I have a confession to make Every night before going to bed I pray for more subscribers. But I never thought this was going to happen. It’s Jon and we are in Puebla, Mexico. About two hours south of Mexico City for the weekend. Another day another vlog. I’m coming to you from my Airbnb. Which we paid about $40.00 a night for. And it’s pretty interesting. I’m going to bring Adriana into the vlog. Hi. What do you think of this place? It’s weird but it’s cool. Yes i’m not going to give a full Airbnb tour. Of this place. But I do want to show you the bathroom. I’ve never seen a bathroom quite like this. Come with me. So you can walk in and expect to find a bed in here. But there’s just a toilet. And like a little divider. And there’s flowers and there’s two mirrors. I really think this was a failed bed room that they just kind of turned into a bathroom. The gameplan for today is Adriana and I are going to be meeting a friend who is From Puebla and she is going to be showing us around This colonial city. You know some of the highlights. And I am most excited to eat some of the food. Because Puebla is known to have some of the best food in all of Mexico. We’ve left the apartment. And we’ve walked maybe two blocks. We’re heading towards the colonial center. And we stumbled upon this church right here. And Puebla is a city that has more monuments Than any other place in all of the America’s. It is a history lovers dream. And walking around only a few minutes. I’m already soaking it all in. We were here and we saw a lot of people With camera’s and Jon thought that everybody was vlogging. But what I think is that it’s like a school for photographers. Because every single guy has a camera. Like him. So what are you guys, we’re just really curious. We’re just here for the 15th Insta Meet. It’s a world wide insta meet. So we’re all a bunch of Mexican instagrammers. Taking photos and just like enjoying the day. Here in Puebla. Let me zoom in on your name so people can follow you. Around 23,000. Something like that. Wow. That was really neat, we just bumped into a bunch of big instagrammers. Uh from all over Mexico. And I might even collab with that guy Ran. On a video in Mexico City about the best places to take pictures. Tell me guys if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Leave me a comment ,does that sound cool or what. We are heading towards the colonial downtown that way. Finally made it to the center and my first impression is wow. Just gorgeous. This is the Puebla Cathedral. And it is the biggest cathedral in Mexico. Personally it’s my favorite church. I’m not really religious but I think it is so beautiful. It’s definitley worth visiting if you’re in Puebla. What’s one of your favorite things about living in Puebla, i’m curious. The food definitley. We’re going to do that soon, right? Yeah, okay. You promised. Puebla, was starting as a city people used to gather here. Okay, this was like the go to place. If you wanted to just find a girl Or a guy. Yeah and ice creams were a big thing. Whoa what do you mean find a girl, find a guy. It was the tinder, tinder of the 1600s. Right here ? Yeah. It was more of like where you go To just meet people. Restaurants were here. If you want to woo a lady, get her a balloon? You want a balloon? What? You want a balloon? We are about to walk into convent of Santo Domingo. And i’m not sure what to expect. But the first church was really cool. That was made entirely of gold those shots. That I just showed you . And Olga was telling me People wait years and years to get married in that final room. I’m not normally somebody thats likes to go inside churches. I’ve been to churches all over Europe. A lot of them look kind of the same to me. But the two churches i’ve seen in Puebla, wow just incredible design. This is the first public library in Latin America. And i’ve seen pictures, it looks pretty cool. Which is weird because normally I don’t like going to churhces or libraries when I visit a city. But Puebla so far has been the exception. Did you know that i’m part Hawiaan. No you’re not. No i’m not. And on a scale of 1 to 10 on random. The oldest library in Latin America having a hula dancing show, is like a 12. We just left one of the coolest libraries i’ve ever seen. Now we’re going to do what any good Mexican would do at 2 o’clock. Have a shot of something. Right. Yes, it’s Saturday two o’clock. What’s there to do. Other than drink. The most famous bar in Puebla. If you’re here you definitley have to come here. To get this shot of liquor made out of raisin. And you know how people sometimes take lime with tequila. Well here you take a piece of cheese. Before the shot. And then have a shot. Go. Wow it’s sweet. Not even close to as strong as Mezcal or Tequila for me. Good? Very good. Muchas gracias Olga. You’re welcome. We’re about to try some traditional food from Puebla. I’ve been looking forward to this the entire week. They re-create original recipes. And all of their food is from local people. So it’s definitley good. Let’s see. and I’ve never been here. The typical version of Cemitas are huge sandwiches. But these are just samplers. So you can try a little bit of everything. So I got the most adventerous choice here, I went for the mole sampler. Mole is basically a sauce. And you eat it with meat. You can have chicken, turkey pork. Beef Even duck. And which one is your favorite. Definitley the chocolate one. This one here is everybodys favorite right? Yeah. My favorite winner, is this one here. Which was, what did you say it was? Peanuts, tomato. Peppers. And all kinds of spices. You have to give out your name. So the little bird will just Will just grab a little paper. So he grabs your fortune? My fortune says that I will be happy with the love of my life. I wonder where he is? Wow. 18 months from now, your love will get better than now. Sorry. What do you mean with sorry? What a day in Puebla. I’ve got to thank Olga and Bere for showing me around. Adriana also appreciated it. This is a city with a good mix of food and colonial architecture. You’ve got to check it out. Especially if you come to Mexico City. It’s only two hours away by bus. I want to encouage you guys to check out my Mexico City Playlist. I’m putting all of my videos in the same spot. If you want to learn more about the area. Definitley hit it up. Like, share, subscribe all that good stuff. Peace out until next time. And I stole his camera. And i’m going to be the star today. Do you agree? The bird has escaped. Now I feel bad.