Horseback riding in Muhu 2019 Monday 8.45 Hello You should say hi to the ship Gopro will not drop Now we are somewhere in Tallinna Are you rare? It’s like “yes yes I am” Don’t you go again? Those escalators are too slow I must do this Now we are at a ferryboat We just ate Our car is there you can see a corner How is it going? So fine She is really nice and energetic I wasn’t able to vlog when we did gallop Cause we went so fast with this horse And even passed those two horses before us So let’s see if I’m gonna get any galloping clips today The horse is just too energetic for filming with one hand 😀 Was the sadle okay? Yea okay I only heard some metal clicking sound It looked scary Yea you saw it Are somebody a little too fast? Is your horse nice? Yes, so nice So cute dog So this is that kind of field where horses usually likes to throw people down A cat was there beside the path 😀 Maybe some problems with slowing down? XD That is your sadle Do you want to eat my camera? You already got your bread I didn’t have these glasses yesterday So I wasn’t cool enough to stay in the sadle I asked a little easier horse for today And I think this is cause it already falls behind How was it? Really nice Got also some clips of Veera And we had nice distance from you Feels like there is some sand in my teeth Especially that one part I got to sprint That was a long gallop We just got some apples Both people and horses It’s just some rubbish Soon we are on shore We will wade in the sea to get to the foal island And I’m not talking to you I talk to camera You don’t need to listen not yet any water Some water already Nice water tunnel All the horses and people are muddy What do you have there A frend helps when another She doesn’t want to wait. There is a hole in the cloud Veera’s horse doesn’t like to be still She/he wants to fly Some leg yield here and there The foals are coming 😀 how cute Then we left the foal island to head to the picnic place It was some thunder going on around us 😀 Horses came to watch eating people Let’s continue Veera is there far away Tuesday 17.15 Soon we will finish our day trip We are going to breakfast It’s the last day here My legs hurt so much Our room is there And there we eat It is filming It is filming Surprising 😀 There are also pancakes And a tree And sky with stars Byebye room I got all my things in here Veera’s bed looks like Anna’s And mom’s bed looks like my bed You are cute Are you Today we’ve got a foal with us It’s my horse’s foal It’s still raining Little dark Our leader horse started to limp So we have to go back It was a short trip You got already back home You want to take your mother’s bridle off Well you don’t have to maybe I should do that There comes the foal You want some bread Wait a second The little one would also like to have bread I don’t have anymore How could I film you so that you won’t follow me all the time? You are so cute You are so sociable cause you want more bread There are lots of flies Foal! Thank you You are incredible That’s my waist… waist bag The mother is also a little like the foal How are you so cute Okay So you decided to roll just there You too Yea it’s nice to roll after rain Someone came little quickly Yes it’s a waist bag I don’t have any bread there Now I’m quite wet Everything got wet Luckily I have this jacket It’s not raining anymore Horses got free And we will not have time to ride anymore today It’s raining We will go to some bakery And then we will head to Tallinna I take the last bags can’t be true cute There it comes I bought this cute thing Now we are on the ferry We walked here also the last time When we vlogged ( amazing XD ) Let’s bye that Can I jump over these? How deep is that? There is a fish Look Sonja Fishes wait They just disappeared Fishes like to eat Take some food family members Why doesn’t that gull eat those fishes? That’s what I think It doesn’t see those It got it It was like what is it Welcome Veera do you show you home This is my house Is this your yard? Yes this whole place Everybody can walk here cause Im so friendly Those things on left and right Those are for my servants Yes Well where is your room? It’s in the middle If you see that circle window I do have two stairs in my room yes So the whole middle thing is my room Well I think that was it So thanks a lot for this interview It’s a pity that I couldn’t show you my room today Maybe some other day So let’s get back to it later Thank you, bye it was my pleasure not it was my Don’t follow me Go home I’m going for a run No no Well you can yet continue a little bit There is my own market place And some guest rooms Well, thanks for the interview Have a lovely day It’s not yet the end! These flowers… Nooo There are my lovely little… Okayyyy I also do that every day its so fun Okay, this is you daily routine Yea This is the back yard Well I have already seen it It’s quite little Come come There is not really much to see here I don’t like to be there in the light This is much better Did you liked my fountains? So how you liked them? Well quite okay But I think this was it But I have still so much to show! Bye bye For example there… Bye bye Don’t you dare to come here Stay away Hello there Hi you are cute It comes! It will eat you don’t tease it, the little one There we can still see Veera’s private amusement park Now I can’t drop camera The is the eiffel tower of Estonia Look there is a party There are some lights I can hear the music Will we soon go inside? No never whispering: (I am a little cold) What do you are? I am… what? I’m hungry! Then we come back to Finland at night Thanks for watching!