– And this front is…
– Are we not bothering you, Thomas? Hey! I was about to call you guys. You were about to call us?
Yeah, what a liar! – Let’s catch him.
– Come with us. Let’s go, we are going to visit
the concept-car’s trunk. Hey, but we don’t know
this concept-car. This is it!
This is what we needed! Guys, I have an idea! I fear the worst. For us to get known worldwide, we are going to present a car
at the Geneva Motor Show. The Geneva Motor Show?
Where the most luxurious, the most efficient and the most
innovative cars are presented? That’s it. Exactly. What do you want to present?
We don’t even have a car. Don’t worry, I have some strings.
And I have a plan. Here you go, meet Thomas,
mister WorldSupercars. Nice to meet you! Guys, don’t trust the environment. Here is the perfect place
to realize your project. First, if you want to shine in Geneva,
what you need is not a car. What makes people dream today,
what work are the concept-cars. And we have them here. I told you I bet
on the right horse. – Let’s go look for a concept-car.
– Let’s go! Okay but guys, I’m begging you,
please stand correctly. Don’t make me feel ashamed. Here guys is Flins. This is where Renault stores
everything that is the most exceptional, from vintage cars,
sports cars to concepts. Okay guys,
for us to cover everything, we are going to split into
two groups of one, okay? So Guillaume, you start there. Saad, you start over there.
Come on! – And what will you do?
– I will monitor. – Alright.
– Come on! Isn’t that a Fuego? I know it’s in English,
but what didn’t you understand in the word concept-car? Saad, what do we have here? You will not be disappointed.
What if I say French Racing Blue? Yes, Alpine, Bugatti. Exactly, the French sportsmanship. A small, super beautiful
and ultra-light receptacle. A 2 liters turbocharged
behind the seats to take you directly
to Geneva in your box because yes,
we can drive this car. Yes, but Laguna,
does Laguna Concept ring your bell? Just one of Renault’s
biggest commercial successes, 3 000 000 copies sold. – Oh yeah, that much.
– The Renault Spider too? I told myself that
it looked like a car I knew. It’s a good idea in itself, but it would have been better if
you saw it 30 years ago for instance. – 30 years?
– Yes, 30 years. So you are going to get me something else.
I’m going to see Guillaume. Still, this was a beautiful car. Come on, it’s your turn.
What do you have? Wait. Look at this.
Renault Racoon. An SUV ahead of its time, with huge punture-proof wheels,
and what’s more, it is amphibious. You can go to Geneva by the sea. – Look at this.
– Right. but Racoon was made in 1993,
I was 5 back then. And what I’m really looking for now,
and I insist, is something that has not been seen before.
So, get back to work! Stop complaining! Qu’est-ce que c’est beau ! I found his concept. Antoine? Come take a look.
I found your concept. The large French bodywork,
with brushed aluminium everywhere. With gigantic rims,
a shark fin antenna, And you know what?
When you open the car doors, you open the hood at the same time.
Very convenient when doing the draining!  Yes, the advantage here is that
we went past the 2000s. – Because this is Nepta, 2006.
– Oh no! And for example,
what you see at the front are the lights of the new Mégane 3
which was going to come out. I think that you and Guillaume are
passing the buck back to each other.  I need something more current. Get back to work! – Come on, it’s your turn.
– Wait. Renault TreZor. You won’t find a sexier and more
magnificent car than this one here today. An electrical GT with 350 horses? Look at this line. It’s incredible! I agree with you, it’s impressive. It looks like an F1 with its cockpit,
I agree. And it seems like she’s breathing,
that is kinda crazy. But TreZor? 2016?
Laurens van den Acker? Super famous! Yes, but it’s a safe bet! She won
two elegance contests back in 2017. You’ll be at ease
if you go with that in Geneva. Yes Guillaume, but if
she won an elegance contest, it means that she has already
been seen a lot, don’t you agree? – Yes, you got a point here.  
– Obviously. But hey, we did our best. And we didn’t
choose to come here, it was you. It was your friend,
WorlSuperTacky. That’s right.
By the way, where is he? I don’t know where he is. We are looking for cars,
not for tacky people. I will find your Thomas.
I’m pretty sure he went that way. Let’s take a look over there. Here, with the… Wait, isn’t that his voice
I’m hearing? No. It’s sure,
he found something. So here, we have rims,
it’s a concept with rims… and this front that… Are we not bothering you? Hey! I was about to call you guys. You were about to call us
Yeah, what a liar! – Let’s catch him.
– Come with us. Let’s go, we are going to visit
the concept-car’s trunk. Hey, but we don’t know
this concept-car. This is done. Wait, I see someone. Act like nothing happened.
This is nice. Good morning. I’m looking
for Thomas WorldSuperCars. Well, here.
Thomas, World and Supercars. – Nice to meet you!
– Nice to meet you! Concept-cars from Renault,
we are interested by that. And this one, what is it ?
Because we don’t know it. It’s only natural
because we just finished it. It represents the family petal
for Renault’s concept-cars. Alright. So, what’s innovative
in this in terms of design? Many things. In fact, it has an incredible concept
where we started from the idea that the family was complex and that we would have to respond to
a lot of uses for the vehicles of the future. And for that, we imagined a car
which finally is able to stretch out to put a battery pack and at the same time,
to lengthen the back of the car to offer a larger trunk. Wait, this car’s size
changes physically? – Exactly.
– But you’ll have to prove that. That is easy. Yes, it’s stretching out. It’s magical. I told you it was simple. This rocks. Okay, so the car stretches out
in front and behind. Which means that
the interior also changes. Yes, effectively. Because in fact, it allows you
to reconfigure the entire interior since the cabin has lengthened. Actually, we could
magnify the car’s capacity to offer a new interior space. And in terms
of automatic driving, there is… We have integrated
a level 3 in terms of autonomy, which in fact, allows the car to be
relatively autonomous on the highway, and at the same time,
to keep the driver’s capacity to always keep
the pleasure of driving. Okay. But why didn’t you go
for a level 4 for the car? We have explored it
many times on different concept-cars and we thought that here, not only
mastering the pleasure of driving but also magnifying the sharing
within the family in the vehicle was more interesting
for the concept. And it’s more realistic too. And so, it’s an electrical car with many levels of the battery’s
autonomy this time around? Yes. In fact, we have 40 kilowatts-hour
in City mode version, which we call the city version, and we have 90 kilowatts-hour
in Travel mode version, the mode which can potentially
from 400 kilometers in the city, or 80% of the daily use to 700 kilometers for a weekend, a trip,
for the few times where we need it.  That is a new thing because until now,
when we buy an electrical car, we either choose
the power or the battery’s size so we are blocked. Exactly. And it also implies
that we choose the biggest car for the few uses
we will need it for. So now I’ll go to Renault
and I’ll tell them : “knock, knock, I’m going to go on a weekend,
give me some batteries?” Exactly. But not today. Well, the exterior is super well-made,
but I didn’t see any handle on the car so is it model
and we can’t open it? Of course not, and by the way,
I’m going to show you. Okay. And so, in this mode,
the passenger’s seat is rear-facing? Yes, exactly. In fact,
the car went into Travel mode. So, what happens is that
the backseats backed down, taking advantage of the space
that was offered by the trunk. At the same time, the console opened up,
freeing up an interacting screen and finally,
the passenger’s seat can turn backwards, shift
and go into sharing configuration. Does the big screen
have a changing role depending on when you are in town
or when you are travelling? Effectively, in fact
what happened was that we integrated
an artificial intelligence, which is called
onboard intelligence. In fact, the onboard intelligence
allows you via your profile, your user’s profile to integrate an augmented travel. So, depending on
the mode you are in, whether it is a City mode
or a Travel mode, you are going to have a suggestion
by the artificial intelligence to set up your trip differently. Okay, so the trip is optimized
based on what I’m trying to do? Exactly. In City mode,
the interface is super-efficient and makes sure that your trip
is optimized throughout the day. While when you are
in Travel mode, the interface is rather going
to propose an augmented travel with travel opportunities. It’s finally to draw you away
from what you wanted to do, to go discover new things. Thanks to the GSP,
try to lose yourself. We are going from
what length to what length? We are going from a car that is 4.40 m
to a car that is 4.80 m.   Yes, from a small car
to a very big car. We are really changing
automotive segment. Exactly. We are going
from a segment to another and we also mean that we go
from a car that is the City car to a car which is
an invitation to travel. By the way,
I have a question, are you going to use this one
at the beginning of March or?  Yes. It will be the star
in Renault’s box at the Geneva Motor Show. Yes. Or else… – We are going to find a solution.
– Yes, we are going to. – Anyway, thank you François.
– Thank you very much. – It was nice.
– Bye! I knew we were eventually
going to find this concept. It will be called
Futura Concept 2020. – What are you talking about?
– It’s called Morphoz, not Futura. – No, that is what you believe!