I want you to just focus on the spinning
pocket watch right here it accounts backwards some three to one what I reach
number one I want you to just close your eyes and as soon as you close your eyes
I want you to imagine yourself still you can hear the sound of children
playing you can hear the sound of the ocean caresses against this close you can see you can see this respected with each number accounts so was it hard to find parking in
Cambridge no actually when to fry something so what kind of
mushroom have you tried from mythology how does that taste like chicken
no no just let it out let it go right now open accounts for one two three when
I count to three you couldn’t open your eyes you look into my eyes you’ll find
that all the energy or you’re nervous damaging are leaving their body through
your eyes and just feel my eyes drawing and training all the negativity training
all the anxiousness training all the anxiety you’ve ever experienced draining
out of your body through your eyes into my eyes I want to see all your enemy
train and the more energy draining out of your body and your mind and the more
exciting cocoa tree know your body and if you sleep here a sleep here yes sleep
here and when all those entering all those negativity go train out of your
eyes if you’re so sleepy that you close your eyes you go back 10 times deeper
into hypnosis one two three eyes open just look into my eyes
I just find energy inside your negativity yes find yourself just assume so things so good the anxious and I want to try this one more time but
instead open your eyes I want you to focus all your energy go to this spot
right here three two one I want you to feel all your anxiousness and all
negativity that you maybe I wouldn’t know to scream out of your brain through
my finger I know three two opening up your mind whatever negative
emotions then you may be holding them then you may or may not know how to
describe it that’s fine it’s training hours of your mind and of your brain all
over this thing now right here you can still see my touch
right like a forehead right you