(Music) (Singing)
It’s just my fascination Don’t need a destination It’s just my fascination I’ve never felt so beautiful – Oh, this is so pretty.
– It’s so nice. Devan:
To me, the most exciting part about being a chef
is exploration. There’s nothing better than
heading out into the world, discovering new ingredients and then cooking
them right away. That’s what makes this
such an adventure. Miranda and I both work
with food every day. But today we’re on assignment
for Food & Drink magazine to explore, discover
and taste as much as we can. Miranda:
Today’s great for me because I’ve been a fan of
Food & Drink magazine for years. Dev and I are taking a road trip
to Prince Edward County. It’s about two hours
east of Toronto. And it’s a haven for people who are passionate
about food and drink. We’re going to visit five stops and pick up ingredients
along the way. Then we’ll make a meal together
that’s inspired by the county. I’m really excited
for this dinner that we’re going to have tonight
because I’m always hungry and dinner is my favourite
meal of the day. Yeah, we can create
something truly special with all the ingredients here. It’s going to be so delicious.
I cannot wait. (Music) Woman:
So, this is the Borealis Charmat Method rosé
from Hinterland. The grape is Gamay noir. Now, there’s three ways
of making sparkling wine. Charmat Method is
one of the three, and it’s most commonly used
in the process to make prosecco. And prosecco is actually
the most popular sparkling wine, you know, drunk globally. Devan: Thank you for having us.
– All: Cheers. And I’m just going to smell.
I’m the designated driver today, but I want Miranda
to have all the fun. It’s so refreshing, super crisp. Vicki: So this is
really good… good food wine. You know, you’re at 11% alcohol, so you’ve got great acidity,
it’s a good palate cleanser. Especially when
eating these oysters. I was just going to ask: why does sparkling wine
and oysters… Why do they complement
one another? That’s exactly why.
The acidity cleanses the brine. So if you’re going
to the next course, you don’t still have that
flavour of oyster. Because it is strong flavour,
right? But delicious too. Devan:
So this is a perfect pairing? It is a perfect pairing. Match made in heaven. (Music) Man:
These are Pinot gris. These usually go
into our Whitecap. Devan: Whitecap,
named after Lake Ontario? Named after the whitecaps
of Lake Ontario. And when you go out there
and it’s a windy day, the winds come from
the southwest here. And when it’s a windy day,
you can just see it frothing over to remind
us of the wine. So we named it after that. (Music) Miranda:
The Borealis rosé has a slightly fruitier
finish than the Whitecap, but both are crisp
and dry and delicious. So we’re grabbing a bottle
of each to pair with dinner. Devan:
Sparkling wine always pairs well with meals in the kind
of weather we’re having today. We haven’t even started
figuring out tonight’s menu, but these wines are
a great starting point. They’re really versatile
and will work with any seafood, white meats or veggie dishes. (Music) – Ooh-la-la.
– All ready. Here we go. Okay, so at the front over
here, we have our Cowda. Beside it is our Crescenza. In the back we have
the Rose Haus. Over here is our
Lighthall Tomme. And the last one
is our Morning Moon. Do you make all
the cheeses here? We do. Yeah, so this
is our factory. We have a few different
styles from cream cheese to soft cheese
like Bries, fetas, and then we have
of course the classic, like, big wheels
that you imagine. And those age anywhere
from two months to two years. Miranda and I are going
to eat this whole board. Cannot wait to start eating. Wonderful. Okay, enjoy. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you so much. – Cheers.
– Cheers. This is so good. (Music) Devan:
There’s a ton of variety here at Fifth Town.
So many great cheeses with a nice range of flavours
and textures. I’m a big cheese guy,
so whatever we don’t use for tonight’s dinner,
it’s all coming home with me. Miranda:
I’m thinking about pairing these cheeses with the sparkling
wine from Hinterland. But I’m also thinking
about the fresh produce I know we’re going to find
here in the county. It’s peak season,
so I’m thinking, tomatoes, corn, peppers, beans. These cheeses will pair well with all kinds of
fresh vegetables. (Music) Devan:
Vicki’s driveway. I can’t believe there’s
a business out here. (Music) Vicki: I grow about 100
different varieties of tomato. – This is where it’s all grown.
– Wow. Vicki:
Here is Sunrise Bumblebee. – Cheers!
– Cheers! (Laughter) – Whoa.
– Mm-hmm. That was so brightly delicious.
Each one is so different. (Music) This is what a fresh
carrot tastes like. (Laughter) – So sweet.
– And it’s cold too, ’cause it’s underground.
– Yeah! You need to pull a carrot. Grab that right there, move
it back and forth like that. Yeah, look at you! (Laughing) Devan:
I’m definitely going to work root veggies
into a dish tonight. I’m thinking onions, potatoes, and those beautiful
radishes at Vicki’s, obviously these
incredible carrots. And by the way, this was
my first time picking carrots, and I loved it. Miranda:
I’m in grocery stores every day buying fresh food. But there’s nothing like
eating food that is this fresh. It’s a completely
different experience. Everything tastes better,
yes, but it’s more than that. You just immediately
feel better when you eat it. (Music) – Wow, you serious?
– This place is so beautiful. (Music) This is our still.
This is what sets us apart. We have a hybrid still,
it has a pot as well as columns that help
purify the spirit. So we can do whiskys and vodkas
off of the same still. And we keep it busy. (Music) – We’ve got some pork shoulder.
– Ooh! – We’ve got some brisket going.
– Oh my God. – Miranda: Can you smell it?
– …here we got some side ribs. Michael:
We have our vodka that we do with our own wheat, which is nice because
we’re a farm distillery, so we’re able to mill it
and then ferment and distill it which makes a great,
soft mouthfeel. The gin has lavender from the lavender farm
just down the road as its signature botanical. You can really
taste the lavender. Michael: And it balances well
with the juniper, really. Miranda:
It’s a beautiful flavour. And one of our most popular
bottles is actually a cassis that we’ve done with
a local blackcurrant farm. This has really been
a direction for us, kind of responding to
what people are growing and producing in the county. (Music) Miranda: So we just got
to Sand and Pearl, and it is a truly magical place. It is absolutely
bustling tonight. Devan: We have all
this beautiful produce that we’ve collected
throughout the day. Miranda:
We’re going to cook some food. Dev and I are
both making a dish. Chef Alana Ferguson is also here and she’s going
to make a dish with us. (Music) We’re also going to pair
a beautiful cocktail with each dish, then we’re
all going to sit down and enjoy a big meal together. (Music) I had the most amazing day
today in Prince Edward County. We saw five beautiful places, but I feel like there
are so many more. I feel like, year after year, and discovering new things
every time you come here. Devan: This has
really opened up my eyes to the world of artisans,
wine makers, cheese makers and people who really
love their craft, and the beautiful products
that are available right in my backyard. Miranda:
I cannot wait to come back. Devan:
On my next assignment, I’m headed to Niagara. I can’t wait to see
what’s delicious there.