Hello everybody! It is a new day here in Seoul South Korea it’s been a while since I said that in my intro so I’m back and as you
can already see – a videobomber my two cousins are with me. If you don’t
know them, we’ve been here in 2016 together Let me show off the buildings. Wooooow ~
My parents and my uncle – their father AAH! (Camera slipped out of my hand)
That’s why keep the strap on always! Anyway, we’re in Seoul. We arrived a few days ago
Here’s a short recap Hello! Airstar, hello!
So everybody! I’m back in HBC – ma hood! We’re supposed to have lunch but you know the dessert table/area is so fancy-schmancy it is so “HALA-HALA” We’re going out We’re going to have early dinner now
we have ourselves a room We just met Yorme. If you don’t know who he is,
he is the mayor of Manila Wow Jinju, you’re so young but you
already met Yorme! It is a new day here in Seoul South Korea I missed saying that and this is not the
best place to film but I am here with my parents I’m going to show them my
university or where I studied – at SKKU! We’re at Hyehwa. I was going to
show my parents the University but.. I decided to go to the park first and
show them them Hyehwa area We’re at Naksan park now.
Wow Mommy! Let’s geddit! Okay. Go mother!
I believe in you. I believe in me, too. Do you see those trees?
They produce that smelly (small orange/peach) fruit It smells like POOP!! So this is Naksan Park.
Father, what do you have to say about it? A nice area, fresh air, golden leaves There are workout-stations.
And you get a good view of Seoul This is Hyehwa area.
– Thanks for bringing us here David You’re welcome, FADDAAAH! This is where I would walk
when I would go to class My parents will now experience SKKU,
let’s enroll them already as well What would your course/major be, Madear?! No, I won’t study.
I will teach them! I hope we can still make it for dinner.
(Was not sure when the canteen would close) I just showed my parents the secret passage from Suseon Hall to the Law Building We’re going up to the roof That is Namsan tower. Hakwang! He’s here to pick us up
to go to the chapel (for mid-week service of CCC) Service is over. It was nice to see former
club members and friends again Now we are at Daiso
Just checking out the goods Almost done Mommy! You look like a Christmas tree HAHA We have arrived! And my uncle is here.
And I saw what he’s wearing They did not plan this but my Dad is
wearing his floral shirt today And he, my uncle, is wearing the floral shirt as well!
So, Nay Lita brought home some presents Nay (Ma) Lita, you may have missed her in my Vlogs!
– Exactly, right?! HAHA We were talking about this. She went to –
how do they call it here in Korea again?! Part two of touring my parents around Seoul Here we are at the palace in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung, there’s a few palaces but this is the main one (The museum entrance is behind
the statue of King Sejong) It’s underground,
so you’ll have to go down the steps This is how Hangul came to life and I
feel like if you look at these writings they look so tribal or
as if they were from Atlantis We will now learn how to write
our names in Hangul mother (My parents wrote their names in Hangul
and I wrote my Korean name) So, how was your first time
writing in Hangul? Daddy: Good. It was a good
first time experience. How about yours Mother?
– Bad. Mine does not look like Korean writing.
It looks more like scribbling The second part of the museum is about
Admiral Yi Sun-sin
I hope I’m not saying the name wrong There you got your stamp. Are you happy mother?
– Yes, I’m happy now. And we are in Insa-dong, it’s a bit pricier here
But I always get my bags here from a shop that’s a bit more hidden It’s at the exit or entrance,
depending on where you come from. Besides the bags, everything in
Insa-dong is expensive (overpriced). (Teasing my uncle ^^) That was my first week
back here in Korea I hope you guys enjoyed it and you’re
gonna watch the next coming Vlog The next one will be in Japan
I’ll be there for 2,5 days with my parents Then I’ll be back to Korea. So, don’t forget to
LIVE LIFE ALIVE, and other than that I wish you a good morning, good
afternoon, a good evening, wherever you may be See you soon. Adios, Kumay! We’re going here father
(DAVID! Where are we going?!) Father! Relax!
Don’t panic HAHA