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TOP 10 Sherlock Moments So Far: Number 10 – Jim From IT during the great game I was totally fooled the first time I met
Jim from IT, the scene takes a whole different context once you find out Jim is really James.
It’s a perfect blend of the unintentional humor of Sherlock breaking down a person’s
attributes, Moriarty baiting him with a false identity and onlookers like Molly and Watson
completely embarrassed by the whole experience. It’s awkward Sherlock comedy at it’s best. 9 The Mind Palace from the Hound of Baskerville.
I love how Watson is always making fun of Sherlock for not knowing loose facts about
mundane things. The Mind Palace is his answer to all that. If you’re not familiar with
memory enhancement, it’s a real thing. They’re called mnemonic devices and they give people
ways to store large amounts of information in their brains. The other side of that is recall devices and
memory triggers. Storing memories using mnemonic devices is one thing, but using a word or
a smell or a phrase to recall a memory is the key to finding things inside the mind
palace. When you see the graphics pop up around Sherlock’s
head, what you’re seeing are his recall devices that help him find the information
he’s looking for inside his head. 8 Whipping the corpse during a study in pink.
This was our first introduction to Benedict Cumberbatch’s sherlock. It totally explained
the character in a few strokes of the riding crop. Unlike Robert Downey Jr’s vagabond
savant approach to the character, Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is hyper focused, intense and deceptively
asexual. If you ever wanted to explain sherlock to
someone who had never seen it before. Just show them this scene. 7 The very bloody mess during Hound of Baskerville.
The episode itself wasn’t my favorite, but the reason I loved this moment so much was
that it gave you a real sense that some of their most epic cases were happening in between
episodes. All it takes is one look at sherlock covered
in blood and a few cursory words about having to ride the tube and your mind explodes into
this pocket universe where we actually get to see the case he just worked. I like to
think of it as the greater tales of Sherlock as told by watson via his blog. If you’re not familiar with the Conan Doyle
Sherlock stories, most of them are told in first person by Watson as if being told after
they had all happened. So Watson’s blog is the current version of the character slowly
writing the conan doyle book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. For anyone that’s curious, that bloody spear
is a reference to the conan doyle story The Adventures of Black Peter. 6 Sherlock’s Standoff With Moriarty in The
Great Game. I loved the way this episode ended and the ambiguity of Sherlock’s intentions.
It’s always a game of chess with those two, but would he have shot the explosives if Moriarty
had called his bluff? After seeing how fast Sherlock’s mind works in Scandal in Belgravia
I definitely think he had formulated a plan of how to survive the explosion had he pulled
the trigger. That idea, planning for catastrophic events,
is crucial to how he survived the fall in reichenbach fall. 5 Irene Adler’s Battle Suit in Scandal in
Belgravia. It’s not so much the suit that was memorable, it was Irene watching sherlock
try to break her down, while she was breaking him down. The universe tells us that these two people
need to be together, but because of who they are it ultimately ends in tragedy, even though
I felt the ending of the episode was optimistic. Or at least left room for her return. Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan during season
3 is going to have a hard time matching Laura Pulver’s Irene in season 2. 4 Buckingham Palace and pants during A Scandal
In Belgravia. So many moments from this episode, but the bedsheet and the banter with Mycroft
was so much fun. Just like the explosives in great game and the roof jump in reichenbach
fall, I definitely think he would have just keep walking. And casually strolled out of
buckingham palace naked. Let me know below in the comments how far
you think sherlock would have walked outside naked before the queens guard tackled him. 3 Moriarty steals the Crown Jewels in Reichenbach
fall. You don’t get to see a lot of Moriarty’s process, but I loved the way he was so casual
about the whole thing. Once you learn why he did it that part becomes less of a mystery,
but no one on this show has more fun than Moriarty. Sherlock and Watson have fun and Sherlock
definitely feels this intense satisfaction when he solves puzzles, but I don’t think
he experiences pure joy in the way Moriarty does when he’s misbehaving. That would make a great spinoff show, Boys
Misbehaving starring Andrew Scott. 2 The Rooftop Fall in Reichenbach Fall. You
really do feel like it’s the end. But the experience of the explosives in scandal and
the bedsheet and all of sherlock’s other gambits kind of make you feel like he’s
going to get up and dust himself off. So when I saw him lying there on the pavement my heart
kind of leapt out of my throat. The whole episode had this air of finality
to it, mostly because of the watson scene at the beginning, but also because when they
filmed it the series hadn’t been renewed for a third yet. So you didn’t know what
was going to happen. I’ll actually be doing a separate video
breaking down how I think he survived the fall. and my number one moment The Reveal at Sherlock’s
Grave in Reichenbach fall. You had just gone through this intense experience,
so when the camera pans away to a very much alive sherlock it was this giant WTF moment.
Remember, the series hadn’t been renewed yet, so people had no idea if the fall would
ever be explained. Just FYI though, that will not be the case
this season. I mean, I totally expect it to end on a huge cliffhanger, but both benedict
cumberbatch and martin freeman are under contract for a fourth series. But no filming date has
been announced, so hopefully we won’t have to wait two more years like last time. Like I said, I’ll be doing a breakdown of
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