Laughter ] Doctors in London recently
conducted brain surgery on a woman while she was awake and had her play the violin
during the procedure to ensure that they didn’t
harm her musical abilities. “So I don’t want to hear that you don’t feel like
practicing today, Mason! [ Laughter and applause ] A woman played while
they messed with her brain.” [ Cheers and applause ] Tyra Banks is preparing
to open her own modeling-inspired theme park. It’s like a regular theme park
except you throw up before you go on
the roller coaster. [ Laughter ] According to a new survey, more than half of women are
distressed by their sex life. “Thankfully not my wife,” said
every single husband. [ Laughter and applause ] Disney has announced
a new partnership with the plant-based
meat company Impossible Foods to offer the Impossible Burger
at their resorts and parks. It will replace what their
burgers are currently made of, Goofy.
[ Light laughter ] [ Audience aws ] He’s not…
He’s not real. [ Laughter ] And finally — and not big
enough to feed a park. [ Laughter ] And finally, McDonald’s is
auctioning off a Shamrock Shake cup
for charity that is made from 18-karat gold
and is worth $90,000. It’s the most valuable thing
in McDonald’s aside from the bathroom code.
[ Laughter ]