Well hello everybody! Welcome to Geoff’s Baking Blog. Today I’m making raspberry bars or raspberry squares. They’re going
to be made in nine inch , 23 centimetre, square cake tin. Which I have greased and
lined with parchment paper. And these squares are gluten free and I think
they’re suitable for vegans as well. I actually saw this recipe in a little
brochure or magazine type thing that Costco send out, or I received mine in
the email. And the recipe doesn’t contain flour or any gluten products and it
doesn’t contain from, what I can see, any sort of animal type products. That’s the main reason I want to make it. I mean I love raspberries and this has
strawberries in as well, and I love strawberries as well. But the fact that
the the finished result would be suitable for people who don’t eat gluten
and who don’t eat animal products. So for the ingredients I have: First of all, for
the raspberry filling, I have 125 millilitres, which is half a cup plus a teaspoon, of water. Then I have 35 grams, which is a quarter of a cup, of cornflour or cornstarch. I have 240 grams of raspberries and mine
of frozen raspberries, fresh or frozen is fine. I have a hundred, and that is two
cups, I have 150 grams which is one cup of strawberries which I have hulled and
chopped. I have a teaspoon of lemon juice. 80 millilitres ,which is 1/3 of a cup, of
agave nectar. I bought that some while ago and had
wondered what I’m going to use it for. So today is the day. And then I have 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. Now these are what my supermarket calls white chia seeds. I also have black so you can use white black or a mixture, but chia seeds. So that’s for the filling, and I’m actually just going to set that to one
side so that I can tell you about the ingredients for the base and the crumble
topping. And I’ll just my, raspberries are thawing so getting water on the counter. So for the base and the topping I have 120 grams, which is one and a half cups,
of rolled oats. I have 225 grams, which is 2 cups, of
ground almonds. Then I have a tablespoon of corn flour. A 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt. 115 milligrams which is half a cup – 1 teaspoon of agave
nectar. I have 65 grams of almond butter. if you don’t have almond butter I
think something like coconut milk, sorry coconut oil, which goes solid when it’s
so sort of at room temperature or cooled down. That would be fine instead, so
that’s 1/4 of a cup. I have another 1/4 of a cup, which is 60 millilitres,
of a plant-based milk. Now in my case mine is coconut and almond, because I tend to use that when I’m making my porridge. But almond milk, coconut milk, hazelnut,
soy milk, any milk, any plant-based milk you want would be fine. I have one teaspoon of vanilla extract. And I have an additional two tablespoons
of ground almonds. So again that’s for the base. But the first thing we’re going
to do is to make the raspberry filling. And to do that I’m going to take a
saucepan and I’m going to put my water into the saucepan
and then my 35 grams of corn flour. And I’m going to mix that together until
it’s nice and smooth. That’s our corn flour and water mixture,
and into that I’m simply going to put my raspberries and my strawberries. And then I’m going to put that on a
gentle heat, stirring all the time, so that the cornflour doesn’t go lumpy . And I’m going to leave it on that gentle heat as I stir it, until it comes to the
boil. And I’m going to boil it for two minutes
or simmer it for two minutes. That’s going to soften the fruit, so that you
could mash it if you want to. Or you can leave it slightly chunky, which is what I’m going to do. So I don’t think you need to see me boil with that fruit, so I’ll do that and then I’ll come back. So the strawberries and raspberries with
the cornflour mixture have been heated. And it’s thickened nicely. So then I’m going to add into that my two tablespoons of chia seeds, teaspoon of lemon juice, and the 1/3 cup, 80 millilitere of agave nectar. I’m just going to stir those around to
get those mixed in. And then I’m going to set that to one
side, I actually may turn that out into a separate bowl so that it cools, cools
down just a little bit quicker. And we’ll go on to make our base for our,
and our topping, for our raspberry squares. To make the base and the topping
we need to use a larger bowl so I put the rolled oats ,and the almond flour ,and
the salt, and the cornflour into that. bowl. And then we just need to mix those
around. And then I’ll set that to one side and
I’ll take another bowl, and into that I’m going to put the almond butter, and the agave syrup, As well as my almond and coconut milk. And we need to mix those and get those combined. Oh sorry, and my vanilla extract. Almost missed that. And once that’s fully mixed I’ll add it
into the dry mixture. I have my oven preheating, by the way, at 180 Celsius which is 160 Celsius with a fan 350 Fahrenheit. And then I’m going to mix that wet and
dry ingredients together. With that mixture like that we need to
take about three quarters of it, and put that into the bottom of our pan. And with that in the bottom in the pan
you just need to spread it around, to cover the base. Once it’s been spread
around ,and pressed down to be fairly flat , I’m going to put that into the oven,
and I’m going to bake it for 20 minutes. Then I’ll take it out and I’ll come back
and we will put the the raspberry filling on and then crumble with the
rest of the mixture over the top. So I’ll be back in 20 minutes, when this base has baked. The base is now cooked and I’ve taken it out of the oven and here it is,
this what it looks like. So I’m just going to set that to one side for a moment, and I’m going to take the remaining crumble mixture and into that
I’m going to add that additional two tablespoons of ground almonds, or almond flour, that we had. I’m just going to mix that in. This will make the topping just
that little bit crumblier. So that’s good . So then what we need to
do is to put our raspberry and strawberry mixture onto the top of our
base. And this is still warm. And then that just needs to be spread
again as evenly as possible,. over the base. I’m actually going to,
without burning my hands, give that a little bit of a shake that might help
level that off a little bit. That’s good. And then it’s just a question of
sprinkling our crumble mixture over the top. And that then just needs to be put into
the oven and baked for a further 10 minutes. Then I’ll take it out of the
oven and I’ll let it cool down, for at least 30 minutes before I come
back and show you the result. I let the raspberry bars or squares bake
for 10 minutes once I put that crumble topping on the top. Then I took it out of
the oven and allowed it to cool down, completely, in the pan. And once it had
cooled down I cut it, and I’ve already tasted it. But this is what it looks like.
so I could get I think 4 I could probably get 16 out of this. You could
actually make it as big or as small as you want. So I’ll have a taste of this one. And as you can see the base is nicely cooked and the raspberry filling
has set up a little bit . Maybe I would put not quite so much on in future. I’ll have a taste. hmm Such a lovely flavour that raspberry with a
little bit of sweetness from the strawberry as well. It gives it a really
nice flavour. And then you have the the almonds in the base and in the the topping, which give it extra flavour as well. So this has been a first for me,
trying something with absolutely no dairy or no animal products at all. And I
think it’s worked out quite well so I’m glad I found the recipe in the Costco
connections magazine. That’s going to be it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have give me the thumbs up, please, below the video and click to subscribe to my youtube channel. In the top right hand corner of the screen there will be an ‘I that you can click on ,and that
will take you to this recipe. And I’ll put a link for it below the video as
well. And I’ll be back with another recipe in the very near future. I should mention that within a couple of hours two or three hours of the video going
online I will have been able to edit the automatic subtitles, and then into more
decent English, and then get those translated automatically into those
other 11 languages that I mentioned on my last video. So that will be it for
today and I’ll be back with another recipe in the very near future so until
then happy baking.