This is my proposal: 100 words. This is the request of the manifesto: 100 words. Hundred words, but everyone. Hundred words agreed upon, discussed, voted. Hundred words, at least. Hundred words to start defibrillate Hundred words to start degrease Hundred effective words or expressions Hundred words and hundred contexts We need to shout, scream Still in a time of having to reclaim words and verb tables Learn hundred words in one year, in Basque ¿Necessarily? Yes, de rigor. “Look, you have learned one: the word derrigor (required)”. So many things to do out of obligation! One more, but this one is fun. ALL BASQUE you know without your knowledge Is the name of method that we can begin with. Sorry, but to handle me with most of the people I meet on the street I do not need more than a hundred. In the morning transaction with the baker I do not need to discuss Kant’s categorical imperative but a hundred words are enough to chat with the baker How much is it? “For me Zenbat-da sounds like lambada…” For better, what dances it´s easier, My baker likes reaggeton, not the Basque marathon All the basque you know without knowing it, mr baker. Euskera will not be lost because of those who know do not talk instead, because those who do not know, have refused to learn a hundred beautiful words Courtesy and good manners will not be lost because those who know do not speak Euskera but because those who do not know refuse to learn a hundred words Politesse, with these two, I like. It is more efficient in French Tell me what word you refuse to translate and I will tell you who you are. 100 words. Hundred this year and next year another hundred (well, maybe this is optional, We see how the balance of forces is, who will win the next election …) Hundred words or expressions. They are two per week Cafes Baque or Fortaleza will disseminate to the four winds every morning, Obligatorily they will have to say in radio programs or newscasts that sentence, non-Basque journalists and broadcasters (The phrase of the week!) They will have to find a way to just say it Using Axular´s style, in a pedagogical way, with synonyms: “The phrase of the week is …” Now that would be a real commitment. I want to listen to those who do not know Basque those little words that they know What poem, autobiography and novel they hide… Those words that are scarce and few why they are useful or attractive or, or, why not, strange and despicable. Hundred words are few Hundred words are many Hundred words can be many One hundred words for now. A hundred words can weave a language. Do all the same a hundred words? Maybe not. One hundred words, according to the proffesion Hundred words, by age. Among those hundred words, core words and optional ones. Strategic hundred words. Hundred words that you may already know you the: Renault LAGUNA … (You would sink yourself in that car, but for me it’s like buying a car with co-driver). * (Laguna=friend) You may not have to learn a hundred words If you know what’s zulo (hole) and what is ama (mother) easily you learn what is amazulo (those who are too protected by the mother) Three for one, amazulo. Little bit? Yeah, like expensive clothes. A lot? Yes, like fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Mary Shelley has brought other three: Comrades, bread, wine. The first three words that says the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein. Comrades, bread, wine. In that order. Not a bad start. We would start with 97 if we started with Mary Shelley Basque directors are spreading the nomenclature, renouncing translation Despite creating concerns to more than one with the pronunciation: They have learned to say “flowers”: LOREAK, LÓREAC and LOREÁC They have learned to say “deer”: Oreina, Oreiná, O Queen! Three in one, amazulo. We do not want our language to be treated as an object At the request: “Baso bat ur mesedez?” (A glass of water please?) When we respond “Excuse me?” We hear “firing line” We do not want to become the language (the messenger) in message The treat the language as an object, denying its meaning Like in the movies, the taxi driver-Afghan-usual-terrorist that when speaking in their language, only captioned: “SPEAKING IN HIS LANGUAGE …” They treat the language as an object hundred words Everyone defends his own word at the parliament hundred words each one will defend it´s word well done I’ll take mine but not today: the next day after tomorrow Come on, I’ll take mine the next day after tomorrow and that the word will be the same: etzidamu (the next day after the after tomorrow) The word is threefold “After Tomorrow” and “repentance” and “the next day after tomorrow” three hooks in one stalk Doing what you do you’ll regret it in three days No need to pick them all now, but we have a bit of a hurry: the basque-speaking people find black holes relentlessly They need to fill urgently. In our country, as we walk, we fall in grabitational areas that have no strength The phenomenon of intermittent exile often it happens, We are also tired of it, either at the airport and on aircraft hotels in boards with modernity, with the trip, in the nuclei of decisions relating to non-places with sites that are important both symbolically and economically The basque-speaking people already know, for example, that will die without hearing a lot of sentences in Basque, For example: “Hand luggage may have been moved” or “Have you eaten something from the minibar?” ( “No, the minibar has consumed me”). That is worrisome. If Iberia ground staff in Loiu ask us to weighting the luggage: “Aldean badaramazu maletarik batere?” (Still carries a suitcase? “) we would skyrocket libido, “May we have children here and now” we would beg him to marry us Do they know the non-Basque speakers Iberia How weak and easy to convince are we? They shall know we will tell them, and we are saying it here: Hundred words are powerful! Hundred spots for our filmmakers. One hundred sketches of work for both our artists and designers. Hundred foolish haikus One hundred huge posters Fortaleza cafes, Café Baque, radio, television, Mass extend hundred words with the media in a year Hundred words. We will leave a little work to the Department of Culture. We will leave to the Department of Culture to put money and in return, put themself a medal hundred words Looking for the last word and the desire of the first Hundred words. The basic point that should indicate the charter of fundamental rights of citizens: To be or not weaver. A discussion, a hundred words. One hundred practical words Poetic hundred words. Protean hundred words. Hundred words to weave the network. Hundred words. We shall weave them.