Day one
the beginning let there be
before land and before sea let there be
before you and before me let there be
before us and before we let there be
light in chaos like a fight
bursting through the dark is a spark and creation is born
order out of chaos no longer forlorn the story of our God
evening and morning, evening and morning day two
oh, how time flies the last day the world goes without skies
is the first second day of the week the world is ordering itself from chaos to
tidy and neat separation of two waters, a place vast and
uncharted creation so ridiculous, but He’s just getting
started evening and morning, evening and morning
day three land and sea in segregation
in the land is vegetation a habitation for what’s green
these plants make up the garden where soon the enemy is met
he’ll fracture this perfect creation but let’s not go there yet
evening and morning, evening and morning day four
lights in the sky to mark out time who’s to say how long it was before God drew
this line a greater and a lesser
to govern day and govern night evening stars appear to make a child’s eyes
shine bright this creation set in motion just like He thought
it would the Creator must be happy for as He says,
it is good evening and morning, evening and morning
day five the sea filled with fish
and the birds told to fly be fruitful and increase
fill the earth and multiply evening and morning, evening and morning
day six livestock and creatures that move along the
ground someone asked what they were called
but no one made a sound it’s time for the Creator to put a final touch
on His toil He looks not too far just reaches down to
the soil with dirt and muck clotted up in His hands
He breathes another breath and out pops a man
God says, “Now take the earth, it’s yours for the claiming
every plant and every animal, now get down to naming.”
The seeds of creation all have been sown until Adam looks up and says,
“Hey! I don’t want to be alone. I need someone with me, a partner to share
the crib.” He need search no further, just look down
at his rib. Eve bursts forth from the flesh in Adam’s
side as a partner and a helper
she’s not just along for the ride creation is now complete with a man and his
dame walking naked through the garden
free of guilt and free of shame in the image and likeness of the Creator we
are made but in just another chapter
that image starts to fade on the seventh day, He rests
just before we start sinning the creative work is done
but redemption’s just beginning