1965 – Research Center , Atlantis1 “…no..” Where am I? “…no..” “Doctor Espinosa, come to the operating room number 24….. immediately!!” “Atlantis project” “… fifty years later ..” “Really ……. come on !!” “I can not anymore” “come on …. come on, go” “no, no please” “no….,no” “What … were you lost?” “I have to go, I have to go, okay ?, bye” “no,no,no,no” “no please” “Tomorrow I have to go to work” ” you can take the car for tomorrow” “I have to get up early in the morning” “and I say you can take my car” “Yes, sure” “yes” “…. okay” “you are back soon!” “Carlitos, I need money” ” I gave you…” “tchss !!!, …. the money” “Thank you” “By the way, …. I go shopping ” “….and If the sun rises I will go to the beach ” “Do you want me to pick you up later ?” “No, … I still don’t know what I’m going to do,…” ” I’ll call a taxi” ” how lucky you are, …. now I have to go to work” “Remember! ..” ” …this afternoon I will go to your house” “…so cheeky!!!” “look there she comes…..” “Hey, … Garcia!” “.. are you without companion again…?” .”.. amazing…” “Where is the money?” “Where is the money?” “I swear! … it’s all, I have no more” “Do not upset me,..do not upset me,…” “… you’re telling me you only have two euros in the cash register today” “And these people, what?, .. eh!, …. what happens ” they haven’t paid yet ?” “And you, … have you already paid or what?, …. eh!” “shit, shit, shit” “Attention !!, … to all units near Aviles Street, a robbery is being committed in a bar, …the individuals are armed” “Here Garcia !, ….. ” ….. I’ll go there, I’m near the street” “Shit, …man!” .”… Are you mentally sick, or what?” “negative Inspector Garcia, can’t go alone” “Don’t call me mentally sick” “mentally sick” “to all the units, the robber wears a blue and white plaid shirt, goes to the river bed” “Stop !!, … police” “Did you broke your fingernail?” “Congratulations, Garcia !!” , …. now you have got yourselve into a mess , the captain will like this, ….. come on! …. let’s go!” “Attention !!!, missing woman in Malvarosa beach area,..” I repeat,… missing woman in Malvarosa…” “Yes, yes, I have told you many times,…” ..she was wearing a red and orange dress with prints” “But if you tell me that you have found her handbag and the dress, ….” ….then she might wear a bikini or swimsuit” “..I just do not know” “I guess she was alone” “Okay, thanks.” “How many times have I told you that this is not your house, …” … you can’t come and go whenever you want”. “Yes Carlos, yes, I know” “But what did the police tell you …?” … because you were talking to the police, right?” “Yes,… they have found her cloths,.. ” ,.. but they still don’t know anything” “By the way!….¿Do you have something to do with this “?” “Look Carlos!, …. I’m having a hard time too, … OK!” “good evening” “good evening” “Is Carlos Jimenez here?” “he is inside there” “I am Inspector Garcia, … I have been assigned the case of the disappearance of his wife,..I am here to ask him some questions?”.” “come in” “Thank you” “good evening,” …I’m Inspector Garcia” “do not worry,.. I’ll be very brief” “Did you have any problem with your wife, or did she have any reason to want to leave home? “No, ..as far as I know, not” “Well,.. I say it because lately several women with the profile of your wife have disappeared” “And as you will see we will have to make sure that it has nothing to do with a family problem or something like that” “As far as I know, I get along very well with my wife” “Excuse me! ” …who are you?” “I am a friend of Susana” “Can you tell me if I she was worried?” “not in any way, … she was delighted,…..” …..today we were going to have a party” “I get it” “Well, nothing more” “I know everything I have to know” “you do not need to accompany me to the door ……” ….I know the way, thanks” “Well,..I’m leaving too” “Can you tell me what that means …. a party?” “Nothing, … a party” “let me know if there are news” “I’m coming” “No, Carlos, I’m really fine. I just slipped. I hit my head and I got unconscious for a couple of hours.” “Yes, but you will have to go to the doctor” “…, not necessary” “I just need to rest for a while” “Promise me that tomorrow you will go to my brother’s doctor’s office” “Yes, okay …” … whatever you want” “I’ll stay calmer if you go there”” “I would like to withdraw the complaint of disappearance” “Yes, I’m Carlos Jimenez” “No, …my wife is back” “Yes, … she tells me she slipped, she hit her head, and….” “Okay,….” I’ll pass by the station,…. and I’ll sign whatever’s necessary..” “Do you know we were very worried about you?” “many women are disappearing” “Good morning…” ..how are you?” “I made toast and coffee” “Ah! … and your friend says she will come to see you later” “I’ve made them just how you like it,…” …now I’m going to work,.. see you later,…., okay?” “Ah!, ….” …. Remember to go to my brother’s doctor’s office” “Okay!” “Another missing woman on the Beach” “Sagunto” “Moncofar” “Valencia” “Burriana” “no Please” “it cannot be” “it cannot be” “Ana, … listen!, …” … cancel all my calendar appointments” “No no, nothing happens,….” I simply have to go on a trip “Yes, I will be back in two days” “Thank you Ana, .! Thank you” “Come on!” “let’s go! ” “Come on! …throw it at me” “catch it..” “Wait for me !!, … bastards” “…So bad” “where is this guy” “Alexis!” … that’s enough!” “Hello” “Hello” “What happens?” “is Mrs. Jimenez at home?” “Yes, I think so” “..but she may be asleep” “you seem to have a good friendship with the family?” “yes” “come in” “Hello” “Hi,.. didn’t you hear us” “no” “Uff!, .. I am so glad you’re fine” “Look, .. ” the police has come to ask you some questions” “…some questions,….” ….and to bring you back, the bag you left on the beach” “Thank you” “Well, I have already been told by the police station that it was a matter of an accident” “But, you might remember if you saw something strange or something unusual before losing consciousness” “no” “As you know, many people have disappeared lately on the beach, and it would be very helpful if you could help us find out something else” “I just remember that I slipped, and when I woke it was already night, and I was among the rocks” “and then you walked back home” “Yes, … it’s only two kilometers” “Well …nothing else,..” ….just sorry for the inconvenience” “I’m glad you’re back home” “Don’t worry, I know the way to the door, …!” goodbye!” “Uff!, … thank goodness you’re fine” “…this will have nothing to do with me?” “Luckily, ..” .. I thought you have gone for a few days to avoid having to go to the dinner of Carlos family” “I have to go to work” “goodbye!” “DANGER !!!, …. prohibited passage” “Oh my God!” “come on, come on, come on” “come on, come on, come on” “Yes darling” “Can you tell where you are?” “sorry,.. I lost the train” “What?, .. and you tell me now!” “Shit! … and what do I say to my father?” “well!” “…do not get angry with me, man!” “…he is going to get really mad” “Well, simply tell him the truth…..” …that I will not be able to go ,…and that’s it” “But you will come today … don’t you?” “I take the next one, I promise you … don’t worry, ..really” “..so ” “See you later.., okay?” “Ok,…see you later” “Hello” “Hello” ” someone else wants more wine?” “no thanks” “and your wife?” “she can not come” “I see! … as usual” “Waitress! … bring me a beer please?” “Yes, ..right away” “you do not eat?” “What did I hear, …” …..there was a party last night at your house, with police intervention ?” “your Beer” “There was no party, …” it was an accident, … and by the way! … I don’t see anyone interested in knowing how my wife is”. “…take it easy man,….. it’s just a joke…” “excuse me,… I’m going to the bathroom “So what?, …” … did you think about it?” “Think about what?” “about my proposal, come to work with me” “I already have my own company” “Come on !!!, ….” …. that’s what you call a company ?, ” ….it’s me who pays you the bills every month” “Take it out of your head, that doesn’t work” “It doesn’t work now, but it will work” “If it works like your marriage, … it will be another mess!!” “what happens to you?.., are you okay?” “calm down!” …it was just low blood pressure ” “… you’ll be fine soon” “But what’s wrong?” ..is it serious?” “Well brother,.. I imagine I have to congratulate you, … ….although I think you’ll have to talk to her before, … … you already know Susana” “What?” “your wife is pregnant” “Well, … ” . I better go,.. …we will talk later… ok? “Is it my baby??” “Now, everything will change” “..you called the police department, how can I help you?” “I want to make statements about missing women on the beach” “Please, its urgent!” “The case of disappearances is assigned to the inspector Garcia, who is currently not active, …..” leave your name and your details and we will contact or you also can…. “very good,… very good” “, get that one” “aggressive, aggressive” “a little to the right, to the right” “Turn around, turn around, …,ok!” “very good,…. very good!” “How are you?” “hi,..man!” “hello!” “Come in, come in!” “…may we go on?” “let’s have a break for ten minutes, … ok?” “okay” “I came for dad’s car keys” “nothing more to say?” “You know I sent you an invitation, … don’t you?” “because of Susana, I suppose” “Yes, but tschsttt, ..” And still waiting for your call for the analyzes and the ultrasound,…… …it seems incredible that we don’t have an appointment at your clinic” “I think you’re wrong!” “She told me… the pregnancy will be treated in another clinic ” “Did she?” “well….maybe I am confused with so much trouble” “I don’t know!, … well I’m leaving, … ok ?” I’ll see you at the party” “okay” “goodbye!” “see you later!” “see you later!” “Hey!, … didn’t you tell me you were going for the tests to my brother’s clinic?” “Ah!, … yes, but later I decided to go to the place we went the last time, …” … but I think I already told you!” “No! … you didn’t tell me anything” “Ok, ok, … see you later!” “Carlos!” ……You shouldn’t trust Susana” “Susi!” “no,…no,no!” “no,…no!” “…no!” “no,…no!” “no,…no,no,no!” “is there anyone here?” “Has anyone called the police from here?” “is there anyone here? “Inspector Garcia speaking!” “Send a scientific unit to 125 Corales Street,…..” ….. it is a case of suicide” “Death by axfisia apparently, …..” …..the unidentified individual has taken his own life” “Let’s see, ….” ….what do we have here?” “This afternoon, after 50 years I have seen again the light that indicates the operation of the underwater trapdoor of the experiment plant -Atlantis 1- ” “known by you as the K4 oil rig” “It was the decade of the 60s, difficult times for humanity, a nuclear war was more than likely” “and while on the one hand there was an attempt to colonize the space, there was an ongoing plan B called” Atlantis Project ” “The plan was for protection against radioactivity, in the depths of the oceans” “and I, Javier Espinosa, worked in the section of genetic engineering” “and our mission, was to fuse the human body with marine species” “To carry out our investigation, we had convicts whom no one was going to miss” “and many of them died after injecting them with a revolutionary compound of stem cells that caused them to grow rapidly in organic metal probes inside” “These probes adapted their lungs to extract their oxygen from the water, but hindered their mental faculties” “after several injections, the bodies were already prepared for transplants and those of the women also for a state of pregnancy through embryos called hosts X” “This whole process affected his mental deterioration even more, and increased his aggressiveness” “Even so, research continued to achieve the desired hybrid capable of living underwater” “After the Cold War, and seeing the results, the countries that had approved it stopped supporting this project ” “and forced to destroy any document, being or achievement related to the so-called “Atlantis Project” ” “But I’m afraid someone is trying to revive this nightmare” “Susana ” “Susana ” “I called the clinic, and they don’t know anything about you, nor about your pregnancy” “Can you explain it to me, please?” “do you hear me?” “…..can you explain it to me?” “…. do not play With this Susana, …. not with this , …. !” “it is over there!” “Andy” “Andy” “Andy” “You have to eat” “Andy! … you should eat something” “No, … I will not eat that” “yes” “what’s up!” “What?” “You are unable to get an order to inspect the oil rig?” “…it is army property?” “of the navy army?” “But … ” … there must be some way to get in there?” “Listen to me!, ..” … tell them that people are disappearing here” “and we have to do something” “….do you understand?” “I knew, …dammit!” “I knew it!” “Is he the father?” “answer me!” “answer me!” “Is he the father?” “answer me!” “Do you know anything about the diagnosis?” “she has caused herself the wounds with the knife” “and … apparently she also was pregnant” “I am a friend of Susana” “for a state of gestation” “through embryos called guests x” “Oh my God!!” “Send several patrol cars immediately… …to 225 Las Palmeras Urbanization” “Quick!!” “surprise!!” “What are you doing here?” “well ,like you can see…” “….a surprise party!” “I know your secret !” “My … what?” “Alcohol free,…. of course!” “Well honey!” “And where is your husband?” ” I am sure that he has organized all this to tell us something” “Well! …. I have to tell you that he won’t be able to come” “What?” “He is very busy” “Because the producer who is interested in his drawings has called and he has to finish them” “It can not be true!” “I call him right now” “and he will see!” “No, no, no!, …. he has told me that he is working very hard” “Enough dad!, …. ” , …. don’t get angry now, … ok” “Damn liar!” “Attention!” “attention! … one moment please” “”I have been told that because of certain reasons our host will not be able to come today” “I think it has to be me the one in charge of communicating to you the pleasant news for which we are all here gathered today” “you will regret” “Susana and Carlos are going to be parents !!!” “Congratulations!!!” ” Cool !!!” “….organizes a surprise party and can not come after all..” “……there to Benidorm….” ” .. Well, but it is a pleasant place” “…..to the Cayman Islands…” “He wants to come with me” “Sure!” “Is something wrong with you Susana?” “Is something wrong with you?” “What happens?” “Susana!” “Susana!” “Roberto!” “What happens?” “Hey! … Susana!” “help!” “Help me!” “Help me!” “help!” “police!” “anyone there?” “We never knew what really happened” “and although investigations continued for weeks” “Susana’s corpse did not appear” “the government and the army denied any existence of experiments and laboratories in the past” “But we were not allowed to enter the oil rig”