Selecting a small tree with a branch coming off it cutting tree with hand axe Shortening side branch Cutting branch so it’s about 65 cm long tidying up end Removing bark Carving side branch to form a spur Thrower completed Cutting sapling for spear Spear shaft is about 2 m long Carving a cup for the spur to fit into How the spur fits into the cup Binding the cup of the spear to prevent wood from splitting. Making fire with hand drill Smoke appears Hot wood powder burns by itself now Blowing coal to get tinder to catch fire Grab kindling Tinder extinguished for future use Sticks go into fire Charring blunt spear tip Scraping charred wood on a rock to sharpen spear Polishing fire hardened tip with a piece of wood Spear thrower complete Spear thrower adds leverage to the throw giving the spear more speed and power than throwing by hand alone Wooden target Target 15 meters away Hit Hit Solid hit Hit Damaged tip Re-sharpening Hit Using a termite nest target so the spear head won’t get damaged as much Spear thrower and 3 spears