today we are going to discuss about the topic. how to remove this advertisement from weebly website if you dont know about weebly website then its a website which is used to create a free website. Its a simple site with which we can create a website without much effort. If you want to know more about this then comment about it. I will create videos for the same Anyway today we are going to discuss , how to remove the advertisement shown below. It is a common question among weebly users. The actual solution for this problem is to buy a premium account. Select any of these plans and be a pro user to remove the ad and get more useful features But the problem is , it is not free. Minimum 4$ per month is the expense. If you don’t want to spend 4$ per month for removing this advertisement , then this video is for you. With a small we can remove this advertisement without any cost. Its a small piece of javascript. Ok guys , lets do it. So , here is our weebly site editor. This is what we gonna remove today. Go to settings from the top. There you can see SEO. Click on that There you can see a section called “Footer Code” This section is for the footer section of our weebly website. Here add the single line javascript which can be copied from the description section. It isThis script will remove the footer section from the website. So we have added our script now press the save button to save the changes we have done. so its saved. Now we need to publish it. After all changes you need to publish your site once again. So just press publish button. Okay , now the site is published. so , lets check our website. just refresh the page scroll down… Yea…. its gone 🙂 Lets check some other page. Here also no advertisement. so guys , we have successfully removed it. so we have saved 4$ per month. Please try this technique and let me know the result. I hope it will work for every one. So , its the time to say good bye. Like and share this video. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel “Tintu Vlogger” So its me tintu signing off… Bye Bye….