-Let’s talk about animals.
Can we talk about your pets? -Yes, yes.
-Because every time you come on, there is always a new addition
to the family. -That’s right. That’s right. This summer I had, like,
a duck episode. Like a connection with —
a special connection with ducks. -Now tell me —
-I don’t know what that means. But they came to me a lot.
[ Laughter ] And one — I was —
[ Laughter ] -What in the world?
-Oh, yeah, my husband doesn’t believe that the animals
come to me. But now I think he only pretends
he doesn’t believe. -Tell me the story.
Tell me what happened. -Okay. So there is a — There is a bathroom
in a mud room in my house that we don’t use
very much. -Yeah.
-And I had a friend visiting from Mexico, Wynona. Sunday we were having breakfast like at 10:00 and outside
close to that place. And my husband
went to the bathroom. -Yeah.
-And then he comes back. And he’s like —
he was very calm and, you know, good mood,
and he goes, “Oh, no, that’s it! This is where we draw the line! This is like another level
of crazy! [ Laughter ]
I found you out! I found what you were
hiding in the –!” I’m like,
“What are you talking about?” “I found the dog hiding
in the thing.” I said, “I don’t have
any extra dogs. I haven’t picked up any dogs.”
[ Laughter ] Like, “No!
Not the dog, the duck!” Because he’s French
and it sounded the same. Finally he said it in French.
And I said,
“Oh, I don’t have a duck. I don’t have a duck!”
-Yeah. -“Yes, you do! Stop lying! God knows how long
you’ve had that in there!” I’m like, “You’re crazy,
hallucinating.” Anyway, I go.
And on this armoire, there he is, a duck… [ Laughter ]
…inside my house. He’s like…
-This is — -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] That’s my armoire. -How did he get in your house? -The security people had to come and figure out
how he got in there. -Yeah.
-He got in there through the chimney. But when
I went in there I was, like, so excited, Jimmy. I mean it was such a blessing… -It’s a good-looking duck.
-…to have an animal come inside my house to visit.
And I was —iAy, mi amor! iQue lindo!And my husband is like,
“What do you mean,mi amor?There is [ bleep ] everywhere! He’s destroyed the place! You’re getting rid
of that duck!” -Yeah.
-And I tried. But I said,
“Okay, open the windows. When I go up,
he’s just going to fly.” But he was very happy.
He was not even nervous. So I wanted to be a good host.
I brought him some lettuce. [ Laughter ]
So finally at 6:00 — -It’s like a kids’ book.
-He insisted enough. And I had to carry him,
because he would not leave and then let him fly away.
[ Audience aws ] But, you know, I was so sad. But two days later, we came
to Los Angeles at night. And when he woke up in the
morning, we had another duck with her
five babies in the pool. [ Laughter and applause ] -What is — Animals come to you.
-They do come to me, yes. -They love you. I want to
talk about “Like a Boss.” It’s super funny. You, Tiffany
Haddish, Rose Byrne. But before we get into that,
I want to talk about this — this Marvel movie you’re doing,
if I can talk about this — -Yeah, yeah.
-“Eternals.” -You can, but I can’t.
Because they have you on the — All I can tell you is that
it’s going to be amazing. I’m very excited. -All right. That’s it.
But that’s — [ Cheers and applause ]
-I’m very excited. -Kumail Nanjiani’s in it.
-Yes. And Angelina Jolie,
whom I adore. I mean, the cast —
the entire cast is incredible. -Angelina Jolie?
-The director’s incredible. The executives are incredible.
I pinch myself. And I got to tell you, I give
all the credit to “Like a Boss.” Because this “Like a Boss”
movie, it’s got superpowers. I’m not kidding. Since I did that movie,
my life has changed. I mean, it’s like
my good luck charm. I’ve done five movies since. And everybody in the movie is
working nonstop and doing great. So I was trying to figure out
what is it that makes this movie
have these superpowers? And by the way, if you’re
superstitious, come and see it, because
it might change your life. If you’re not superstitious,
come and see it, because it’s very funny.
[ Laughter ] But I figured out — [ Cheers and applause ] I figured out what was
the secret and why I’m doing so well.
-What was it? -It is Tiffany. And she has these mojo bunions. [ Laughter ]
I promise you. One day, she was complaining
about it. And I said, “Girl,
give me that foot.” And I rubbed it like
the Aladdin lamp… [ Laughter ]
…or like the Buddha belly. -Yeah.
-I rubbed the bunion. And my life changed. [ Laughter ]
-You think — -She has a magical bunion!
Tiffany. [ Laughter ]
-Tiffany Haddish’s bunion is your good luck.
-Oh, oh, yes. -You rub it for good luck?
-Oh, yes. If anything starts going bad, I’m going to go find her
and say, “Give me that foot.” [ Laughter ] -Let’s describe the film
for everybody and who you play. You played a villain in this.
-I played the villain, yes. -Yeah. It’s very funny, though.
-It was very fun. It was very fun especially
because everybody is so nice. It was really an amazing,
an amazing experience. These two girls are so talented
and so funny. And they’re trying to build up
— they have a business. It’s not doing really well. I know how to make it better,
but that might involve not doing things in such a touchy feely way
like they do. -Yes, exactly. -So I have a more aggressive
approach. And I’m kind of trying
to break them up. Because I’m kind of jealous…
-A little jealous. -…that they’re friends
and stuff. I have no friends,
’cause I’m mean. -“Like a Boss.”
I want to show a clip. Here’s Salma Hayek Pinault
in “Like a Boss.” Take a look.
-Congratulations. Now we celebrate. [ Snaps fingers ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -[ Speaks Spanish ] ♪♪ -[ Singing in Spanish ] ♪♪ -[ Speaking Spanish ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Music stops abruptly ]
-Please stop. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]
-That was fun. Salma Hayek Pinault, everybody!