Oh no. I’ve slept my way into a roll reversal. I enjoy being the one that wakes you in the morning. Well you’re very good at it. Remember that the next time you try to sneak out in the morning. There has never been sneaking. That’s right. Your goodbyes are often pretty legendary. It’s scary how your presence determines the mood of my day. I think it’s amazing. Is it? Why does the morning always bring uncertainties? I can see them better. You have me Rebecca. Nothing changes. When I leave the room. Except my mood. And you don’t like me gloomy. So. Listen. If my performance tonight. Deepens your desire. Then um Text me after the play. Everything sounding so good until the “t” word. I’ll respond as soon as you send it. I’ll be with you tonight. And I promise, my greeting will be better than any goodbye. Okay. Voice Over: While others move through this world I imagine another. With scenes from lives that are not my own There’s a certain comfort to complicating
imaginary lives, it gives you a false sense of personal
maturity. But then you realize that you were able
to write about these complications because they’re yours. And your status as the grounded adult is
just as imagined as the words on the page. End V.O. Okay I’m gonna give you 15 minutes to sit
here with your ghosts and then I’m pulling you away. What if they won’t let me go in 15
minutes? Then I’ll pull harder. I didn’t think you had the strength. Look I’m sorry that the only thing you see in me
is weakness. Honestly I’ve never understood what’s kept you
around but I don’t dare question it. I know I couldn’t bear to be away from you. It’s time to be strong. {music} Has the weight of my play made a runner out of you? Juliet. There are some things you just can’t shake the daily jog. I’m flattered. As only you can be. You um… working on some other potentially painful scenarios? um just perfecting an old one. So it appears I come here to write what you eventually run off. And somewhere in between the magic happens huh? Juliet>Yeah. Exactly. Hey, do you remember in rehearsal you ask me why couldn’t Anna see that
she wasn’t being loved but smothered by Erik and I said when is love anything less
than all consuming? Yes and then I said that not all love
has to be about insatiable need or personal disruption in
order to be worthy of your definition. Juliet>And I thought how the hell is she gonna play this part? But you did and it was beautiful. And I can’t help but wonder if you
actually believed anything of what you said to me that day. Of course I believed it. We all have our demons, right Juliet? It’s funny I never recognized any of yours. Well you forget my occupation, it’s my job to
fool you. Um… anyway it was really great seeing you. You too Laura. I didn’t expect to see you again so soon, is this our spot now? I was hoping you’d be here. I read your play I loved it and you may
think that I’m crazy but I wanna produce it. Crazy’s a given. But even with that alarm bells are
sounding louder than I can ignore. The thing is after reading it so many important things became clear to
me that had been foggy for so long. And in that moment
I was so thankful And I realize what all this can mean to someone. What it can mean to me. I want something to mean something to me.
I think I’ve been missing that. And maybe just maybe that missing
something will help change things. And you wouldn’t need her? That has its own meaning to me but yes that is part of it. Not that I’m discouraging my potential
producer but odds are high that producing my play will do absolutely nothing
for you to see Laura as you wish you could. That’s the first step I need to stop wishing when it comes to Laura. She can’t live up to it. Evan>How was the show? Well there was applause. Tradition says
that’s a good thing. You think they’ll be here? I’m guessing you’re just as late as I am. Reasons don’t matter at this point the
question is whether they’ll be here. And I’m guessing not. In my case anyway. Here you wait anyway. Because I should. She deserves that much. I don’t think that one night of waiting is all she deserves. No, but I can’t give her what she needs and I can’t give her up. So… I’ll just wait and hope that’s enough for now. Tonight she needs more. {music}