hello YouTube so today marks a very very
special day on my channel because ten years ago on February 23rd 2010 I
uploaded my first ever YouTube video it’s very weird to say that to say that
10 years ago I uploaded my first youtube video because it doesn’t seem like it’s
been that long and to think back to then I’m 24 now I
was 14 then I upload that video it’s just a very weird thing to say that I’ve
been uploading videos to YouTube for 10 years because yeah it really doesn’t
feel like it’s been that long a couple years ago I think me myself what I want
to do to celebrate my 10 years on YouTube and I thought about recreating
my first video but now as I’m getting to this time I don’t have the time in my
life to recreate my first video so I thought that I would react to it today
if you’ve been around for all 10 years of my youtube channel thank you so much
and thank you for continuing to watch me literally grow up because I went from 14
to 24 I went through all throughout high school and college and now my life
living in New York I am now engaged I and have like a life and an adult life
now which is a very weird thing to say because I still don’t feel like if my
life is still full of fully figured out yet but thank you for sticking around if
you’ve been around for all ten years and if you’re new here hello welcome to my
channel hope you enjoy this and and hopefully it makes you want to go down a
deep dive of my youtube channel and see my cringy self and see how I’ve grown up
since I made this first video and also if you’re new here hello my name is Tori
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and Instagram in the description at TSS 6 to 9 v now let’s get into the video so
before I react this video I’m going to give some backstory to what it is about
so my first ever youtube video was called 23 chromosomes biology song and
that’s literally what it was it was for my freshman year of high school biology
class we had to do an extra-credit assignment of creating a song about
something we were learning about in school and I decided to do 23
chromosomes to tune to 21 guns by everyday I wrote a whole song filming it
in my parents house with my sister Alexis sitting on the floor with a
laptop playing music and I couldn’t remember my lyrics
so I had to have I think my mom hold up cue cards for me and then my dad was
filming it on this very old camera that we had then so yeah it was a very funny
video and my family brings out blocks it is a very funny very very awkward video
so yeah let’s get into reacting to this video which also kind of explain what
I’m holding up throughout this whole video I decided to draw pictures of
everything that I was talking about so the chromosomes and everything and yeah
let’s just watch this oh my god I’m so awkward in this intro alright here we go do you know what makes up a cell I still
know all the words what’s inside your body does it thank you
wonder I’d say those pictures are pretty well
done pictures I love the awkward zoom ins and outs that my parents are trying
to do to get better video of the photos makeup haploids the sperm and the egg
ooh a banger I’m gonna say I think there’s just some pretty well done
lyrics to the tune of the song because I got in all the information that I need
to get in that was asked for from the assignment I would I don’t remember what
the assignment was except for creating a video and obviously being a theatre kid
in my high school I was like well I have to sing something and I think I did
pretty well with the lyrics I wrote and everything that I did but the singing
not great you can also fully see me right here looking over at my cue cards
because I’m not looking directly at the camera I’m looking off to the left next
setup where’s my artis pickup go there we go I remember when I filmed this one it was
very late at night because we’re trying to just get this video done and it was
taking me a long time to figure out how I wanted to film the video but also I
felt so uncomfortable singing in front of my parents so I was just like oh my
god just let me get this over with as soon as I possibly can because I don’t
want to be singing this in front of my parents and my sister and I feel very
awkward and I ended up having to like refill but I think two or three times
because I kept missing Apple Eric’s so this one it turned out well for what it
had to be oh this is the awkward it’s dance break coming up yeah meter what
they’re clapping they’re still the same they used to make a diploid here’s the operand and Crake and on this
paper I wrote the 23 chromosomes are dancing along are you
oh I look so uncomfortable I look so uncomfortable I think I just couldn’t
figure out lyrics to write in this section so I just did this and I look so
awkward oh it goes on for so long oh my god the smile on my face is just like oh
my god get me through this as soon as possible processes they both make new
cells I think it would have been better if I went both make new cells instead of
both make new cells they’re both interesting musical choices but I’m not
sure exactly which one was the right one I feel like at the point I was like yeah
yeah just holding out this note is gonna sound great in my voice I think your repeats one more time oh no
it doesn’t oh yeah pretending oh thank god that’s over because I felt
uncomfortable did you well but I do think the one thing that hasn’t changed
at all in 10 years is me going like this at the end of a video cuz there has been
a lot of editing that I’ve done in my videos where I had to edit out me going
like this or like this at the end of a video and I’m like that’s all I have for
you guys today so yep so that’s my first ever YouTube video let me know what you
guys thought of that in the description down below I’m proud of myself for it
because I wrote all those lyrics myself based on everything that we learned
about the 23 chromosomes in biology class and I think it went okay
at the time I was like very proud of this little video that I made this
little song that I wrote and I thought it was very catchy so I was like maybe
this’ll help my friends study when they see it when I present it as my extra
credit project I was thinking very highly of myself so yeah that’s all I
have for you guys today let me know what you thought of that in the comments down
below and yeah let me know if you’ve been watching since being at my channel
I’d love to know who’s been around for 10 years and yeah
also in the comments down below let me know there’s anything else we’d like to
see here on my channel in the future thank you guys so much for watching
happy ten-year anniversary to me and TSS it’s to 95 and my little
corner of the Internet thank you guys so much for watching dftba and I will see
you guys next time bye you