Hey youtubers, wholock week continues with
my breakdown of how I think sherlock survived his fall. I promised this the other day but
had to postpone it for some doctor who related stuff yesterday. Something about a christmas
special, new doctor… If you’re just finding me for the first
time this week I’ve been doing a week of sherlock and doctor who videos to celebrate
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a much more diverse science fiction/fantasy fandom offering. But special events demand
special videos. So let’s get started. Number 1, the ingredients he needed One Molly
Hooper, an undocumented cadaver, a squash ball, a network of homeless spies and a well
thought out flight path from the roof to the pavement. 2 – This explanation assumes that it was in
fact sherlock himself that went over the roof and not the cadaver. 3 – Starting from the beginning. Sherlock
goes to molly and tells her she matters and that she does in fact count. It’s a double
meaning though. Molly likes to count things. But Sherlock finds one extra cadaver in the
morgue. 4- Sherlock falls from the roof in such a
way to do the least amount of physical damage to himself. He is injured enough to make it
believable to any passersby that he’s dead. 5 – Watson’s vision is obscured by a well
timed laundry truck and is knocked to the ground by one of sherlock’s homeless spies
on the bicycle. Watson never sees sherlock hit the ground. 6 – Sherlock uses the squash ball to stop
the blood flow at the point where watson takes his pulse. Not feeling a pulse, Watson in
a state of shock believes sherlock is dead. But the body still needs to be examined at
the morgue. 7 – This is where Molly comes back. Sherlock
is taken to the morgue still appearing to be dead and is then revived by Molly wherein
they switch his body with that of the cadaver. They also alter the records so that any officials
investigating will find nothing out of the ordinary. 8 – The Cadaver is buried in sherlock’s
grave. 9 – What makes this so plausible? Irene. Remember
Irene did the exact same thing in Scandal. Even Sherlock was fooled that she was dead.
Loving to solve puzzles, she would probably have explained how she did it much to his
delight. 10 – Mycroft. Where is mycroft in all this.
He’s jokingly referred to as the British Government. He knew all about Moriarty long
before Sherlock did. Based on this it’s likely that he knows and is merely impeding
any further investigation into the matter. Which is probably one of the reasons Anderson
lost his job obsessing over it, as we learned in the mini episode. 11 – Why, Moriarty had threatened the lives
of sherlock’s closest friends. If he didn’t make his henchmen believe he was dead, they
would still have gone after his friends. 12 – Alternatives. There are some who believe
that the laundry truck cushioned sherlock’s fall. But both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
said the truck has nothing to do with it. All the best theories I’ve seen include
Molly helping sherlock swap bodies and sherlock jumping off the roof. It’s really the point
of impact and the body bleeding on the pavement that are points of contention. Let me know what you’re favorite theory
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