– Hi everyone, I’m Nina Zedeh
Director of Partnerships at Sidewalker Daily. And today I’m gonna talk to you about, on my favorite topics Press Trips. So I work on the brand side,
I have hosted press trips, I have set people on press trips, press trips, (mumbles) press trips. They are like literally all
I’ve lived, eat and breathed for the last year and a half. So I feel like it’s something that I can really share
the brand side for you. And I’ve also been on
them as an influencer. Sidewalker Daily has a pretty
good Instagram following and that has gotten me
to go on press trips. So from someone who has hosted up and someone who has been on them, this video is gonna try
to cover the ins and outs of everything you need
to know on press trips. So let’s start at the beginning. Good Old Definition, so a press trip is when a hotel or tourism
board, for example, invites a member of the media
to come to their destination or space or place experience everything that plays has to offer and
then go back and write about it. So press trips really sorted
off for travel journalist and now, luckily it includes influencers. But really the, the word
press trips originated were from members of the media, to go to, you know, to go learn
and go home and write back. Now it’s a little bit different
now is with influencers is that you guys have
to go shoot everything while you’re there, all your content. So that means even if it rains or if things are, you know, canceled, you have a specific amount of time because you have to capture
everything while you’re there. So there are differences,
but luckily now press trips are including influencers
and they’re even hosting their own group trips that are
only influencers sometimes. There are solo trips where you would go on a press trip by yourself. That can also be called
an Individual Media Visit. And then sometimes there
are Group Press Trips. Well, you’ll be going with others. Now there’s something that’s come up that I just wanted to quickly clarify. I’ve seen a lot of blogger retreats, pop up everywhere and I think
they look really awesome and exciting, but those
are not press trips. Though, blogger retreats
are trips that you actually have to pay for to go on. If you’re on a press trip,
you’re treated as media and therefore everything
should be covered for you. Flights, you know, round trip
airfare, the accommodations, the activities, the food, like you are their guest,
versus a blogger retreat where you paid to go. I just wanted to clear that up because someone asked a question about that before and they are different entities. So if you’re an influencer
or a travel blogger. Press trip, they’re great for you guys because you’re travel
bloggers, you need to travel, you need to gain content and they’re really great
ways for guys to do that. In my experience they don’t pay because like I said, back in the day, members of the media were
brought on press trips to, and they will be being
paid for by, you know, getting their livelihood
and getting paid a salary by the Magazines or the
Newspapers that they wrote for. So as long as the hotel or chairs and board
covered all the expenses, it seemed to be a win-win. I’m sure there are cases
where tourism boards, actually, I’m not sure, I know there are cases where chairs boards and hotels pay influencers
to come and visit, but what I’m talking about are
usually all expenses covered, but they are not necessarily paid trips. So press trips, the thing about them is that they are invite only. So if you wanna go, you
either have to get invited or you have to pitch yourself. How can you do that? One of the ways I noticed in my experience that press trips are organized
is usually by a third party. It’s usually a PR agency
that’s putting these together. So you gonna wanna create a list of PR agencies that are focused on travel and ask them, you know, what’s
your press trip schedule looking like for this year? How can I be considered for a press trip? And these are questions
that you should be asking. Also when you’re networking in person, getting on someone’s press trip radar is a great way for a travel
blogger to get content. So what to expect. Press trips are supposed to
be a win win for both, right? So it’s not just about you
guys getting what you need. You have certain
expectations and deliverables that you need to meet for the client. And the best partnerships are always when both parties are winning. So technically what you should
expect from them is flights. This is, okay, let me just back up. This is for International Press Trips. I’m talking if you are looking
to go to another country and the tourism board is inviting
you, that’s this example. This isn’t like, a press
trip where it’s local or you’re working with
your local tourism board. So you can expect flights, you should expect to accommodations, you should expect your
meals and activities. Anything that’s on the
itinerary should be covered. Now things that are not on the itinerary and things that are like tips and you know, paying someone a tip or laundry or extra drinks or food. If it’s not on the
itinerary it’s not covered. So you gonna have to, you
know, budget for that. And then on your end
your expected to deliver as well before you get on the trip. You and that person me, we’ll come up with the deliverables that we think fit best for you. I don’t like to give everyone
the same deliverables because why should
someone who has a certain reach have the same deliverables
as someone who doesn’t. So I like to do it based on
what I valued your posts app and just so you know,
people on the brand side, we have formulas that we use to be like, okay, I think this post
is worth this much. So she, the trip is gonna
cost my client this much. So I want you to produce at least enough to break even with the cost of what it’s gonna cost us to bring you. But you will have certain deliverables can be anywhere from one to
two or three photos a day. Three being on the higher
end, stories, blog posts, maybe a blog, you know, the
deliverables can change. But you are, will be
expected to create content while you are there. And as I have said, it is not a vacation. You will be working
and if you haven’t been on a press trip, it’s so much work. It is so, so much work, but it’s worth it because
you are networking. Hopefully if you’re in a
group trip with others, you’re also meeting people
that are at the hotel, you’re meeting the PR people,
you’re building relationships, hopefully so you can work with them again, whether with that spot
or a different client that the peer agency has. So there’s definitely a lot
of benefits to going on them, but just know that they are a lot of work. So because I’m on the brand side, I want to share with you guys a little bit about our perspective on
a Successful Press Trip and also things that
kind of drive us nuts. So put yourself in our shoes, okay? We are paying you to go on a trip to cover certain key messages
that’s gonna resonate well with your audience and post them and all that good stuff. But let’s just say I’m a hotel and I bring you to, you know, I pay for you to come to
our hotel and to cover us. And then, you know, you sneak off property and go to a competitor hotel or you post things that you know, maybe you’re not supposed to be posting. That doesn’t feel good. Now I understand the
need of travel bloggers so I always get content. So if you had to go to, if
you gonna go off property, make sure that you save that
content for a later date. Don’t post it while you’re
on your actual Press Trip. It’s just really unprofessional
and you’ll be blacklisted. I have blacklisted people who have done that to me before and I
straight up told them, if you leave the hotel
to go to another one, that’s our competitor. You’re not coming on my trips again. It’s kind of harsh, but
it’s just not the right thing to do, so always
consider, you know, ethics and moral campuses and
try to be a good person at the end of the day. Cause the client is
investing a lot in you. So press trips, you’re working, right? And at the end of the Workday you may wanna have a, you know, a drink, relax, chill, but you’re also at work. So unless you gonna just go off and be, you know, separate from the group, which is fine if you do to
go have some alone time, you’re in a working trip. So I’ve been on group
trips that are super fun and around 10 o’clock
at night after dinner, we’re all like, let’s go to the bar. Let’s have a few drinks,
and we’re all young. Everyone’s had a really fun time. But that’s when the and stuff, you know, don’t post that portion. Remember, you are there to work. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. No one is saying we don’t
want you to have fun. Cause those are the memories
you gonna leave with, right? But no profanity, nudity,
excessive drinking, you know, storing, she body
shots, stuff like that. It’s not appropriate on a press trip, if you’re just traveling. And that’s the type of lifestyle you wanna live, by all means booboo. But if the hotel or tourism board is paying you to come to their place, keep it professional, it’s gonna get you a lot
more work in the future. So what is expected of you? I know we talked about that a
little bit at the beginning, but I wanted to tell
you one of my favorite, I don’t know, sayings, motto, what is it? It is under promise, over deliver. This is a favorite of mine
and this is for you guys. I’ll tell my clients this as much, but if you under promise
and you’re like, listen, I’m gonna give you X, Y, Z, and you’re able to push
through if you over deliver and come to them, you know, after the fact with
your social media report or your recap and you show
them all the extra things that you’ve done to go above and beyond, it is a sure way to make you stand out and be invited on more press trips. Another thing that’s expected of you besides, you
know, being professional and representing their brand is to ensure that you are responsible
for all your analytics for print screening. Anything that you need to do. It’s not up to the PR person,
it’s not up to the hotel, it’s not up to them to monitor your work. So if you know that, I don’t
know if you’re taking photos, bring her backup drive. You know, if you need to come
home with a certain amount of photos, if your battery
has crashed in the past, bring a backup battery. I mean, I’m trying to
think of all the things, but you guys need to do that. You need to make sure that
you are able to deliver. So whether that means
backing up your work, bringing extra equipment, really thinking about ways to make sure your work is delivered and also be nimble. We’ve been on press trips that it has rained the whole time and I was working with some influencers and they’re like, let’s
go into one of the rooms. We gonna make a big bed
and breakfast scene. Get me room service, let’s do this and tell the PR person all the trick what you need to get the job done. I know you guys may be
wondering about sponsor, you know, getting paid on press trips. And I mentioned that you, for the most part, press trips are paid. But I have seen in many
cases, influencers monetize their trips in two big ways. So one is after the trip,
selling the content to the hotel, to the tourism board being like, here’s what I gave to you and
here’s all the other stuff that I created and I’m
upselling them on that way. I find that that has worked a lot of times and if you’re going to a
press trip with that mindset, then make sure you get content
that isn’t just about you. So maybe photograph their
hotel lobby in a different way, maybe photograph the destination in a way that hasn’t been done before and use that content to upsell later on so that you can monetize your trip. A second way I’ve seen influencers travel loggers monetize their chips is by bringing in brand sponsors. So we had a trip to an Island and some of the girls
brought other sponsors because they were doing sponsored posts. I think it was like a ship company, but it doesn’t hurt like
they’re shooting the shoes on the Island and they’re
getting paid for those posts. So there’s still monetizing their trip. They’re just bringing
brands with them now. Client perspective if you, and this is me cause I’m
like okay this is me. If you gonna bring a sponsor, you know on property, I am totally okay with
it but I need to know, I need you guys to tell us before because we need to make sure it’s approved and that it makes sense. I’ll explain, if you’re going to a country that is all about
sustainability and eco-friendly, but then you’re doing like a red bull or an energy drink or something
that’s like super synthetic and does it make sense with
that countries like ethos, that’s not a good luck and the client is going to be upset because again they paid
for you to get there. They are doing all this backend work to make sure you have the perfect trip. So if you have sponsors
coming to do sponsored posts, A, ask and get approval and two
post after your deliverables are already completed for the client. So if the country asking
you to post five photos and you took five more with
five other sponsored posts that people are paying
you, post these after, don’t mash them in with the content that you’re there to shoot. Super important for you guys to know. Okay, so the trip is over. You had a great press trip. What are some things that you can do? There’s two, one you’re gonna be expected to send in all your content. We did a video on social media reports that we will link below to this kind tells you what a great week cat looks like and what you should include, but obviously include all the posts that you were delivering. Include links, include the engagement, the impressions, all the metrics that the brand doesn’t have access to. So all like the business analytics, include those on your recap. And then to stand out, be
human, do an awesome thank you. Whether it’s a thank you card, a posted or not poster, hello, a postcard. Something that is making you, you know, connect with that person who is hosting the trip or the person that helped you get it off the ground. Send them just, you know,
a quick thank you message and go a little bit above and beyond. I know people emails, I like to do things a little
fashion way if possible. Cause I think it adds a special touch. A sidewalk, your daily actually
has a press trip program. I will also include that link below. That’s where I play matchmaker and I put people looking
to go on press trips with the clients that I have
that are looking to host them. So if you’re interested in
signing up for that program, it’s free, it’s just like
a matchmaking service. So, I hope you guys learned everything you needed to learn about press trips. And if you have questions,
comments, all that good stuff, leave them below like
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