Let’s look at setting up shipping for your
Weebly and Printful integration. There are no live rates available for this
integration so you’ll have to set up flat rates. To do that, in your Weebly dashboard go to
“Manage Store” and here under “Setup” choose “Shipping”. First up you have to add Printful’s North
Carolina fulfillment center as the shipping address. So choose “Add Shipping Address”. In the “Company name” field add the name
of your company, for this example, we’ll add “Printful video” as the company name. And in the address block add our North Carolina
fulfillment center address. So type in “11025 Westlake Dr”, here for
the city: “Charlotte” state: “North Carolina” and the ZIP code: 28273;
United states is already pre-selected here as the country. Now add your phone number and e-mail address
and hit “Save”. Next up move over to setting shipping rules. So let’s set a shipping rule for United
states here. Hit “Add shipping rate” and now you can
choose what type of rate you want to set. An important thing to note here is – to match
Printful’s flat shipping rates you’ll have to choose the “order weight” option. The flat rate choice Weebly offers here means
that you can set a single default shipping price that will be used for any of your orders. But you’ll want your shipping rates to match
those in Printful, so in this field you must choose the “Order weight” rate. In the “Shipping rate name” field, type
in “Flat rate”, this will be visible to your customers. And now you can start adding shipping rates
based on the arbitrary weight. You can find our flat shipping rate information
for each of our products on our “Shipping Speeds and Pricing” page. Now, for example, as you can see shipping
price for the first t-shirt for the USA is $5 and $0.75 for each additional shirt. So back in Weebly, add the first weight category
from 0lbs to 0.1 lb and the $5 for the shipping price. Then select “add weight range” and type
in the next category: from 0.2lbs to 0.3lbs, and now the shipping rate will be $5.75. And the next from 0.4lbs to 0.5 lbs, and the
shipping rate $6.50. You can set up these as far back as you’d
like. And make sure you’ve added the arbitrary
weight for each product. We’re looking at t-shirts today, so what
I would need to do here is edit my t-shirt product information to make sure the weight
for each of them is set to 0.1lb. One other option Weebly offers here is the
“Backup Shipping rate”. This means you can set a single price for
shipping that will be used in cases when none of your previously set categories apply. And once you’re done setting this up, hit
“save” and your shipping rule have been saved. And that’s it for the shipping settings. Now make sure you go through our Weebly FAQ
for more info, there’s a link to it in the description below. Get started with Weebly and Printful today! And subscribe to our Youtube channel for more
helpful and fun content. www.printful.com