-We were just talking about you
maybe a couple months ago, ’cause we had a hashtag called
#worstfirstdate. And our very own Questlove
sent a tweet out, and he said,
“Had dinner with Rosario Dawson. Let Mos Def and his three bros
crash the party. Mos casually ordered her a
$500 birthday cake. It wasn’t her birthday. Six more people crashed.
Bill was $1,400. I didn’t have $1,400. Worst first date
and last first date.” Do you remember this date?
-Was that a date? -It was a dinner.
-It was a dinner? -Whoa!
-Wait a minute. Wait. Why are
you trying to play me? -You what it is? We were so New —
Well, I’m New York. -It was a dinner. -It’s a thing of, like — I feel
like that at that moment — -Wait. You totally
backpedaled so fast. He’s like, “Oh, it’s a dinner. You’re the one who said
it was a date. -It’s the “Love Jones”
kind of, like, era, where, like, we hung out, and
maybe there was, like, something there, but we were
not explicit about it, so it was hard
to even know, maybe, ’cause if it’s also —
If it was a date, there was like 10 dudes on it. Like, I didn’t know. -It’s like
“The Bachelorette,” yeah. Who do you give the rose to?
Did you get a rose? -No, I got the bill.
-Yeah, he got the bill. You didn’t get a rose.
You gave him the bill. That’s fantastic. -You know,
but we stayed friends. -Okay, good, good, good,
all right. -So that’s
the most important part. -Yeah, yeah.
Look — You’re blushing. -I’m not blushing. -Speaking of dating, though —
You’re both blushing. -I love you so much. -Speaking of dating, you
are dating Senator Cory Booker. -Yeah, he’s here.
He’s in the greenroom. -Oh, cool. How fun is that?
-Yeah, it’s really fun. -That’s pretty cool. What is — I know he dropped out
of the race for president, but people were
very excited that you could have been First Lady. They’d like
First Lady Rosario Dawson. -Yeah, it definitely was strange
when I endorsed him, ’cause then I always felt like
I was promoting people to vote for him,
but really for me, you know? -You’re like, “Dude,
I want to be First Lady”? -I could definitely feel
my grandmother in heaven smiling at the idea. You know,
my mom was a teenage mom, and then, all of a sudden, she’s
validated with her daughter becoming an actress
and then doing all of this good community work
and then, on top of that, potentially being First Lady after living in a squat
in an abandoned building. Like, it’s a crazy,
amazing story, and just even the idea of it
was really beautiful. -Would you ever run for office? -I’ve been called
“Senator Dawson,” actually, weirdly,
for a lot of years, ’cause I co-founded a
voting organization, which is 15-years-old this year,
Voto Latino. -Oh, yeah. That’s right. -So, we’ve been doing voter
registration and GOTV and census initiatives
and even helped to co-found National Voter Registration Day, if any of you have
heard of that, NVRD. -Absolutely.
-So…yeah — -You must be
busy right now, huh? -Yeah, it’s a really big year,
no matter what. So, it’s exciting, actually,
’cause Cory and I are gonna probably hit
the road and start, you know, pushing people to make sure
they’re registered and filling out
their census forms and also voting “down ticket,”
because all of those seats are really critically important
in this election. -Yeah, that’s smart.
-Yeah. -We know Cory. We’ve had him on this show
a couple of times. He seems like
a pretty smooth guy. How does Cory Booker —
-Really? No, I’m kidding. -Really? -He’s, like, dad jokes and,
like — He’s not, like — That’s actually what
I kind of loved about him. He’s very nerdy, and we bond
on being really nerdy. -How did — Really?
-Yeah. -How did he get your number? -We, you know, both ended up
getting invited to Sarah Silverman’s
annual rooftop party. I’m sure you’ve been invited
or gone to it, right? -Yeah, sure.
-It’s a lot of comedians. -“It was a dinner. It was a dinner.” It was not a date.
It was a dinner. I was busy that night.
-I don’t know what’s happening. -I was busy.
I was over at Questlove’s house. We were playing… -Anyways, one of those things
that she always keeps inviting, even though I’m so often
not in town. And I remember, when I got
there, my friend Tal — Awesome shout-out to Tal,
female bassist. Like, Sarah goes,
“Cory Booker just texted me. He’s coming.”
And I was like, “Okay.” And then he came in, and he’s tall
and brilliant and amazing. And we talked and kind of hovered around each other
all night. And then, like,
we both stayed late at the party,
so we kept talking. And everyone kept leaving. And then he finally was like, “So, how would one get
in touch with you?” And I was like — -“How would one
get in touch with you”? -“You are one of
the most brilliant men I’ve ever spoken to. I’m sure you can
figure it out what that is.” It’s not smoke signals.”
-Yeah. -It’s definitely not
smoke signals. -And he figured it out.