Today I have another unboxing for you and it is one of my favorite subscription boxes so.. Stay tuned! Hey there! My name is Katlyn Duncan and I am a traditionally published author and ghostwriter So today I have another unboxing for you and it is the Scribbler Box. This is August 2019 Scribbler Box And this is my favorite subscription box and because it is just for writers. And I myself am a writer and I always love all the goodies inside of these boxes. So let’s get started! Now if you don’t already know, there is a short story written all around this box, which I think is such a fun and a little interesting tidbit about this box. Opening it up here, this is what we have! So right here it looks like an art print. Oh, that’s really cool. It’s by Lauren Davis and on this side it has the Scribbler logo And I’m not sure what its from, so I’m going to take a peek at the spoiler card and see in just a minute. And in all of these Scribbler boxes we have a special exclusive chat. So this month is with Adrienne Procaccini with 47 North. And we are given a special code for each of the chats and they are actually up for about 30 to 60 days. I think they’ve been extending them throughout the years. So basically, if you can get in on the live chat and ask all of your questions, that’s great! But if not, you can always listen to it later, which is awesome. So, she is a Senior Editor with 47 North. She has acquired books in Meg Elison’s Philip K Dick Award-Winning nominated The Road To Nowhere series Before joining Amazon Publishing in 2014,
Adrienne acquired audio rights as Brilliance Publishing. Bringing books such as Wool by Hugh Howey. I think I said that right and The Martian by Andy Weir to CD for the first time
which is pretty cool! So the next thing in the box is tea. This is the Royal Treatment refreshing Mint and Lavender tea. I love that! I am a big coffee drinker, but I do like to drink tea at night usually if I have a writing session at night. So I really, really appreciate that.
And I look forward to having some. And now we have the squiggles, which I will push aside. Oh, great! This is so cool! This is a book light. Let me open it up real quick so I don’t make all the crinkly sounds. So here we go, this is the Scribbler, official Scribbler book light. That is so great, it has a little clip here to clip into your book. It’s a little sunny in here right now, so I can’t really tell. But, let me grab a book. I’ll grab right here I have
The Bitter Side of Sweet by Tara Sullivan. I met her this year at the Big Sur workshop in Cape Cod. So look, fits nicely right in here and I love the flexible head here. And I’m so looking forward to reading with this light especially in this room. My bulbs in this room are not that great and I always end up using a book light anyway at night. So, this will definitely help and I love how I can support Scribbler with it as well! Now the next item in the box is — Ouuuu! Ooooh this is awesome! So I thought this was a notebook at first. So it says ‘Write On’ but inside it’s actually post-its! I’m a huge post-it person whether it is with planning or plotting. And I love that it’s in a little cute notebook here.
I love that, and we actually have a bunch. Quite a bit of post-its and then the page flags as well. So that is awesome for an organizational supply lover like myself. Moving further down, we have the writing passport for this month which is Storytelling. Usually these are connected with the book in the box. So they have a little opening here and yeah.
So Amy Harmon, it’s her career highlights. And she is most likely the author of the book inside of this box, so let’s see! I really love this color, that’s really nice.
It’s like a pink purple maybe a magenta. I like that! The next thing is another Scribbler –
Scribbler writing contest. I really like this back. I could I think I could just put this on my corkboard as a decoration too – that’s really cool. So the writing contest this month is a write a short story intro to a story using prompt words ‘casket’ and ‘peaches’. Our favorite submission will win a bonus gift in their next box. That is pretty cool. So you write down on here a little story based on the prompt and you could win! And also gets you really thinking if you’re stuck. I find that writing prompts really helps sometime just a jump start any story or just any writing session. So, I love that! And now I’m going to get to the book so this is.. Wow, this is a big book — The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon I have never heard of this book, and I have not read Amy Harmon yet. So let’s see what it’s about! ‘In a time of ruins and magic, one woman’s curse has the power to destroy or save’ This looks like a fantasy of some sort or paranormal. I will double check on that and in editing I’ll let you guys know. And it’s also signed.
And this signature is within the book So they stuck it right in there instead of a book plate, which i think is really great. I’m very excited to read this book And this is also a 47 North book.
Which is from the I would assume she’s the editor that we’re going to speak with later next month. So the last thing in the box is they always have this publishing process inside look. And it looks as if this one’s a little different. So it says many times an author has an ability to include charts, maps, inscriptions, text message exchanges, illustrations and more. As long as the editorial and marketing team agrees that it enriches the reading experience. Inside you’ll note Amy’s rough draft of how she envisioned her world along with the publishers final vision. That is pretty cool! So this is her original map sketch. which I don’t think we’ve seen in any of these before. and then this is the final map that’s in the book. Wow – that’s pretty cool! I always loved that. I’m so a visual person but I am not very good at artistic things. So I think that is pretty cool! I love that! So on the back here, it tells you everything that’s inside the box and also the theme for September, which is Endings. I’m really excited for that! And this was another great box from Scribbler and I’m so excited to continue to get these boxes. I am NOT an affiliate or anything.
I buy these with my own money. I just wanted to share my love for this box. So let me know in the comments if you love the
Scribbler Box or if there is anything in this box that you would use. Or if you have any other bookish subscription boxes that you want to let me know about let me know in the comments below I want to chat with you about book boxes! If you enjoyed this video do give it a like, hit that subscribe button, and ring that bell so you know the next time I post a video. I’ll see you soon!