-I want to ask one last question which is something that
the president would maybe argue he has in common with you, which is a background
in construction. You know, he’s very proud
of being a builder. But he’s, you know,
one of those guys who I think wears his suit
and puts on a hard hat, stops by, says “How you doing?”
goes home. You actually worked
construction. -I did. -What part of your life
was your construction job? -That was
while I was in college. -Uh-huh.
-And I needed some extra money. And I actually,
I didn’t hold signs, which is kind of
the traditional role. No. I had an 8-pound maul. -Okay.
-And I pounded stakes for surveillance —
surveying for a highway. And I did this an entire summer. And I felt
that I had to catch up with some of
my college classmates. And so every lunchtime,
I would read a book, “Building Your Vocabulary
in 30 Days.” So I kind of did
both things at once. That is a true story. But I have had a lot of jobs. I was — Bakers Square pie shop, I was a waitress there
for many years. My first job
was as a car hop at A&W where, back then, they made us
wear a very tight t-shirt that said,
“Take home a jug of fun.” -Oh, my God.
-Yeah. That has been — They’ve stopped doing that.
-That’s good. -I don’t want
to get them in trouble. And then you would service calls from people that would call in
for orders, and they would make jokes about the Mama Burger
and the Papa Burger and does it make it
the Baby Burger? -Okay, gotcha.
-This was my life. -So, and I — That is very
different than Donald Trump. -Yeah, I think
that’s very different. He was the guy
making that phone call, 100%. [ Laughter ] That was definitely
what he was doing. “I had a background
in prank calls. I was very good at that.
Oh, did it a whole summer.” -He got $413 million
from his dad over the course of his career. -Yeah.
-That is his family trust. Mine was a coffee can that
my grandpa had in the basement. He was an iron ore minor. And he saved money
in that coffee can to send my dad
to a two-year community college. And I just can’t wait
to get on the debate stage with Donald Trump and say that. -Yeah.
[ Applause ] That might be interesting
to watch. Hey, thank you so much
for being here. Senator Amy Klobuchar,