cowboy advice number one be rootin
number two be tootin number three and by god be shootin but most of all be kind
this almost made me cry and I don’t know why tears are just your inner cowboy
chase no cook cattle rustlers away from your brain parts. hey guys welcome back my name is sae and today we’ll be taking a nice look at r/tumblr what a
fun place. yo my religious followers what’s a good Bible or any other
scripture verse to go at this post Peter two:three they will exploit you in their
greed with deceptive words their condemnation pronounced long ago is not idle and their destruction does not sleep. so like im watching a documentary on Netflix about animals getting prosthetics and this vet just hand sculpted a
prosthetic beak for an injured Swan and the very first thing it did was use its
beak to bite into some bod. that’s very on brand for swans. look at how much
he’s grown oh my baby boy my son it’s like one of those pills he put in water
and it turns into a sponge dinosaur oMG you shouldn’t use your phone while it’s
charging and napoleon shouldn’t have tried to invade Russia during the frigid
winter okay but we’re all hell-bent on digging our own private
graves here. flaws: I’m quick to assume that someone is trying to cheat me
I don’t think dwarves exist tabletop is fun important addition this character is a
dwarf me trying to spell something in French I think that’s enough vowels the
French language you fool you insolent coward it is scientifically possible not
to read this with a French accent um I am French and please we don’t talk
all like that argh and I’m freezing these we don’t ill okay yeah that you
know sometimes you got crack open a rock and find a geode other times more rock
why don’t we crack you open Puki this fat ass ain’t for cracking me begging
tears in my eyes please please just tell me what the book
is about the plot please a book annotation on the cover unfazed
a subversive masterpiece a deep and touching story the New York Times
best selling offer go fuck yourself off to a good start
intimidation is the key okay go what guy is like seriously this is like if you
press the pedal slightly too long or like too early when you’re playing Mario
Kart you know and you just kind of explode and nothing really happens.
you can really always tell if an artist is slash was a furry or not by asking
the draw dog like this oh the first was really cute but the second what scares
me reminds me of things I should have never seen I never want to see please
make it stop summer body wishlist six wings a million
eyes constantly on fire and the ability to scream forever
memento mori Ring England late 17th to early 18th century you could put a
skittle in there guys what did a ring like this be meant to
carry a little poison ah I consider you could put a skittle in there I’d put
like a poisonous skittle or something like if someone asks you give it to them
but it’s still poison I guess so it’s like fashionable but useful same time. I
guess I’m just your average American whips out a gun and starts munching on
it is it deep fried is it deep fried is it *deep breath* it’s deep fried stem
major hey good luck on finals liberal arts major yeah you too that one white
dude who wears shorts even once 30 degrees outside it’s not even cold a
little I feel it final it’s a big deal guys yeah it’s just wind why can’t you
guys also wear shorts it’s not that cold no one cares if you’re vegan or a
vegetarian what we’re annoyed with is that you insist that you’re better than
us and we’re Satan or something because we eat meat OMFG you’re supporting an
industry that condones the murder and abuse of billions of lives
you’re not satan you’re God Satan kills far fewer people did you just call me
God I am sick of people thinking deodorant is optional I’m sick of people
thinking that they can judge others on a normally bodily function that the only
they can be accepted is to wear something that is harmful such poisonous
to your body just because some old men in the 1880s cite bodily odor was no
longer acceptable all you stink guy about to invent mayonnaise dang I
was just saying we tasted bad a piece ever had pizza with mayonnaise a piece
of our throttle someone to death with their bare hands either but unlike what
you just said that can be change any second there’s something morally wrong
with Pikachu’s mouth this is a sign of demonic possession that someone needs to
help him I’m gonna give him teeth to see if that helps that didn’t help that is
actually kind of scary this looks like an angry toddler that’s about to eat you
I’m let it pour from the heavens that hot dark rain bathed me in red I will
drink the wine of their sacrifice me bathing my dog oh did she like the water
easy warm oh she’s going to be so clean she’s a clean little girl smells so good
my dog in the tub looking like a sad little wet rat okay this reminds me of
the first time I took my puppy I got him during Christmas they take him dip bath
and he was like only like not even ten pounds he was like seven weeks old he
was tiny and I’ll post a picture but he like literally looked like it’s not a
little white rat that got electrocuted his hair was sticking up everywhere it
was adorable but I felt so bad for him because he was shivering so much because
it was cold in the store and I was trying to put what hot water on him but
he didn’t like that but you know like cold water and it was just a mess I
didn’t know what I was doing and last but not least tomorrow I’m going to be
hella productive never mind hey guys so I hope you enjoyed that I’m
sorry if it’s a little wonky with the editing this is like
I’m on my first YT video so I’m still kind of sorting it out I’m sorry if the
audio is a little funky I’m still figuring out on my mic and everything so
like the video subscribe if you really want to see how it goes and getting
advice but this is sort of like YouTube editing thing you get down in the
comments it just one of those don’t bother doing this don’t bother trying
but I know that I already do but um anyway thank you for watching and bye I