hey guys what’s up Alexis again just a quick video to show you what i do in terms of seo link building so how do I find great website to build my backlinks to one of my website i would like to rank so and i am using today a website about plumbing so basically the keyword it’s a i’m working on a local SEO so trying to rank a website in France for the keyword a Plombier nice as you can see here so basically the keyword plus the city ok so that is a method you can use as well for different industries but we say what I’m going to shoot today is just to rank local a type of business based in a City so in order for me to find great website to put my station or put my my I mean like get backlinks backing from is to look out for my competitors backlinks here so there’s different method you can do so you could you could you could put actually your keyword so which is for me from being plumber’ plus the series but what I do what what I did today is just shoes another city which is Paris year i know there is a lot of volume as you can see here 8,000 vol volume research for months so youyou yeah you definitely have as you can see here the cliq quickly cost is 51 dollars per click and the volume again so you have a lot of competition that means that each of the website that rank on the first page let’s say like maybe the top five that works on the first page let me just pull out this soup these website God probably like really really nice backings from really authority website so of course my my website here is not i mean i’m not trying to rank that website in the city in the sea of Perry spot in the city of nice but anyway what i can do is check on any in any other city in friends and what the website are doing in from where they are getting their backlink so I said you said this is the syrup the results google results for the keyword remember Paris ok so you basically got what I’m good at what I do it’s just take the first later the the third results which is probably values from bri lumbering that if our and i’m going to use majestic SEO so I’m puttin just puttin the the website in because what usually these websites are doing because of local is your they usually get links from directories local directories or directories like national directory so what I did here we got that website i’m going to go for referring domains okay and just see where this website is getting like that i would say the the the best backlinks from which website is getting the midday bass backing so you see like eerie year you got all the website we with the best tressed flows yeah based on thority so actually this website is getting backings from all of this website yeah so what I can do i go to shoot the column backings and i click on all right and i can see here that from that page that website is getting a backlink and from that page that’s the crystal of the page of this page ok and the citation flow so what I’m going to do I’m going to it manually for each side i’m going to check out there backlinks and check if I can basically put mine as well into that website so as you can see this is a direct three are tight right 34 m local businesses so that’s that’s probably where I can that’s that’s probably a site where i can put minus or ok so this is setting a website and yeah that’s that that seems to be i’m going to actually I’m going to do it with you guys ok and so I need to do to find the the category of my website alright so i got and I’m going to go here construction anyway it seems to be it seems to be a legit legit website so what you can do as well when you get back into online what you can do is duplicate page and majestic now I in check manually the website year so what I do you usually like I’m going but I’m going to check that the website with matrix so I’m going back to online . if our and we are seems to be pretty good free pretty good backing to get from that website as you can see excited about things more than 1.5 millions and Ruffing during referring domains 35,000 so yeah we probably try to get backing for me so just double check some time you got some some websites some directories or asking you for money so in that video I’m not doing any paid backings or and some time you got some website asking you to to put their URL or their their website into your website in order to get the backing from them so you can do that as well and ok so once you’ve got your backing so what I do is so I get re i’m going to show you I’ve already got my my spreadsheet right here so as you can see all right this is all the all the back older the links i already put on different websites on the backseat backings waiting for to be inducted so these are the website these are the web side so you got different columns or the source of the URL your url sorry Tris flow of the website then the domain is low the day I i put my website into that into the into that website to get the backing from and if the website is giving you a do or not follow link back link and then the topic as well in and some notes if i need to to write down something for me to remember so yeah so basically what i do then is just as a reminder and just to be organized i just put the website where I’m going to get my my hopefully my backing from so that’s the one alright and i’m going to put my anchor text year which is on my own sorry my in context and then trust over the website and in a few days i’m going to come and check back if the if the link has been accepted and that’s it so just let me know if you have any question guys dig here by