A complete ass. Don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s confirmed that it’s you. Don’t lie! People use aliases in there.
There is no way to confirm. What place is there? You! You! Go and check with the psychiatrist.
See if they go around and blabbering
about their patients. Bodyguard is no exception. Is that so?
You have such a smart head. I will sue you. What? I think you are a complete thug. Sue me then! What happened?
What is going on? What the heck? Malfunction? Why did you throw a fit? That and this are two completely
different things. Please don’t run and jump inside the elevator! See… You see? Please wait for the elevator
to run automatically. You don’t even know the basic rule. Being locked in an elevator
with a moron. If you don’t know, don’t move around! A punk who is capable to turn heaven into hell. Dear Lord, just strike me with lightning! Same here! You – are – a – baseball – thug. Maybe in my previous life I have committed so many crimes,
that’s why I met you. I hate red awfully much that
I don’t even want to eat a watermelon.