-The last time
you were here, we did — This was the last time
I saw you — we did “Hot Ones.” -Yes.
-And we actually ate the hottest wings in the world.
-Right. -And I don’t know if anyone saw
it, but, I mean, this is — It was real. We really ate, like,
the hottest wings. [ Cheers and applause ] -It was — It was not —
It was not great — for me. -Well, it was — it was —
[ Laughter ] -Like —
[ Laughter ] -I mean, I was —
I was crying but — -I was, too.
-No, I know. But the best part —
[ Laughter ] -Oh, no.
-The best part was going backstage
to check on you after the bit, ’cause I was like —
[ Laughter ] -No.
-‘Cause I was like, dude. I was freaking out,
’cause my mouth was on fire. And I’m, like,
eating bread and whatever. And I was like,
“Oh, I’ll go check on Selena, see if she’s okay.” And I walked
into your dressing room. Do you remember?
-Yes, of course I do, vividly. -You were throwing up
into a sink. [ Laughter ] -Stop.
-You turn around, I go, “It’s gonna be fine.
It won’t be that bad.” And you turned around and your
mascara was all down your face. [ Laughter ] And you had drool — you had
drool coming out of your mouth. And you go, “Get — Get out.”
-Yes. [ Laughter ]
That’s the nicer version. -Yeah, that’s the nicer version.
-I was like — -“Get out,” and that’s
the last time I saw you. So I didn’t know —
I’m happy you came back. [ Cheers and applause ] You’re a good sport.
You’re a good sport. [ Applause ] You got a lot going on.
“Dolittle.” You have a voice
in that movie, “Dolittle.” -Yeah.
-It comes out on Friday. -Yeah.
-And “Rare” is out now. Finally, it’s out.
-I know, it’s been — -I mean —
[ Cheers and applause ] -It’s been 4 years,
4 1/2 years now, before I’ve released anything,
so… -Are you happy it’s finally out?
-Yes, I am very happy. I think I had — I was holding
my breath for four years, and then, finally,
I just exhaled. And now it exists.
-Yeah. Now it’s out there. And everyone’s loving it,
by the way. It’s getting —
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s a great album.
-Thank you. -“Rolling Stone” loves it. “Billboard” calls you
“Triumphant.” “Variety” said “‘Rare’ is one of
the best pop albums to be released
in recent memory.” “Time” says,
“‘Rare’ is a pop gift.” These are great, killer reviews.
-Wow. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Well, I love —
“Lose You to Love Me” was the first thing you — the first song you released
off this album. -Right.
-And, man, oh, man, that was — That’s a great jam.
And I think everyone liked it, ’cause they were like —
‘Cause it’s personal. -Yeah. I mean, I think
there came a point in my life where there were so many things
being said on my behalf. And I found myself
protecting people that didn’t really protect me. ‘Cause I didn’t want, you know,
to start anything. And I — But I had a right
to say my side of this story. And I felt like — I felt like
that was so liberating, because it almost felt like
I had let it go, personally, inside of me,
once it was out. And that — I mean, that’s
the greatest gift, I think. -It’s tough, right?
To just do that. I mean, I couldn’t imagine
writing a song, just putting all your feelings
out there. -Yeah.
-Not only was it received well, but, like, it might be — was it
one of your biggest songs ever? -Yeah, it was.
-It is your biggest song ever. [ Cheers and applause ] So it’s good to take a risk. It feels good,
you take a risk like that. -It was —
I was very, very grateful. -Broke all sorts of records.
So… Anyways, I’m happy
the album’s out. You worked on —
Maybe on that song with Finneas — is that
Billie Eilish’s brother? -Yeah, actually, he —
We finished up the song and gave him the song
to produce it himself. And he did an amazing job. He’s obviously
extremely talented. -Yeah, we talked to him when
Billie Eilish was on, as well. And I found out —
I don’t know if you know this. But you have something in common
with Billie. You’re an inspiration
for the song “Bad Guy.” But not you. -Am I the bad guy?
-You’re not the bad — no. -No, I’m kidding.
-The theme song of “Wizards of Waverly Place”…
[ Cheers ] …was an inspiration —
[ Cheers and applause ] was an inspiration to her —
to getting the tune. -That’s —
-Isn’t that bizarre? -I love you.
-So, I thought maybe it’d be fun to play —
-I love Billie. -…to play a little bit
and see if we can see… -Oh, gosh. Okay.
-…what inspired her. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Okay. -Here’s a little bit
of “Wizards.” -Okay.
-Okay? -Oh, no.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -♪ Well, you know everything
is gonna be a breeze ♪ ♪ That the end will,
no doubt, justify the means ♪ ♪ You could fix any problem
with the slightest of ease ♪ ♪ Yes, please ♪ -Oh, my God!
[ Laughter ] ♪ Ba, ba-doo doo ♪ -Yeah.
-That’s kind of — right? Here’s “Bad Guy.” [ “Bad Guy” plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s so cool.
-Kinda, right? Isn’t that cool?
-That’s so cool. -That’s pretty fun.
I think that’s cool. What do you want people
to take away from the album when they listen to it? ‘Cause you got
a lot of tracks on here. -Yeah.
-13. -I think what was most important
for me with this record is to make sure
that every single song, whether it was the lyric
to the production, to mean something
and to actually hold weight. And, you know, one of my
favorite songs is “Vulnerable” on the track and —
or, “Vulnerable” on the album. And I think it’s —
it was a way of me hoping… like, hoping I could just
be a voice for people who are in
the same situation I’m in, whether it’s something mentally
that people struggle with or relationships, friendships. I wanted to be as honest
as I could. And the only thing that I wanted
was to make people feel good. And, you know, during all
the mess that’s happening, I think that I’m very lucky
to be in a position where I can make people
feel good. -Did you always know the album
was gonna be called “Rare”? -Yes.
-You did? -The moment we started
four years ago. -Is that right?
-We worked on “Rare.” And I just said,
before we finished anything, I said, “This is gonna be
the name of my album.” -Really?
-The word is so special. And it means a lot. And I think, in this time,
where everyone is obsessed with feeling like
they need to look the same way or get things done
or whatever it may be — And I mean, I’m —
Obviously, I don’t judge. I’m just saying there are
some girls who are hurting because they feel like
they don’t fit in. But this word
is eliminating that, because you weren’t meant
to look like everyone else. You’re meant to be who you are, and that’s unique,
and that’s rare. [ Cheers and applause ] -Awesome, buddy. I love every single thing.
-Thanks so much. -Congrats on the album.
It’s out now. “Dolittle” is out Friday.
Are there — Is there any other —
I always feel like — ‘Cause, like, for me,
if I put out a record, if there’s 13 tracks,
I probably — that is — That’s all I wrote was 13.
-Yeah, yeah. -Maybe 10, you know? And I put two bonus things
on there. -Sure.
-But I feel like a real artist probably — do you have, like,
other songs that didn’t make it to “Rare” that are out?
That are done? Finished? -Maybe there’s a few things.
Yeah. There’s a few other songs that I
couldn’t help but want to exist. So I can’t really tell when, but one of my favorite tracks
is called “Boyfriend.” So I can’t wait for people
to hear that one. -Wow.
That’s awesome. I love you.
It was good to see you. Selena, I love you.
You’re the best, buddy. Selena Gomez, everybody!
“Rare” is out now!